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08 March 2024
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A new POTM of Garcia and Lucy from The King of the Delta Blues. And I'm in a very Garcy mood today, so I went ahead and did HD screen captures of one of my favourite Garcy episodes - surprise, surprise - The King of the Delta Blues <--- of course, I do love it for just about everything else - especially the scenes with our favourite fanboys: Connor and Rufus.

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20 December 2023

Happy Love Garcia Flynn Day!

All day today, and all day tomorrow, on Tumblr, I'll be sharing video clips of my favourite Garcia Flynn scenes for all his episodes in the OG26 Timeless series, as well as my favourite scenes from Parts 1 & 2 of the Shitmas lyat fanfic finale "movie" <---I'm including those episodes simply because Goran did so well with the shit that laurika threw at him and his character.

Anyway, this is the sixth Love Garcia Flynn Day celebrated, and I hope you all can watch your favourite Garcia Flynn episodes. And if you'd like to participate online in celebrating the day, do post your favourite photos, GIFs, video clips, fanfic, fanvids, fanart, etc. to your followers on whatever social media platform(s) you frequent. Just celebrate the heck out of our favourite male character on Timeless. Ramble on to your followers about why and how much you love Garcia Flynn.

Me? Well... I always gravitate towards the "villain" character in a story, so I knew from the Pilot that I was going to love Garcia Flynn. But by the time he had his dream about his daughter, and wife... and he was checking for monsters in his little girl's closet (with a water gun), I was in love. That scene proved what most fans thought all along: Garcia Flynn was not a bad guy, he was a sweet and loving father and husband.

Garcia dethroned my previous favourite character of all time (24's Tony Almeida <--- but FWIW, him and Garcia share a lot of commonalities <--- yes, I have a character type)... where was I? Garcia dethroned my previous favourite character of all time in the final scene of 205 The Kennedy Curse - the Beer & A Movie scene - for very personal reasons.

If you are looking for images or GIFs, or even character information for Garcia Flynn, this is the place to be. The Team Garcy Photo Gallery will help you put together content for your social media posts to celebrate your love for Garcia Flynn. Additionally, you can find Garcia Flynn images on my Goran Višnjić Archive fansite as well, although I'm pretty sure that Team Garcy currently has more to choose from.

01 November 2023

A new POTM (a behind the scenes photo of Abigail and Matt from 104 Party At Castle Varlar) is up, and I added HD screen captures for 103 Atomic City to the gallery.

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And a note regarding those two finale "movie" episodes... I have decided that The Timeless Fansite will not include content related to the two episodes that aired on 20 December 2018 - the series finale "movie," if you will - The Miracle of Christmas Parts 1 & 2. I am a fan of the Timeless series, and those two episodes did not, IMO, resemble - or respect - the series and characters that I love. I created The Timeless Fansite to celebrate the series that I love, and I do not (by any stretch of the imagination) like those Christmas episodes, and I have no desire to acknowledge their existence. That being said... at the moment I still have full episode screen captures from those episodes up on my Team Garcy fansite. I will be removing them sometime next year. For those of you who are Garcy fans, the Team Garcy site will continue to archive only the Garcia Flynn, Lucy Preston, and Garcy screen captures. As well as the transcripts of those "movie" episodes, episodic stills and promotional images, and Garcia/Lucy/Garcy GIFs. Thank you for your understanding.

In this update, I also moved the photoshoot images that were taken during the filming of that "movie" to the season 2 promotional images page, and they (at least not to my recolletion) reflect the content of those "movie" episodes, and feel like season 2 promotional images.

[ view all season 2 promotional images here ]

03 October 2023

Happy Timeless Day!

[ I've added 29 HD episodic stills from the Pilot episode to the gallery, click on any image above to see all ]

Seven years ago tonight, Timeless premiered on NBC. I recall very clearly watching the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, and seeing trailers for Timeless. I have a rule: that I do not watch a new TV series unless it has three seasons and has either properly finished its story, or has been renewed for a fourth season. I made an exception for Timeless for a few reasons. 1) time travel - I've always been fascinated with stories about traveling through time. 2) history - one of my favourite subjects in school was history. And 3) it just looked like a really promising, fun show that I would enjoy watching from week-to-week. The moment I discovered the series premiere date, I marked it on my calendar (complete with a countdown to Monday, 3 October 2016). I set my DVR the moment Timeless was available to set up for recording, and seven years ago tonight, I watched live, and I fell in love from the very beginning.

I was still on Twitter back in 2016, and Timeless was the very first TV show that I "live tweeted." And to be honest, I don't think I "live tweeted" anything else. I remember taking part in tweeting to renew Timeless when the season 1 finale aired on NBC. Timeless was the first TV series since Firefly (FOX, 2002) that I watched that I truly believed could really become something special, and I thought that was worth fighting for. Of course, we all know the story... NBC canceled Timeless. I was upset, but most TV shows I end up loving get canceled anyway, so I just let out a heavy sigh, shrugged my shoulders, gave thought to "what if," and moped around. Three days, later, NBC uncanceled Timeless, and though we didn't know when we'd be seeing season 2, I was so freaking happy.

When season 2 aired, I tried so hard to bring new viewers to the series, and I succeeded. I got at least 50 new viewers to watch Timeless before the season 2 finale aired. I live tweeted every single episode of season 2 to try to get the show (which was sorely underpromoted, and placed in a terrible time slot) renewed. Later, NBC canceled Timeless permanently, and up until 20 December 2018, I tried as hard as I could (despite a divided and hostile online fandom) to tweet and contact outlets who could have saved Timeless. I helped put together online fandom events such as Flynn Friday, Goran Thursday, Garcy Weekends, Garcy October, and Garcy Holidays. I even threw together the Team Garcy fansite to try to give something back to fans while we were suffering from #RenewTimeless and #SaveTimeless stress.

I don't have anything nice to say about the finale "movie" episodes that aired on 20 December 2018. I will say this though... while I will never rewatch those episodes again, I can still appreciate the visual aesthetic of the scenes featuring Garcia and Lucy together.

Also, a note to writers... having a beloved main character (in this case, Garcia Flynn) choose suicide in episodes that were tauted as a "love lettre to the fans" was the most vile, mean-spirited, and hurtful thing that was allowed in those two "movie" episodes. Especially, when said writers couldn't have possibly been unaware of the severe online bullying that was happening to fans of Garcia Flynn (Garcy, and Goran Višnjić). And the manner in which said writers shrugged off, ignored, and dismissed fans who expressed their very raw emotions in the minutes, hours, and days after those "movie" episodes aired was just disgusting. I'm sure I'm not the only fan of Timeless who feels this way, but the approach those writers took when writing those "movie" episodes is unforgiveable. They flushed 26 episodes worth of canon down the toilet. Twenty-six episodes that were loved by so many fans. Twenty-six episodes of character development, and actual story which were completely ignored for two "movie" episodes that felt like some knock-off wannabe immitation of the OG26 Timeless. Fans expected the high standard of writing that had been set in those original 26 episodes, were left with a bitter taste in their mouths once the "movie" episodes ended. Fans, some of whom, still struggle to enjoy rewatching the OG26 because of how awful those "movie" episodes were.

Everything that I love about Timeless was sorely absent from those "movie" episodes. I'm sure there are some fans out there that enjoyed what those "movie" episodes had to offer, and I'm happy that they can find something to enjoy in something I loathe so wholeheartedly. To each their own.

Apparently, I had more to say about this than I intended. And I say these things, and I criticise those "movie" episodes because I love Timeless, and believe it deserved better than what those writers tried to serve us as a finale. My Timeless series finale is Chinatown. Yes, even with its cliffhanger.

Fortunately, I've been able to forget most of what happened in those "movie" episodes, and it rarely affects the way that I rewatch the series since. The fandom has died down in the last few years, and that's to be expected. But when I love something, I don't like to let it go. Timeless has been in my life for seven years now. I still maintain the Team Garcy fansite, and I added this Timeless Fansite to my fansite collection. I continue to explore time travel, changing timelines, and history in writing Timeless/Garcy fanfic. I also continue to create fanart whenever I feel inspired. Updating my fansites is slow, but I have every intention of bringing them to completion <--- and to keep them online for many years.

I've watched the OG26 Timeless series well over 100 times at this point. I still manage to fit in an OG26 rewatch at least once a month. Timeless isn't perfect. It can be nitpicked, and there are few aspects of the series that I don't enjoy, but I can roll my eyes at those things and/or fast-forward through them, so it's all good. But overall, the OG26 Timeless still makes me happy, and I still love it very much. It is my favourite TV series, and it has brought me my favourite character of all time (Garcia Flynn), and my favourite ship of all time (Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston - Garcy) ♥

In closing, I'd like to thank Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan for creating Timeless, and for bringing its diverse array of characters to the small screen. Timeless came into my life at a time when I really needed something to look forward to every week. Something to enjoy in life. And to this day, I can still watch my favourite episodes* to make me feel better on days that I struggle. Timeless means so much to me for more than "just entertainment" reasons, and I will always be grateful that NBC gave it a greenlight, and then uncanceled it so we could see Garcia Flynn's redemption, and his deepening relationship with Lucy in its final season.

I hope you all take a moment today to remember what you love most about Timeless, and that you can fit watching your favourite episode (or episodes) into you schedule.

Happy Timeless Day!

(opinions expressed above are my own)
03 October 2023

* My favourite episodes:

  • The Capture of Benedict Arnold
  • The World's Columbian Exposition
  • The Salem Witch Hunt
  • The King of the Delta Blues

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