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01 July 2023
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I hope you have enjoyed the content that went up in this site's initial launch. Today's update includes screen captures from 102 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. As well as some editorial photos from Timeless at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. And it's a new month, which means there's a new POTM. I've been missing Garcia Flynn quite a lot lately, so I made July 2023's POTM my favourite Garcia photo ♥ It's an episodic still from 207 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.

[ The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln ]

[ 2016 SDCC ]

01 June 2023

Welcome to The Timeless Fansite! Five years ago, I made the Team Garcy fansite, and had in the back of my mind that one day I'd like to make a general fansite for the Timeless series. I held off on doing this for a while, and I figured with five years since the show ended that I still love Timeless, and consider it my favourite TV show, that 2023 would be as good a time as any. My hope for this fansite is to provide fans - old and new - with digital content - history, if you will - of the series. Despite my favourite character and pairing preferences, I want this site to include content for all characters, and relationships enjoyed in the fandom. It's an ambitious goal, but I am aiming to make this site an archive - an online museum - for the Timeless series, and its fandom.

This site is far from complete. I still have so many images to add to the Gallery, and I'm hoping that someone out there can help out with character biographies, relationship summaries, and other information about the series. I saved A LOT of images from the social media accounts associated with Timeless, but I know that I didn't save everything, so if you have any images saved that you think would fit well in this site's gallery, please send them my way: TimelessFansite@gmail.com - thank you!

If you would like to receive updates for The Timeless Fansite, please like and/or follow The Timeless Fansite Facebook Page, or you can follow me, BattleshipGarcy, on Tumblr.

So, what have I added to this site for its debut?

* As a Timeless fanfic author, I'm very attentive to the timestamps given in the episodes of Timeless, so I have typed up my episodic timestamp notes, and added them to the Timeless section of the site.

* Episode transcripts, and the Pilot original shooting script can also be found in the Timeless section of this site. Only a couple transcripts have been cleaned up, the others are in the format that I found them in, and if you have the time to help make them more readable, I would appreciate the help. And if you have any PDF files of any original shooting scripts from Timeless, I would love to archive them here for the fandom (and educational purposes <--- I actually learned a lot about screenwriting by reading shooting scripts from several other TV series over the years, they're so interesting).

* The Episodes section includes episode titles in different languages, provides general information, and summaries (from the summaries provided on the USA release of the DVDs). I have also archived the fan-made season 3 and season 4 for those of you who need to have a proper ending to the series (that doesn't come in a rushed - makes no canonical sense, IMO - "movie." I've read the fan-made seasons (and even created the episode graphics for the author), and can say with confidence that each fan-made episode feels like a televised episode of the series. It gives respect and attention to all characters, and relationships.

* Character biographies have been added to the Characters section for: Dave Baumgardner, Stiv Casey, Kate Drummond, Garcia Flynn, Iris Flynn, Lorena Flynn, Nicholas Keynes, Jessica Logan, Noah, Amy Preston, Lucy Preston, and Maria Thompkins-Flynn.

* Relationship summaries have been added to the Ships section for: Carjamin, Denelle, Garcy, Keynmore, Lorynn, Luah, Lyatt, Riya, and Wyjess.

* HD Blu-ray screen captures for 101 Pilot have been added.

* Promotional images for season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, and the "movie" have been added to the gallery.

* GIFs added for: season 1 promotional spot, 211 Garcy Horse scene, and the Garcia Flynn scenes from 212: Flynn Family, São Paulo, originally unused Pilot scene.

* 1080p desktop wallpapers have been added in the Clockblocker Goodies section. I will add more as I make them.

* I added three 1080p Garcy Titanic desktop wallpapers in the Garcy/Titanic section.

* Also included in the Clockblocker Goodies section are Timeless Canon Ships BINGO! Cards, and Timeless Rare Pairs BINGO! Cards. I made these for the creative Clockblockers in the fandom to help inspire more fanworks. When the series was cancelled in May 2018, I made a Tweet (back in the days that I was still on Twitter) about how now Timeless, its characters, its ship, and its story now belong to the fans. The show can never die as long as its fans take good care of her. Creating new content: fanart, fanfic, fanvids, drawings, etc., IMO, is the best way that we can keep this show alive <--- and hopefully draw in new viewers who missed the show the first time around.

Use the cards below to try to achieve a BINGO! this month (or any month) - fanfic, fanart, fanvids, drawings, GIFs, poster designs, bookmarks, calendars, wallpapers, mood boards, etc. Fit five into one work, or create five different works to get your BINGO! <--- if you pick the latter, please include one of the pairings (canon, or rare).

If you create anything from these BINGO! cards, I would love to archive your work here on The Timeless Fansite, so please send it my way (TimelessFansite@gmail.com), and/or let me know where to find it online.

I would like to let you know that though I'm a Garcy fan, I intend to make this fansite "ship neutral." The Timeless fandom is a diverse group of people who love all the different aspects of the show: the ships, the characters, the history, the Rittenhouse conspiracy, the Lifeboat, the Mothership, and of course... time travel. Because I also maintain the Team Garcy fansite, I will bring to your attention events that are being hosted by that site, so if you run another Timeless, or another Timeless relationship fansite, and would like your site's events to be highlighted here as well, please reach out to me, and let me know.

If you would like to donate content for archival on The Timeless Fansite, please contact me (send it my way) at: TimelessFansite@gmail.com. Thank you for your help. You can find a list of content that I'm looking for, and what kinds of content you can donate to help make this site the Timeless digital museum for the fans, in the Donate section.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the site ♥

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The Timeless Fansite is a fansite for the short-lived NBC time travel series Timeless (2016-2018). This site serves as a one-stop hub for the Timeless Clockblocker fandom and includes, but is not limited to, articles, HD screen captures, episodic stills, promotional images, episode transcripts, and character biographies.

 03 October 2023
 7th Anniversary: Timeless S1 Premiere

 20 December 2023
 Love Garcia Flynn Day


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