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Dave Baumgardner Anthony Bruhl (coming soon) Benjamin Cahill (coming soon)
Rufus Carlin (coming soon) Stiv Casey Denise Christopher (coming soon)
Kate Drummond Garcia Flynn Iris Flynn
Lorena Flynn Karl (coming soon) Nicholas Keynes
Jessica Logan Wyatt Logan (coming soon) Jiya Marri (coming soon)
Connor Mason (coming soon) Noah Amy Preston
Carol Preston (coming soon) Lucy Preston Maria Thompkins-Flynn
Emma Whitmore (coming soon)    

If you would like to write the character biographies for Anthony Bruhl, Benjamin Cahill, Rufus Carlin, Denise Christopher, Karl, Wyatt Logan, Jiya Marri, Connor Mason, Carol Preston, or Emma Whitmore, please contact me at TimelessFansite@gmail.com so I can reserve the biography for you. Please only contact me to do this if you can get it done within 3 month's time. Thank you.

Other Characters Other Rittenhouse Characters
113 Bender, Joel
Wes Gilliam's father
201 Albright, ????
Rittenhouse sleeper agent
WW2 Captain
106 Cahill, ????
Lucy's half-brother
206 ????, Betty
Rittenhouse sleeper agent
106 Carlin, Kevin
Rufus's brother
116 Cahill, Ethan
Benjamin Cahill's father, Lucy Preston's grandfather
106 Carlin, ????
Rufus's mother
203 Calhoun, Lucas
Rittenhouse sleeper agent
Movie Producer
208 Christopher, Mark
Denise and Michelle's son
203 Calhoun, ????
Lucas's father
Christopher, Michelle
Denise's wife
106 Doc, The
along with Rittenhouse leadership, memorised the membership roster from 1778 until 1972
Christopher, Olivia
Denise and Michelle's daughter
210 Doug
Rittenhouse goon
208 Devati, Sunil
would've-been fiance of Denise
112 Gilliam, Wes
original timeline murderer of Jessica Logan
Doehner, Irene 116 Greensborne, Sarah
Politician, Deceased
108 Ellis, Wayne
NASA employee
116 Hopkins, J.J.
209 Fisher, Stanley
First pilot of the Lifeboat
116 Howard, Randall
  Flynn, Asher
Garcia's father
210 Jimmy
Rittenhouse goon
113 Gilliam, Claire
Wes Gilliam's mother
202 Keynes-Preston, Ruth
Carol Preston's mother, Lucy Preston's grandmother
106 Hayes, Gregory 116 Law, Jason-Thomas
102 Hicks, Sarah 116 Lion, The
Leader of Rittenhouse
102 Hicks, Stratton 201 Mac
Rittenhouse goon
205 Kayla 208 Madoff, Owen
Rittenhouse sleeper agent
212 Khour, Theodore
Mason Industries Employee
Garcia used his badge in 101 to raid M.I. [ view larger image ]
208 Madoff, Zac
Rittenhouse sleeper agent
102 Kim, ????
Military Doctor at Mason Industries
116 Martins, Daniel
101 Kondo, ????
202 Millerson, Ryan
Rittenhouse sleeper agent
Racecar driver
  Leap, Roger
Mason Industries Employee

* infomation from auction documents
Neville, Jake
NSA, Special Agent
101 Lyger, Jonas
Lucy Preston's boyfriend in the original timeline (as per the original Pilot shooting script)
209 Ryerson, ????
Civil War, Colonel
102 Merrick, Elizabeth 110 Rittenhouse, David
Founder of Rittenhouse
102 Merrick, Thomas 110 Rittenhouse, John
David Rittenhouse's son
  Osman, James
Mason Industries: DIAG Department

* infomation from auction documents
115 Sullivan, Caleb
Rittenhouse goon
105 Ramsey, Patrick
NCTC, Deputy Director
112 Seth
Mason Industries Employee
208 Sirivastava, Ananya
Denise's mother
108 Sullivan, Vincent
Manager, Lockman Aerospace
108 Thompkins, Gabriel
Garcia's half-brother
102 Wallace, Henry
Amy Preston's father, raised Lucy as his daughter
  Watkins, J. Kai
Mason Industries Program Director - Industrial Espionage Program

* infomation from auction documents
210 Yunshan, Fei      
210 Yunshan, Feng      

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