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Help Build The Timeless Fansite
donate images, write character biographies, write ship summaries, etc.

Would you like to help build The Timeless Fansite? We still need the following content to complete the site:

  • editor(s) to help clean up episode transcripts
  • image archival - please send images to me that you'd like archived on The Timeless Fansite
  • information about Mason Industries
  • information about Rittenhouse

I did my best during the heyday of Timeless to save pictures shared by actors and crew on social media, but I know that I missed a lot (because early on, I only followed a few accounts, and wasn't always thinking to save images as they were shared - oops). So, if you have images that were shared by those involved in the production of the series, I would appreciate your help to add them to The Timeless Fansite gallery.

Character Biographies Needed:
* headcanon is allowed as long as it is clearly indicated in your text
* please exclude information from the "movie" episodes The Miracle of Christmas Parts 1 & 2 - thank you

  • Anthony Bruhl
  • Benjamin Cahill
  • Rufus Carlin
  • Denise Christopher
  • Karl
  • Wyatt Logan
  • Jiya Marri
  • Connor Mason
  • Carol Preston
  • Lucy Preston (biography needs to be finished)
  • Emma Whitmore

Relationship Summaries Needed:
* headcanon is allowed as long as it is clearly indicated in your text

  • Garcia Flynn / Lorena Flynn
  • Rufus Carlin / Jiya Marri
If you can help with any of the above, please contact me at:

The Timeless Fansite is a fansite for the short-lived NBC time travel series Timeless (2016-2018). This site serves as a one-stop hub for the Timeless Clockblocker fandom and includes, but is not limited to, articles, HD screen captures, episodic stills, promotional images, episode transcripts, and character biographies.

The following content types are accepted for archival at The Timeless Fansite:

   HQ/UHQ Images
   Character Biographies
   Relationship Summaries
   Original Shooting Scripts (PDF)
   GIFs (no greater than 500px width)
   Behind The Scenes Images
   Fan Meet & Greet Photos
   Desktop Wallpaper
   Phone Wallpaper
   Online Articles about Timeless
   Interviews about Timeless
   Your Timeless/Clockblocker Story

If you have higher quality images of photos already archived on The Timeless Fansite, please send the larger image my way so I can always offer visitors the best possible content. Thank you.

The list above is just to give you an idea of what kind of content is on this site. If you are unsure about what you have to contribute, feel free to contact me to ask.

If you have any Timeless content to   contribute to The Timeless Fansite, your  name will be credited here.


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