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Any Clockblocker who would like to share their Timeless Story is welcome to submit the following information to The Timeless Fansite. You can ramble on as long as you'd like because you'll get your own Clockblocker page ♥

  • Your username
  • Your weblinks (social media handles, blogs, website)
  • Where do you live? (city/state/country, city/country)
  • How and when did you discover Timeless?
  • What do you love most about Timeless?
  • What are your top 3 favourite episodes of season 1?
  • What are your top 3 favourite episodes of season 2?
  • Who is your favourite main character? Why?
  • Who is your favourite minor character? Why?
  • What is your favourite (OTP) relationship? Why?
  • Do you have a favourite rare pair? Why do you ship them?
  • Do you have any Timeless-related traditions?
  • What are your favourite memories from watching the show?
  • What are your favourite memories of the fandom?
  • What are your favourite memories from the Renew/Save fan campaigns?
  • Have you met anyone associated with the show? Care to share your story and pictures?
  • You can include photos that you would like included with your Timeless story on this site
    (no more than 10 photos, please)

Please send your Timeless story with the email subject: My Timeless Story, to:


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If you have fanart that you would like to have archived at The Timeless Fansite, please send it my way: TimelessFansite@gmail.com

Fanworks BINGO! Cards

I present to you some Timeless Fanworks BINGO! Cards to help inspire those of you who enjoy creating content for the fandom. Use the cards below to try to achieve a BINGO! this month - fanfic, fanart, fanvids, drawings, GIFs, poster designs, bookmarks, calendars, wallpapers, mood boards, etc.

Fit five into one work, or create five different works to get your BINGO! <--- if you pick the latter, please include one of the pairings (canon, or rare).

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