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Timeless Relationships

Benjamin Cahill / Carol Preston
Denise Christopher/Michelle
Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston
Nicholas Keynes / Emma Whitmore
Garcia Flynn/Lorena Flynn
Noah/Lucy Preston
Wyatt Logan/Lucy Preston
Rufus Carlin/Jiya Marri
Wyatt Logan/Jessica Logan

If you would like to write the relationship summary for Lorynn (Garcia Flynn/Lorena Flynn), or Riya (Rufus Carlin/Jiya Marri), please contact me at TimelessFansite@gmail.com so I can reserve it for you. Please only contact me to do this if you can get it done within 3 month's time. Thank you.

All Known Canon & Rare Pair Timeless Ship Names

Ship Name Characters Involved Alternate Ship Name
Bamcy Dave Baumgardner / Lucy Preston  
Bamcynn Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Dave Baumgardner  
Bamcynnah Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Dave Baumgardner / Noah  
Bamynn Garcia Flynn / Dave Baumgardner  
Carjamin Benjamin Cahill / Carol Preston  
Denelle Denise Christopher / Michelle Christopher  
Flanktop Garcia Flynn / Tanktop  
Flarcy Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Karl  
Flarl Garcia Flynn / Karl  
Flemma Garcia Flynn / Emma Whitmore  
Flereal Garcia Flynn / Cereal  
Flesse Garcia Flynn / Jesse James  
Fliya Garcia Flynn / Jiya Marri  
Floc Garcia Flynn / The Doc  
Flogan Garcia Flynn / Wyatt Logan  
Florcy Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Horses  
Florses Garcia Flynn / Horses  
Flufus Garcia Flynn / Rufus Carlin  
Fluits Garcia Flynn / Suits  
Flurterealneck Garcia Flynn / Turtlenecks / Cereal  
Flurtleneck Garcia Flynn / Turtleneck  
Flyca Garcia Flynn / Jessica Logan  
Flynnagain Garcia Flynn / Past Garcia Flynn  
Garcy Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston Flucy
Garcyah Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Noah  
Garcyatt Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Wyatt Logan  
Garcyfus Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Rufus Carlin  
GarcYY Lucy Preston / Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston  
GaRRcy Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Garcia Flynn  
J.F.Kayla Young JFK / Kayla  
JamJam Dave Baumgardner / Joséphine Baker  
Jemma Emma Whitmore / Jessica Logan  
Jucy Lucy Preston / Jiya Marri  
Karcy Karl / Lucy Preston  
Kardner Karl / Dave Baumgardner  
Karmma Karl / Emma Whitmore  
Karmy Karl / Amy Preston  
Kartiv Karl / Stiv Casey  
Kassica Karl / Jessica Logan  
Keynmore Nicholas Keynes / Emma Whitmore  
Kiv Stiv Casey / Kate Drummond  
Lorynn Garcia Flynn / Lorena Flynn  
Luah Noah / Lucy Preston  
Lubert Robert Todd Lincoln / Lucy Preston  
Luciana Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Lorena Flynn  
Ludini Harry Houdini / Lucy Preston  
Luséphine Lucy Preston / Joséphine Baker  
Lussica Lucy Preston / Jessica Logan  
Lyatt Wyatt Logan / Lucy Preston Wucy
Nobriel Noah / Gabriel Thompkins  
Nocia Garcia Flynn / Noah  
Nomy Noah / Amy Preston  
Pebbles & BamBam Wyatt Logan / Dave Baumgardner  
Riya Rufus Carlin / Jiya Marri  
Rucy Rufus Carlin / Lucy Preston  
Winyatt Wyatt Logan / Windows  
Wygan Wyatt Logan / Future Wyatt Logan  
Wyjess Wyatt Logan / Jessica Logan  
Wymma Wyatt Logan / Emma Whitmore  

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