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01 June 2023
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The Timeless Fansite Web Admin: BattleshipGarcy

         - fan of Timeless since 3 October 2016
         - battleshipgarcy.com
         - my favourite episodes:
               - The Capture of Benedict Arnold
               - The World's Columbian Exposition
               - The Salem Witch Hunt
               - The King of the Delta Blues
        - favourite character: Garcia Flynn
        - favourite ship: Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston
        - AO3 / Instagram / Redbubble / Tumblr / YouTube

About The Timeless Fansite

In 2018, I created the Team Garcy fansite for a group of friends as we were suffering from #RenewTimeless fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Back then, I really wanted to make a general fansite for Timeless, but because of the volatile atmosphere in the fandom, I decided to hold off for a few years to 1) see if I still loved Timeless as strongly as I did in 2018 (I do), and 2) wait until the fandom hostility died down (it has).

After the last five years, I can confidently say that Timeless is my favourite series of all time, and I want to do as much as I can to preserve the digital series history, and information about the series, for other fans of the show - past, present, and future. Despite my character and pairing preferences, I want The Timeless Fansite to include content for all characters, and relationships enjoyed in the fandom. As well as non-character/relationship content and information for those fans who don't ship anything.

It's an ambitious goal, but my hope for this site is for it to be an archive - an online museum - for the Timeless series, and its fandom.

01 June 2023

A Note About That Finale "Movie"

I have decided that this fansite will not include much (if any) information about the two episodes that aired on 20 December 2018 - the series finale "movie," if you will - The Miracle of Christmas Parts 1 & 2. I am a fan of the Timeless series, and those two episodes did not resemble - or respect - the series and characters that I love. Because of this, I have no desire to acknowledge its existence, and I cannot be bothered to expose myself to its contents in order to archive it here at The Timeless Fansite.

If you are looking for Garcia Flynn, Lucy Preston, or Garcy screen captures, GIFs, or transcripts from those finale "movie" episodes, I have them archived at Team Garcy.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank You

I know the chances that anyone officially associated with Timeless will read this is low, but despite that I want to thank Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan for creating the show, and I want to thank the cast and crew for all the hard work that went into each episode. Timeless has given me my favourite character of all time (Garcia Flynn - I extend my thanks to Goran Višnjić for bringing Garcia Flynn to life - hvala), my favourite ship of all time (Garcy), and my favourite episode of all time (The King of the Delta Blues) - I will never not thank Anslem Richardson for writing that episode because everything about it I love: the Garcy moments, Fanboys, the music of Robert Johnson, the contagious joy and fun that exudes from almost every scene of the episode, OMGosh, it's just the best). Thank you.

All my life I have had an interest in stories about time travel that went hand-in-hand with my interest in history. I have watched other TV shows and movies that include both before in my life, but none have grabbed my attention, my interest, and my heart as much as Timeless.

Its fictional world and characters brought me so much joy (at a time in my life when I needed it most <--- then, and now). I broke my "Three Seasons, Renewed for a Fourth, and/or Properly Concluded" TV series rule that I put into place after FOX cancelled Firefly in 2002, to watch Timeless. I was going to wait until Timeless reached its third season (with a fourth on the way) to watch, but I continued to see trailers for season 1, and decided to break my "Three Seasons+" rule to watch because it looked so good. Even though NBC permanently cancelled the series after twenty-six episodes, I don't regret watching from the very beginning.

Timeless is special. And despite some unfortunate fandom drama (and that "movie"), I don't regret breaking my "Three Seasons+" rule to watch. Nor do I regret taking part in all of the #RenewTimeless campaigns of season 1 and season 2. Words cannot properly describe what Timeless means to me, but I thank everyone involved with it - from the bottom of my heart - for bringing the series, and its characters, into my life.

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated funds to help keep The Timeless Fansite online, and those who have donated content to be archived on this site. Building a site of this size is no easy task, and I appreciate all the help I get.

And finally... THANKS, SIS'!!! <--- for so many reasons. Also... you should get B to watch Timeless, ok? (just make sure to stop watching after you finish Chinatown because the Xmas episodes are crap <--- which he already knows because we've talked a bit about it already, haha!)

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The Timeless Fansite is a fansite for the short-lived NBC time travel series Timeless (2016-2018). This site serves as a one-stop hub for the Timeless Clockblocker fandom and includes, but is not limited to, articles, HD screen captures, episodic stills, promotional images, episode transcripts, and character biographies.


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01 June 2023
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