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101 Pilot
transcript edited by: enchanted-marvel

Hindenburg landing

MAN: Throw down the rope!

[cameras snapping]

MAN: It's port side.

[air whooshes]

MAN: [speaking German] [bell dings] Lassen Sie die Landelinien

[air hissing] [indistinct talking]

MAN: You supposed to be this close?

KATE DRUMMOND: Probably not.

MAN: You believe something this big actually flies?

KATE DRUMMOND: Men. Always obsessed with how big something is.

[film rolling]

JOURNALIST: It's practically standing still now.

JOURNALIST: Uh, they've dropped ropes out of the nose of the ship.
Over to the starboard side.

[men grunting] [machinery rumbling] [electric spark] [electricity sparking] Aah! [woman screams]

JOURNALIST: It burst into flames. It burst into flames! And it's falling, it's crashing!

[rumbling] - [screams] - [glass shatters] [panting]

LITTLE GIRL: Mama! Mama!

[explosion] [man screaming] - [grunts] - [glass shatters]

JOURNALIST: And oh and the frame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the the mooring mast, but Oh, the humanity.

[people shouting] Aah! - [ship rumbles] - [gasps] [indistinct talking]


LUCY: A White House reporter asked LBJ, "Why are we in Vietnam?" And the president whipped out his genitalia [laughter] And said, "This is why” [crowd chuckling] It's true. He called it "Jumbo" [laughter] For better or worse, and in this case, worse, this is real history. To understand it, we've got to get inside these people's heads, their loves, their quirks, their Jumbos.

[laughter] [giggles]

Outside of the University.

LUCY: You're cancelling my tenure meeting?

BOSS: It's not me.

LUCY: You're department chair.

BOSS: It's the committee. Can we just let's talk about this over coffee.

LUCY: I have busted my ass for tenure. Why?

BOSS: The department thinks that

LUCY: My mother built this department. The real truth? You could push this through if you wanted.

At Lucy’s house.

[dog barking]

LUCY: Amy?

[heart monitor beeping]

LUCY: Hey.

AMY: Hi.

LUCY: Hey, Mom.


LUCY: How's she doing?

AMY: Same as yesterday. And the day before.

LUCY: Mm. Come on. Let me buy you a drink.

AMY: They're not gonna give you tenure? So what are you gonna do?

LUCY: Go to the chancellor, if I have to, raise hell.

AMY: Or quit. Just get out of there. You don't need this crap.

LUCY: So we'll all just live off your podcast?

AMY: Ouch. Lucy, you're a great professor. Go somewhere you're wanted.

LUCY: That department is Mom's legacy. It's what I've worked for my entire life. So what, I should just throw my whole future away?

AMY: I'm just saying. Stop worrying about disappointing Mom. Make your own future.

In the Mason Industries.

[Cage The Elephant's "Mess Around" plays] Ah [song continuing over headphones]


RUFUS: Hey, Anthony.

ANTHONY: Is it or is it not Taco Tuesday, and your turn to pick up said tacos? Um, ask Jiya to go with you.
Better than staring at her 12 hours a day.

[gunshot] [brooding music]

RUFUS:  What wa

[gunshots] - [commotion] - [gasps]

ANTHONY: Everybody, get down on the ground, now! [grunts] [gunshots]

MAN: Come on!

OTHER MAN: Move yourself or you're dead! Sit down on the ground.

[gunshots] - [grunts] - [women yelping] - [gunshots]

FLYNN: Go! Go! - Shut up! - [gun cocks] Go up to the top! Go! You, move!

[sirens wailing] [dramatic music] [hatch locking] [capsule clanking] [capsule whirring] [whirring intensifies] [sonic pop]

POLICEMEN: Police! Hands up! Let me see your hands! Where'd they go?

[dramatic music] [somber music] [heart monitor beeping]

At Lucy’s house.

[doorbell rings]

AGENT: Lucy Preston? I'm Agent Kondo with Homeland Security.

LUCY: [sighs] Look, whatever you're selling, - I'm not buying –

AGENT: Really. Agent Kondo, Homeland Security. Miss Preston, you need to come with me.

AMY: What'd she do?

AGENT: We need your help. Now, please.

[suspenseful music] [sirens wailing] Get out, please.

AGENT: This way, follow me. Wait here, please.

LUCY: Okay. You know what? I just need to call…

WYATT: [whispers]

LUCY: Are you asleep?

WYATT: No, ma'am.

LUCY: Oh. [faintly] Okay, good. This is Connor Mason's company? Do you know why we're here?

WYATT: No idea, ma'am.

LUCY: You know, we're pretty much the same age, so you can just stop calling me ma'am.

[door opens]

DENISE: Lucy Preston? Agent Denise Christopher, Homeland Security. You've got a hell of a reputation. History, anthropology. You're world-class.

LUCY: I'm just a teacher. My mother is world-class.

DENISE: I've read all of her books. I'm sorry to hear she's sick. And Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan. Delta Force?

WYATT: Yes, ma'am.

DENISE: Boy. Speaking of reputations. Well, we are on the clock so follow me, but hold onto your asses.


LUCY: Uh ok okay.

DENISE: Garcia Flynn, ex-NSA asset in Eastern Europe.

WYATT: Ex since when?

DENISE: Since he killed his wife and child and went off the grid. That was a year ago. We thought he was holed up in Chechnya, but apparently not.

WYATT: Why's he taking the Star Tours ride?

[sonic pop]

LUCY: Wh What the hell was that?

WYATT: Some sort of special effect?

CONNOR: Ever heard of a closed timelike curve?

WYATT: You're Connor Mason. My buddy has one of your cars.

LUCY: I excuse me, a closed timelike what? Right.

CONNOR: Say, this, is the fabric of space-time. Now, if you get a powerful enough gravitational field, you could actually bend it back on itself, creating a kind of loop that would allow you to cross over to an earlier point.

LUCY: At an earlier point in time, you mean?

DENISE: What he means is, Mr. Mason invented a time machine. And chose not to tell the government about it until it was stolen by terrorists.

CONNOR: Right, 'cause the federal government never screws up anything and can always keep a secret.

DENISE: You're asking for our help now.

WYATT: Uh wait, hold on. This is a joke, right? I mean, some some psych test the government came up with?

LUCY: I mean this can't be possible, right?

[metal clanks] [alarms blaring]

CONNOR: Our earliest prototype. She isn't fancy, but she works, usually. Now, we kept her operational in case the crew of the mother ship ever needed a rescue. We call this one the "Lifeboat" Their CPUs are linked. But unfortunately she can't tell us exactly where the mother ship has gone But she can tell us when.

WYATT: Naturally. Only tells you when. Time machine problems.

CONNOR: Yes, we're working on it, but for the moment that's the best we have.

LUCY: 3:30 p.m. May 6, 1937.

DENISE: We found this on the dead shooter. It's an address, a tavern in Manchester, New Jersey.

LUCY: That's the "Hindenburg" About four hours before it crashed. You're telling me that this guy actually went back in time, for real, to the "Hindenburg"?

CONNOR: Lucy, if Flynn kills people in '37 who aren't supposed to die, they don't have the kids they're supposed to have, do the things they're supposed to do, history changes. Reality changes.

LUCY: So why would you be stupid enough to invent something so dangerous?

CONNOR: I didn't count on this happening.

LUCY: Why would Flynn do it?

DENISE: We don't know. But there's room in there for three passengers.

LUCY: Wait to to do what? Go after him?

DENISE: Why else would we bring you here?

LUCY. You're insane! I mean, even if I believed you, which I don't, I am not getting in that thing to what? Go after some terrorist? I am not a soldier.

DENISE: We have a soldier. We need a historian. A good one who knows the customs, can travel incognito, help us keep a low profile.

LUCY: Great, I'll email you some names.

DENISE: I think someone who loved history would want to save it. Besides, what if I am telling the truth? Don't tell me you're not the least bit curious.

[tense music] [car door shuts]

CONNOR: You need to go with them.

RUFUS: I can't. I am a coder. Okay, that is what I'm good at. All right, I don't like to leave my desk, let alone go in there or back then. Also, I don't know how it works across the pond, but I am black. There is literally no place in American history that'll be awesome for me.

CONNOR: Rufus, enough. We both know why it has to be you.

MAN: "Lifeboat" systems coming online. Ground crew

LUCY: This is all wrong. This skirt is from the '40s. And this blouse? They didn't have this kind of fabric back then. Or underwire bras.

WYATT: Who is gonna see your bra?

DENISE: Best we could do on short notice. Take this please.

LUCY: I have to call my sister.

DENISE: You can do it when you get back.

LUCY:  What?

DENISE: He's the address - for the tavern.

AGENT: And some money.

LUCY: Huh?

DENISE: Let's go.

MAN: Verify control systems.

[computers beeping]

DENISE: Don't be noticed. Don't change anything. Understand?

[suspenseful music] [computer beeping] [groans]

LUCY: It's okay, just start.


LUCY: Lucy.

RUFUS: Rufus. I'm a pilot. Kind of.

LUCY: Kind of?

WYATT: Wyatt.

MAN: Time displacement circuits activated.

[various beeps]

LUCY: Are all these seat belts really necessary?

RUFUS: Oh, yeah. You'll see.

WYATT: You okay?

LUCY: I'm I'm claustrophobic. And apparently about to travel through time, so [exhales] Have you been drinking?

WYATT: Didn't know I was gonna be working tonight, ma'am.

LUCY. Stop calling me ma'am.

[machinery whirring] [indistinct announcements]

RUFUS: Might want to hold on.

[ship powering up] [metal clanking] [alarms blaring]

MAN: Gravitational flux

[metal warbling] [rumbling] [capsule whirring] [loud rumbling] [whirring intensifies] [sonic pop]

WOMAN: Launch sequence completed.

[cheers and applause] [wind blowing] [sonic pop] [rumbling] [metal whirring, clanking] [machinery whirring] [air lock hisses] [breathing heavily]

LUCY: Are you okay?

WYATT: Totally good.

[ambient music]





WYATT: Are we here?

RUFUS: Think so.

WYATT: You sure?

LUCY: Pretty sure.

[aircraft hovering] [stirring music]

WYATT: Okay, just one thing that I don't get. Apparently, this time machine works. So why don't we just go back five minutes before Flynn stormed in and then shoot him in the face?

RUFUS: You can't go back to any time where you already exist, where you might meet a double of yourself.
It is bad for the fabric of reality.

WYATT: Define "bad"

RUFUS: We tried it once. The pilot came back, but not all of him.

LUCY: What? Oh!

[exhales] [indistinct talking]

RUFUS: So the back of the bus was amazing.

LUCY: Wow.

[gentle music]

Lucy: Mom, I wish you could see this.

WYATT: Come on, Professor, we gotta move.

RUFUS: Tell us what we're getting into.

LUCY: Okay. [stirring music] The "Hindenburg" is just reaching the airfield, but she won't be able to land right away. [thunder rumbles] Because of that. Light rain and high winds. So she'll make a bunch of turns, causing the air friction, building up static electricity. Then, at exactly 7:25 p.m., the "Hindenburg" will throw down the mooring ropes, but the ground crew will drag the ropes through the grass They get soaked.

WYATT: Which electrically grounds the ship, causing a spark in the metal hull.

LUCY: The spark ignites a leaking hydrogen balloon, burning 2,000 cubic liters and 36 people alive.

RUFUS: So why is Flynn here?

MAN WHO SELLS JOURNALS: Here you go. Thank you, miss.

LUCY: Thank you. Maybe he wants to kill all 97 people on board instead of just the 36? Make a bad thing worse? Whatever it is, we find him first, fast as we can.

RUFUS: And if we do find him?

WYATT: Leave that to me.

In the pub

[ominous tone] [Billie Holiday's "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo" playing]

WYATT: If it hollers let it go Let it fly away It might be the '30s, but Jersey's Jersey.

LUCY: You see Flynn? Ah Um, everyone's staring at you. Maybe you should just wait outside?

RUFUS: On a scale from Million Man March to Mississippi Burning, how safe do you think I'm gonna be out there?

LUCY: You should be fine, just, uh don't make eye contact with anyone.

RUFUS: So glad I came.

[indistinct talking]

LUCY: That's Kate Drummond. Oh, right, of course she'd be here.

WYATT: Who's she?

LUCY: She has a column in the Hearst papers. She covered the wars in Manchuria and Ethiopia.
[glasses clink] [laughs] What?

WYATT: Just reminds me of someone, that's all.


LUCY: Wyatt! [coin clanks] [ball rattles]

WYATT: That's a pinball machine?

KATE: Nothing gets past you, pal. Double or nothing?

WYATT: Would you like a drink, Miss Drummond?

KATE: You know who I am?

WYATT: Oh, yeah. The way you covered the wars in Manchuria and Ethiopia really makes a guy think.

KATE: Oh, you're a soldier.

WYATT: How'd you know?

KATE: The pick-up line, for one. I've known too many soldiers.

WYATT: Not like me, you haven't.

LUCY: Miss Drummond. Um, it is so nice to meet you. You are a hell of a writer.

WYATT: This is my older sister, Lucy.

KATE: That's kind of you, Lucy.

LUCY: You're in town to cover the "Hindenburg's" arrival?

KATE: Yes, and then I'm riding it back to Europe for the coronation 'cause there's nothing like a tight, enclosed space with a bunch of stuffed shirts.

WYATT: Well, maybe you won't have to take that trip after all. [pinball machine dings] Have you seen this man?

KATE: Who is he? And why's he wearing pajamas?

WYATT: He's a friend of ours.

KATE: Mm. Well, yes, he was here. About two hours ago.

LUCY: What was he doing?

KATE: Well, when the officers at the airfield need a couple of extra hands, this is where they pick 'em up.
Your friend is working as ground crew. He's gonna help bring down the "Hindenburg" [brooding music]

WYATT: We owe Kate another drink for that one. She is amazing.

RUFUS: Who we talking about?

WYATT: Kate Drummond. She only has about 90 minutes to live. She'll be right under the "Hindenburg" when it crashes down on top of her.

WYATT: Wait. You just stood there, chatting her up, knowing she's about to die?

LUCY: Well, we can't change anything. Today's the day she Today's her day.

Hindenburg Landing

[dramatic music]

LUCY: Excuse me.

RUFUS: Excuse me.

[camera snaps]

LUCY: Guys, follow me. Follow me. Commander Rosendahl? Oh um, I'm sorry to bother you, but it it's urgent.


LUCY: Um This man is working as one of your ground crew, and it's very important we find him quickly.

WYATT: He's a threat to your base, sir.

COMMANDER: How? Who are you?

WYATT: Well, uh, we're actually

LUCY: This is Doctor Dre. I'm Nurse Jackie. We're from General Hospital. This man is a patient of ours, which is, uh, - why he's - both: Wearing pajamas. He has a bad case of Spanish Flu, which last time killed, what, almost 700,000 people in the US alone, so, you can see why we're nervous.

COMMANDER: Yes, yes, of course. I'll help however I can.


COMMANDER: Officers! Step forward!

OFFICER: Sir? Yes, sir.

COMMANDER: This man is somewhere amongst this crowd.

[engine hovering]

RUFUS: He's only got five more minutes.

WYATT: Yeah, let's split up. And if you see Flynn, don't engage. You find me first.

MAN: Starboard side! - [bell dings] - Lassen Sie die Landelinien.

[air hissing] [film reel rolling]

JOURNALIST: It's practically standing still now. Uh, they've dropped ropes out of the nose of the ship.

[camera snaps] [watch ticking]

LUCY: Wyatt!

MAN: You believe something this big actually flies?

KATE: Men. Always obsessed with how big something is.

WYATT: Hi, there. Remember me?

KATE: Yes, hello.

WYATT: Yeah, couple things I want to talk to you about. Maybe we can go someplace private.

KATE: In in a minute, I'm working.

WYATT: Well, we don't have a minute, really.

KATE: Well, maybe you haven't noticed, soldier, but the ship is landing, it'll have to wait.

WYATT:  It can't wait.

KATE: No! Hey! You stay away from me!

WYATT: We're out of time!

KATE: Stop! Get off me!

WYATT: Run! Run! It's gonna blow!

KATE: Stay away! Get off of me! Oh! You stay away from me! [film reel rolling]

JOURNALIST: The majestic airship lands gracefully as passengers wave to the awed spectators.

[ship hovering]

RUFUS: Um That's not supposed to happen, right?

WYATT: Where's Lucy?

[suspenseful music] [dramatic music] [muffled shouts]

FLYNN’S MAN: Are you following us? Flynn wants to talk to you.

- [blow lands] - [grunts] - [struggling] - [punches land] [grunts] [gun cocks] [both panting]

WYATT: Take me to Flynn.

- [silencer shoots] - [grunting] [dramatic music] - [speaking German] - [laughs]

WYATT: You okay? Flynn just saved the "Hindenburg" So no, I am definitely not okay.

[ominous music]

WYATT: So saving the "Hindenburg," huh? How'd Flynn even do it?

RUFUS: The mooring ropes.I saw crewmen, they didn't let the ropes touch the wet grass.They wrapped them up. No wet ropes means the ship doesn't ground. There's no spark in the hull, no boom.

WYATT: Those must've been Flynn's guys.

LUCY: I'm less concerned with how Flynn did it then why.

WYATT: It's a bad thing 36 people lived?

LUCY: Very bad. It could change the present in ways we can't possibly predict.


[mysterious music]

RUFUS: Finally. Some civilization in this backwater crap-hole. I can rewire it to track the other walkie's signal, use it to find Flynn. Give me a minute.

[crickets chirping faintly]

LUCY: You shouldn't have brought that gun.

WYATT: Oh, the one - I saved your ass with?

LUCY: We are surrounded by Nazis. What if one of them takes your future gun - to Berlin?

WYATT: Sometimes things get messy.

LUCY: It is my job to make sure there is no mess.

WYATT: There's always a mess. That's the deal. So now we make it up as we go. And I take out Flynn. Which, by the way, might require the use of a damn gun.

LUCY: So if that's your job, why did you run off after Kate?

[tense music]

RUFUS: Hey, guys? Turns out I can't track Flynn because this isn't actually a walkie. At least, not anymore.

WYATT: What do you mean?

RUFUS: Someone soldered the lead wires. And then there's this thing. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

WYATT: That's a blasting cap. This is a detonator.

LUCY: For a a bomb? Wait. Kate's column. Listen. "The 'Hindenburg' will welcome many luminaries aboard its return trip to Europe and the king's coronation. John D. Rockefeller Jr., Omar Bradley, Igor Sikorsky"

WYATT: I don't follow.

LUCY: Rockefeller's gonna help build the United Nations. Bradley's crucial to planning D-Day. S Sikorsky invented the damn helicopter. I mean, what if that's why Flynn saved the "Hindenburg"? What if he didn't want to blow it up on the way in because he wants to blow it up on the way out? If these people died, the the damage to the timeline it's it's catastrophic

OFFICER: Hands up! [dramatic music] Stay right where you are!

WYATT: Let me guess, someone called in an anonymous tip?

OFFICER: Shut up.

In the prison.

RUFUS: [grunts] When do they invent deodorant?

LUCY: Please, just call the airfield and tell them that the "Hindenburg" is in danger! Please!

WYATT: Piece-of-crap, old lock.

LUCY: Can you open it?

WYATT: Oh, yeah. Easy with a hairpin, which I'm guessing you don't have.

LUCY: No, I don't.

[sighs] [cell rattles] [indistinct talking] [brooding music]

WYATT: How soon till the "Hindenburg" leaves?

LUCY: Just before dawn, so pretty soon.

WYATT: Great, we just rot in here while all those people die. While -

LUCY: Kate dies?

LUCY: Okay. So, what is it about her? Hmm?

WYATT: Nothing.

LUCY: Okay, so you're just one of those soldiers who ignores his orders to chase a pretty face?

WYATT: Kate reminds me of my wife. Okay? They even look alike. Little bit.

LUCY: I didn't know you were married.

WYATT: Jessica died. [solemn music] It was my fault. If I could just change that one So when I saw Kate, I just couldn't let her [scoffs] [lively piano music plays]

In the Hindenburg

kids: Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? The big, bad wolf the big, bad wolf Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Tra-la-la-la-la Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf


[ominous tone]

Back in the prison

OFFICER: What the hell kind of a gun is this?

WYATT: [scoffs] I know how to get out.

LUCY: How?

WYATT: [hisses] Make a distraction.

RUFUS: Uh ahem. Excuse me, can I get a glass of water, please, sir? Swallow your spit, boy. I'm not a boy, actually.

OFFICER: Excuse me?

RUFUS: You have eyes, right? You can tell I'm not a child, and I am definitely not your son, so don't call me "boy”

OFFICER: I'm not sure you realize where you are, boy.

RUFUS: Actually, I do. I'm in the damn Stone Age, but, man, I hope you live a long, long life.
Long enough to see Michael Jordan dunk, Michael Jackson dance, Mike Tyson punch, really, just, any black guy named Michael. OJ? Yeah, he gets off. He did it, but we don't care. And Obama, he's the president. 2008. That's gonna suck for you! I hope you see it all. Because the future is not on your side, boy.Okay, so where's he going?

WYATT: Take off your bra.

LUCY: What?

WYATT: Your modern bra.

LUCY: With underwire, yeah.

[suspenseful music]

LUCY: Here.

[door unlocks]

RUFUS: Uh gu guys? - Uh, Wyatt? - Okay, okay, okay, okay. Guy guys guys Wyatt? Okay, okay, okay. Okay, guys, please stop. Don't come in here. Look, no, no-no-no! Hold on, stop, stop. No, no! Stop! - [blows land] - [grunts] [blows landing] - [blow lands] - [grunts] - [blow lands] - Oh! [grunts] Oh, my God.

WYATT. Not bad, Rufus.


LUCY: Come on, come on. That was amazing.

In the Hindenburg

[dramatic music]

RUFUS: How we gonna find the bomb?

WYATT: Working on it.


WYATT: No, I need a steward! - No! I need a steward!

KATE: You stay away from me, you attacked me!

WYATT: No, no, I was trying to save you! I'm trying to save you right now. This ship is in danger. There is a bomb. And we're trying to find it.

LUCY: He's telling the truth.

WYATT: The picture we showed you, that guy planted the bomb. Help us. Please.

KATE: I saw him. Follow me. He came out of here in a hurry.

WYATT: Look over there.

LUCY: Okay.

WYATT: Um Hey! [tense music] [bomb beeping]

KATE: What the hell is that?

WYATT: We got to get this off the ship now.

RUFUS: Uh about that.

LUCY: You've defused a bomb before, right?

WYATT: I've seen it done. Had some training in Afghanistan.

KATE: Since when were we fighting Afghanistan?

WYATT: Hey, I need you to ground the ship and get the people off.

RUFUS: How do we do that?

LUCY: We make it up as we go.

[dramatic music]

LUCY: Come on.

[gear twists]

LUCY: Stay back! Stay back. We're the Anarchist Black Cross. We have a bomb on this ship. You're going to land now and await further demands.

RUFUS: Do it or I'll cut his throat, you Nazis! [air siren wails]

OFFICERS: Hurry up! Let's go! [siren wailing]

FLYNN: The ship is landing. Something's wrong.

[bomb beeping]

WYATT: Ask me something.

KATE: Wha like what?

WYATT: Anything. It relaxes me to talk. Anything, well

KATE: Where the hell did this glowing clock come from? Or you, for that matter?

WYATT: All right, look, I know this is hard to believe, but I'm gonna tell you the truth. My name is Buck Rogers and this thing came from outer space.

[soft laugh] - [yelps] - [gasps] [blows landing] [grunting] [glass shatters] - [punch lands] - [grunts] [glass shatters] [straining] [glass shatters] [blows land] [grunts] [knife drops] [both grunt] [bomb beeping] [grunts] [blows land] [items smash] - [punches land] - [grunts] [grunting] [bomb beeping] [dishes smashing] [blows landing] Hey! - [pan clanks] - [grunts] - [grunts] - [glass shatters] [gun cocks]

KATE: Don't shoot, you idiot! [gunshot] - [bullet ricochets] - [flames whoosh] [explosion]

LUCY: Go! Go! We gotta go! [flames whooshing] [grunts] [glass shatters]

WYATT: Come on! [electricity sparking] [flames whooshing]

Hey! [explosion] [agonized screaming]

PEOPLE: Go, go! - [grunts] - [glass shatters] Come on, I got you! Let's go! [woman screaming] I need some help over here! Someone help! [woman wailing]

LUCY: Sir, do you need help? Here, here. Go get that little girl!

RUFUS: Here you go.

[indistinct shouting]

FLYNN: It's time we talked. You need to understand who and what you're dealing with.

LUCY: I understand that you're a psychopath trying to burn everything to the ground.

FLYNN: Well, that depends on your point of view, Lucy.

LUCY: How do you know my name?

FLYNN: I know everything about you. Your father's dead. You think you're meant to follow in your mother's footsteps, but you don't really want to. You wanna know how I know?

LUCY: That's my handwriting, but I didn't write that.

FLYNN: Not yet. But you will.


FLYNN: I know what you're really meant to be, Lucy, and it isn't a teacher.

LUCY: Why would I believe anything from someone who killed their own family?

FLYNN: Just ask them why they really chose you for this mission. And ask them what Rittenhouse is.

LUCY: Rittenhouse?

WYATT: Get someplace safe!

KATE: Where are you going?

WYATT: Have a good life.


KATE: Wha [heavy breathing] [yelps]

FLYNN: I know for a fact that you're not gonna shoot.

LUCY: Wyatt.

[gunshot] [yelps] - [gunshot] - [grunts]

WYATT: Kate?

LUCY: Oh, Kate. Oh, my God.

[indistinct talking]

WYATT: You got her?

LUCY: I got her! Go! Oh, my God.

[indistinct talking] [grunting] [explosions] - [whimpering]

KATE: Come on, stay with me.

LUCY. I'm right here.

WYATT: Move, move, move.  You're okay

KATE:  Here, let me.
- [whimpering]

WYATT:  Come on. Just relax, relax.

KATE: [coughs]

WYATT: It's okay, it's okay.

WYATT: Ple plea Come on.

KATE: [coughs]

WYATT: Kate, come Kate, come on! [gasping] Come on.

At Mason Industries

[somber music] [computer beeping] [sonic pop] [rumbling] [rousing music] [panting]

CONNOR: The "Hindenburg" exploded early morning May the 7th, 1937. It was bombed by the Anarchist Black Cross. There were only two casualties. Journalist Kate Drummond and the man whose body was unable to be identified.

WYATT: Okay, so so to you, this is what's in the books? This is how it went down?

CONNOR: Of course.

LUCY: And the anarchist group? Three suspects who escaped from jail - and vanished without a trace?


LUCY: That was us.


RUFUS: We had some issues.

LUCY: Flynn wanted a lot more than two casualties. He wanted to murder everyone onboard, and we stopped him, but the "Hindenburg," it wasn't supposed to happen like this.
Flynn still changed history in in ways I [sighs] In what ways I I don't know yet.

DENISE: Did you see him?

LUCY: I spoke to him.

DENISE: Really? What did he say?

LUCY: He said I should ask you why you chose me and what Rittenhouse means.

DENISE: I have no idea what he's talking about. I don't know.

CONNOR: Rufus, where's Flynn now?

RUFUS: Uh, the "Lifeboat's" CPU says that he's back in present day, but who knows where.

WYATT: And so we can't go back to '37? - Give it another shot?

RUFUS: No. Remember, we can't double-back to any place where we meet ourselves. There are no do-overs.

CONNOR: So what is Flynn after?

LUCY: I have a theory. Any anti-government wack-job can get a few barrels of fertilizer and blow up a federal building. It's not going to really change anything. Our institutions are too established, but in the past, things were a lot more fragile. I I think Flynn is trying to kill America in the crib. Rewrite history before it's even written.

[dramatic music]

DENISE: None of you are to say a word about any of this, under penalty of treason. If we need you, we'll call you.

LUCY: Wait.

RUFUS: Need us?

DENISE: Nothing has changed. Flynn is still out there. He still has the mother ship. And you are still our best option. When he uses it again, we will call you.

CONNOR: You have something for me?

RUFUS: I didn't get everything. For some of it, they were out of earshot.

“WYATT: Those must have been Flynn's guys.

LUCY:I'm less concerned with how Flynn did it than why.”


RUFUS: I'm not at all comfortable with this. By the way.

CONNOR: Do you think I'm comfortable with any of this? [door creaks]

Out of Mason Industries

LUCY: Hey. When you shot Flynn, couple inches to the right, you would have blown my brains out. You just that good or was I just that expendable?

WYATT: Well, I guess I'm just that good, ma'am.

LUCY: [scoffs] Wyatt. You asked Rufus about going back to your own timeline because you want to change what happened to your wife, right? But maybe the "Hindenburg" was meant to explode, Kate was meant to die. Maybe we don't get to make it up as we go. Maybe some things are just

WYATT: What? Fate?

Mason Industries

[piano plays Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" ]

JIYA: Hey. Um How was it? What was it like? Uh, you know, to time-travel?

RUFUS: [laughs] I'll take you to dinner, tell you all about it.

JIYA: Oh, uh Okay.

MUSIC: [chuckles] So you think So you think you can tell Heaven from Hell? Blues skies from pain? Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can

Lucy’s house

LUCY: Amy? How's she doing? Amy, I'm back! [knife chopping]

CAROL: Hi, sweetheart.

[suspenseful music]

LUCY: Mom?

CAROL: What was all that about Amy? Please say that you brought me a Snickers. Hm? What's wrong? LUCY: You're okay?

CAROL: Yes, of course I'm okay.

LUCY: [cries] [laughs]

CAROL: Hey. Hey.

LUCY: [sniffs]

CAROL: Hey, hey. What's gotten into you?

LUCY: I just How is this possible? How could how could The "Hindenburg" How could the "Hindenburg" have done this?

CAROL: "Hindenburg"? Lucy, you're not making any sense.

LUCY: Sorry. I'm just so happy to see you.

CAROL: Sweetheart. What's happened to your engagement ring? My what?

CAROL: Sweetheart, what is wrong?

LUCY: Sorry, it's, um just a lot to, uh Where's Amy?

CAROL: Lucy, you keep saying that. Amy who? [brooding music]

LUCY: No. No.

CAROL: Lucy?

LUCY: Amy?

CAROL: Lucy?

LUCY: Amy! Tell me what is going on.

LUCY: No. This isn't right. I don't This isn't right.

CAROL: Lucy, what are you talking about? You're starting to scare me.

[phone ringing] [phone beeps]

LUCY: Hello?

DENISE: The car's turning around to pick you up, we need you back here now. Flynn just took out the mother ship again.

LUCY: Where? When?

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