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106 The Watergate Tape
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" That's my handwriting, but I didn't write that.
But you will.
I lost my whole family.
Because you murdered them.
Rittenhouse murdered them.
I asked about Rittenhouse, and no one's ever heard of him.
Rittenhouse isn't a "him.
" It's a "they.
" Really? You do? Yeah.
Four languages, actually.
I don't care.
Lucy and Wyatt trust me.
And I am not spying on them.
- Car trouble? - You're with Rittenhouse.
If you keep playing your part, it helps us protect everyone.
You, your family.
Carol's my mother, but Henry isn't my father and never was.
My mother's been lying to me my whole life.
I just want to know who my father is.
This is his name.
[dramatic music] [sputtering] [whirring] Hey, Ma.
Finals were last night? Second place.
Kevin missed a shot at the buzzer, hasn't come out of his room since.
Can't believe I forgot.
He is gonna hate me.
Don't take on guilt nobody's placed on you.
Your brother understands how important your job is.
Still should've been there.
You are there.
This house, his tuition, his damn basketball shoes.
Because of you, because of how hard you work.
[phone chimes] Speaking of.
That's Connor.
Why'd you come to my place? Okay, what what is the Rittenhouse guy doing here? Do me a favor.
Don't use that word aloud.
Listen carefully to him.
Whatever this is, I don't want any part of it.
How'd your brother take the loss? I could've sworn that last shot was gonna go in.
Just off the back rim.
There's no need for theatrics.
Close the door.
Flynn took the Mothership to Washington, D.
on June the 20th, 1972.
What's June 20th, 1972? [chuckling] Really? Kids today.
The Watergate scandal.
There was a break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices.
Freeze! It turns out President Nixon was mixed up in it.
He had to resign.
I know that part.
Yes, well, he might have got away with it, but he was secretly recording every conversation he had in the Oval Office.
You know something about secretly recording people.
The tape he made on June 20, 1972, speaking to his Chief of Staff, Bob Haldeman, was special.
Special how? There was an 18 1/2 minute gap.
Nixon: But we have to give the press another story, - because the real truth is - [static crackling] Erased by his secretary.
Lost forever.
It's one of the great mysteries.
There's a concern that Flynn has gone back to 1972 in order to steal that tape before it gets erased.
What do we think's on it? That's none of your damn business.
It's important that no one hears what's on that tape Not you or Wyatt or Lucy, and certainly not Garcia Flynn.
Understand? When you get there, call this number.
Make regular reports.
Report what? To who? And if I don't? That's a nice house, Rufus.
Nice family.
He's going to do it.
Now back off.
[phone rings] - Hey.
- Lucy, Flynn's taken out the Mothership.
I'm I'm on my way.
So, just to be clear, you lurked outside your dad's house for hours without ever knocking.
You know there are stalker laws, right? Correction: I had a dad.
This man is just my biological father.
- You're still his daughter.
- A daughter that he didn't want to see for my entire life.
I don't know what kind of guy is gonna answer that door, but I do know, at some point, you're gonna have to knock.
Press credentials.
Completely authentic.
Should get you into the White House without too much of a hitch.
And we're positive Flynn's going after the Nixon tapes? No, but it's a good place to start.
And June 20, 1972 is a special day.
It's the day that Nixon records the missing 18 1/2 minutes.
I would give anything to hear that tape.
Not me.
When you find Flynn, maybe you can blind him with that suit.
I look like Greg Brady.
Well, go find Marcia and Peter and get going.
- Ready? - Yep.
Initiate Lifeboat departure procedure.
[whirring] [machine booms] [David Bowie's "Changes"] Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes Just gonna have to be a different man Time may change me But I can't trace time [protesters chanting] Hell no, we won't go.
Hell no, we won't go.
These colors just don't exist anymore.
Like, not even in nature.
Burnt orange, that puke tint between green and yellow.
We had to land in a marsh? Thought it was a bit more private than the South Lawn.
There they go.
Couple of Nixon's baby killers.
What in the hell you call me? Hey, hey, hey, hey! Take it easy! Take it easy! Wyatt! - Lucy! - Wyatt, help! [overlapping shouts] - Lucy! [grunting] - [grunting] - [Taser clicking] You okay? - Peachy.
[door opens] Recognize this room? You stayed here the night Abraham Lincoln was shot.
A few weeks for us.
A century for them.
Remarkable, huh? Oh, God.
You're gonna talk us to death, aren't you? Had a hunch I'd find you on the way to the White House, Lucy.
I need you to do something for me.
We're not getting the Nixon tape for you.
Not necessary.
Already got it myself.
You broke into the White House basement.
You think you're the only ones who can forge a 1970s ID? I do own a color printer and a laminator.
The only problem was I had to shoot a White House guard on the way out.
Well, two, actually.
And now I can't really move around the city freely.
Authorities are looking for me.
So I need you to find something.
- What? - Let's have a listen.
Have to give the press another story, because the real truth is this doc is more important than anyone knows.
If Rittenhouse Mr.
President, we can't discuss Rittenhouse in here.
We need to get the doc back.
We need to get the doc back now.
- And if we can't? - I'm done.
They'll see to that.
Not just with the presidency, but with my wife, with my girls.
Rittenhouse plays by different rules.
Do you understand who they are? How deep I'm in with Rit Did you hear what President Nixon just said, Lucy? I'm sorry.
I didn't hear that.
I guess it's not so much my paranoid delusion anymore, is it? This document Nixon wants I don't know anything about it.
I don't know what he's talking about, okay? I believe you.
I even looked in here.
I couldn't find anything about this document.
What's that? Oh, this is Lucy's journal.
What she never told you about it? - What's he talking about? - I didn't write it.
Well, it's complicated.
You see, she's going to write it - a few years from now.
- What? I know.
Time travel, right? Pew! It's my guide.
Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.
It's not real.
It's a fake.
Lucy, we've talked about this.
You even admitted it's your own handwriting.
I said it looked like my handwriting, not that I ever wrote it or ever will.
But you did talk to Flynn? When? Ooh, let's see.
At the train station in 1865.
The Nazi castle in Germany.
Lucy, what have you told them about us? Is that true? It's complicated.
The truth is not complicated.
I don't know what the truth is anymore.
Okay, the truth is she didn't believe in Rittenhouse until President Nixon just confirmed it.
But for now, if Rittenhouse wants this document so badly, whatever it is, I want it first.
How are we supposed to find it? If there's one thing you've proven, it's your resourcefulness.
You'll find a way.
If you don't bring me the document in five hours You'll kill me? Why don't you do it now, save everyone some time? It's up to you.
Go straight to the Lifeboat.
Screw Flynn.
Do not give him what he wants.
Five hours.
Don't hurt him.
Lucy, damn it, listen to me! Don't! Lucy! This is bad.
This is very bad.
How could you not tell me and Wyatt about the journal? - It's not real.
- You don't know that.
Not with all the mind-trippy crap going on around here.
- Rufus - Lucy, if it is, who knows what Flynn knows about us.
Maybe we're playing into his hands right now.
You don't think we deserve to know that? I wasn't trying to keep anything from - Our jobs are dangerous enough! - I'm sorry! I should have told you.
But, God, Rufus, it can't be real, because, I mean, if it is, the things that it says that I'm going to do Have you ever had a secret that just scared the living hell out of you? Now, please, can we just Can we just save Wyatt? What about the documents? How do we even start? We know they're connected to Watergate.
I have an idea.
You remember how to use a payphone? We'll call every William M.
Felt in the D.
area until we find Mark Felt.
Mark Felt? Who's that? Mark Felt.
Deep Throat.
Secret informant.
"Follow the money"? Deep Throat? - I know the porn one.
- Seriously? He was Associate Director of the FBI, and Deep Throat was his cover name.
He tips off two reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, about Watergate, breaks open the entire case.
If anybody knows about this document, it'll be him.
If he's such a secret informant, what makes you think he's gonna talk to us? Because except for Woodward and Bernstein, nobody knows his identity for 30 years.
But we do.
- [coins clink] - Go! Report.
This is Rufus Carlin.
Do you know who I am? I'm from Jeez, how do I explain this? Report.
Garcia Flynn stole the tape from the White House.
We didn't have a chance to stop him.
Nixon was on it.
He sounded terrified about Rittenhouse, mentioned something about a document.
Destroy the doc.
How? I'm not I don't I don't have it.
When you do.
Understand? I understand.
I found him! He agreed to meet with us! Let's go! Deep Throat, here we come.
Over there.
Felt? We're the ones that called you.
From "The Times.
" You said you have some files on J.
Edgar Hoover? Actually, no.
We wanted to ask you about the Watergate Hotel break-in.
I only came I don't know anything about the Watergate.
Yes, you do.
You talked to Bob Woodward at the "Washington Post" about it just yesterday.
Your secret's safe with him, but not with us.
If you don't answer our questions, we'll blow your cover to anyone who will listen.
That'll ruin me.
All I want is a president who plays by the same rules as everyone else.
Now is that too much to ask? I know you're trying to do the right thing.
So are we.
But you go to tell us what you know.
[tires squeal] Now, the burglars were looking for a specific document at the Watergate.
I don't know anything about that.
Well, we'll spell your name right on the front page.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Nixon's fingerprints are all over the burglary.
But they hired total amateurs to do it.
They got caught breaking into the DNC headquarters, but first they broke into a hotel room one floor up.
What? I never heard that.
Why would you? The investigators find anything at the hotel? They barely investigated.
Someone called them off it.
I don't know who.
Did they find anything? Only a crumpled piece of paper in the trash.
- Was anything written on it? - Nothing written.
It just had a weird symbol.
A fist with what looked like horns.
Did you recognize it? Never saw it before in my life.
[pen scratching] Did it look like this? Yes.
How did Who the hell are you people? It's safer for everyone if we don't say names.
Make sure you keep talking to Woodward, or we'll find out.
It's got to be hard.
You know as well as I do: a soldier's only as good as the guy beside him in the foxhole.
And if your own team is lying to you Mm, yeah.
You are really Jedi-mind-tricking the crap out of me, pal.
You really think this psych routine's gonna work? Not a routine, Wyatt.
We're two grunts in the same war.
The only difference is, lately, you're fighting on the wrong side.
I just wish you could understand that.
Well, make me understand.
No, no, no I'm serious.
We're just sitting here.
Two grunts, right? So explain to me how you're not just some creepy sociopath.
I've got nothing to hide.
Not like Lucy.
Two years ago, my old pals at the NSA outsourced some surveillance to a group I worked with.
Wanted it off the books.
Standard stuff.
Evade security, retrieve and review some corporate financials.
- Mm, thrilling.
- Well, not until I stumbled onto huge sums of money being funneled through the Caymans to a world-renowned tech mogul, Connor Mason, to help him achieve his latest ambition: time travel.
Is that so? Where'd the money come from? Hard to tell.
But once I broke the encryption, one name kept popping up.
That's right.
Rittenhouse bankrolls Connor Mason.
So, I flagged these transfers to my NSA contact, and, uh he said he'd take care of it.
But he didn't? Oh, but he did.
Um, four nights later, I'm home asleep when my wife gets up in the middle of the night to go check on our little girl.
She thought she heard her coughing.
We call them silencers, but they're not that silent.
Not at night.
Not when it's two shots murdering your family.
You didn't fight back? There were too many of them.
It was dark.
The bullets were flying.
I barely made it out alive, and then Rittenhouse framed me for all of it, and I found myself on the run.
But it was all Rittenhouse.
Just because I asked a single question.
And that's who they are.
If any of this were true, you have a time machine.
Why don't you just go back and save your family? Like how you want to save your wife? You know the rules as well as I do.
Can't go back to any time I already exist.
And since I don't know who put the hit out to begin with, I'm gonna just wipe Rittenhouse from the map.
And once I do, who knows? Maybe one day I'll come back and my girls will be there again.
You know I ain't got time for messing around You either pick me up or better put me down We only have three hours left to get this document.
Are you sure that this a the symbol for the Black Liberation Army? Positive.
It's an obscure BLA calling card.
See? Right there.
This is the D.
chapter's unofficial headquarters, ran by Gregory Hayes.
How do you know all this? I mean, I don't even know this stuff.
Gregory Hayes and Eldridge Cleaver, the founder of the BLA I've read everything about these guys.
Kind of went through a militant phase - back in college.
- Really? Yeah.
As in I had a militant crush on a militant girl.
If this document is at all linked to the BLA, Gregory Hayes should know about it.
You should probably wait outside.
You should be fine, just don't make any eye contact.
[funk music playing] Can I get a Miller Lite? What do you mean, "lite"? Uh, just a Miller then.
Listen, man, I need to talk to Gregory.
I never heard of him.
Come on, man.
I know he's here.
I'm with you, brother.
What the hell was that, brother? Now, you better get out of here before I throw you out.
You do that, and you'll be making a hell of a mistake.
Now, I need to talk to Gregory about the Watergate and the doc.
Oh Hello.
Oh, no sir? Can I just I Yeah.
I'm good.
And what makes you think I know anything about any doc? What are you accusing me of? No, I am not accusing you of anything, Mr.
- Stop calling me Mr.
- Sorry.
Stop apologizing, Kanye.
Y'all ever hear a name like Kanye? Sounds made up.
- You a fed? - No way.
- Talks like a fed.
Walks like a fed.
I am not a fed.
Like you would just admit it.
You got ten seconds before we beat you into a coma, Kanye.
Five seconds.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm here for Cleaver.
- Eldridge? - Eldridge Cleaver.
The man we all work for.
He wants the doc.
I ain't talk to him in eight months.
That's cause he's been laying low.
He's in exile, so he sent me.
Man, that's some first-rate He said, "Gregory is my best friend.
He'll do anything to help you.
" I've known Cleaver since we were peas, and he ain't never asked me to help him.
Not once.
You don't know Cleaver.
Get him out of here.
No, no, wait, wait, wait.
I don't know Cleaver? Okay, you guys used to work together back in the Oakland days, right? How many times did he make you watch that damn "Hollywood A Go Go" TV show? Always reading Voltaire and Nechayev.
How he beat your ass in Harlem.
Remember that? You made him promise not to tell anybody.
Well, he told me.
So, do I know Cleaver or not? Okay, Kanye, let's go.
Where are we going? Let's get you what you came for.
[sighs] Two hours left.
I wonder if your friends are gonna make it.
Well, why don't you look in that magical future book.
It should tell you.
Doesn't say.
But it told you to come to 1972? It has an entry on the erased Nixon tape, yes.
So how's this end? Do you kill me? Am I rescued? What's the point spread in the next Super Bowl? - Who's playing? - I don't know what happens today because the journal doesn't tell me everything.
Lucy didn't write about everything.
And what is written does sometimes sound crazy, like a different Lucy.
Lucy's the one that sounds crazy.
You want to know what she wrote about you? About your wife? My wife's dead.
It's no big secret.
Well, by the time Lucy writes this thing, she knows a lot more than that.
Let's see.
You were out with Jessica.
That's her name, right? At that dive bar What is it? Pelican Lounge? In San Diego.
She ran into an old boyfriend at the bar.
You were jealous.
You drank too much.
As you were driving home, you had a major fight, started shouting.
She told you to stop the car.
She got out right there on the side of the road.
And you drove off.
- Shut the hell up.
- It took you, what, only 20 minutes until you cooled down, came back for her.
By then she was gone.
Never came home that night.
Or any night.
Not until two weeks later when they found her, strangled in the bushes.
Never even caught who did it.
I said shut the hell up! Listen to this.
"Wyatt's obsessed with his wife's death.
He needs to let go, move on.
" Lucy's words.
Not mine.
Me, I understand.
More than most.
- [chair rattles] - You can't let go because we can change history.
And somehow, some way, we can save the people we love.
[clears throat] White girls is fine and all, but she don't look like she down for the cause, much, brother.
Oh, that's just my piece on the side.
Get your stuff together.
Folks is here to pick you up.
Meet the Doc.
She been a little rattled here the last few days, but give her a minute, she's all yours.
[dramatic music] You weren't supposed to be here till next weekend.
Change of plans.
But you are a Panther, right? Psh.
And you are gonna drive me to San Diego? Yes, we are going to drive you.
Where'd you pick up Laurie Partridge? - Good one.
- Excuse me.
- Um, that's a person.
- I see that.
I mean, I guess it makes sense.
I mean, Nixon never said "document" on the tapes He said "Doc.
" So, what? We're just supposed to turn her over to Flynn? If we don't, Wyatt's dead.
[sighs] I don't [whispering] Wait.
[Lucy knocks] Can I help you? [dramatic music] I'm Lucy, by the way.
Why do they call you Doc? I got a Ph.
in history.
University of Chicago.
That's crazy.
I worked in that department for a year under old man McNeil.
Old man? Professor McNeil is 38.
It's just a nickname.
But still, the way that he points to make every point.
[laughs] Yeah, that's him, all right.
Look at us now.
Sure making the most of our degrees, huh? So how long have you been here? A couple days.
Was staying at The Watergate, but had to split.
Some guys broke in there looking for me.
Rittenhouse, you mean? What do you know about them? Not much.
I'm trying to get more info.
Why are they after you? Because I left.
Left Rittenhouse? You're telling me you're a member? I never joined.
I was born into it.
Most of us are.
Going back generations.
Why did you leave? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have Who is Rittenhouse? Please.
Tell me.
I might be mixed up with them too, and I'm scared.
I am I am really scared.
You should be.
They control all of us.
I don't know everything.
No one does.
One part never knows what the other parts are doing.
- What was your part? - Kept the roster.
No one knows the full membership roll except for the leadership and me.
So, you were the bookkeeper? No books.
Members' names are never written down.
It's all up here.
Every member since the founding in 1778.
[phone line beeping] Report.
The doc is not a document.
The Doc is a woman.
Destroy the doc.
Did you hear me? I said the doc is a person.
The doc needs to be destroyed.
You want me to kill someone? I can't do that.
No way.
Give me the address.
We'll do it for you.
[breathing heavily] - Who the hell was that? - Sh-sh-sh-shh! [whispering] Don't say anything.
They are listening.
[whispering] Who? Rittenhouse.
[no audible dialogue] Almost ready! Maybe I can tell them the recording device shorted out, or or that it was destroyed.
Maybe they'll believe that.
"They" who? Rittenhouse? You've been taping us for them? I didn't have a choice.
They were at my brother's basketball game.
- What? - Trust me.
It is bad.
Rufus, what do you know about them? I don't know anything.
They just told me to record our trips.
That's all I did.
I swear.
What? Do you even comprehend the trouble that you put us in? I mean, who knows what they heard us say on those recordings.
I'm not the one who is having chats across history with Flynn.
So that makes it okay? And by the way, you were the one giving me crap when you were holding onto this the whole time.
I've barely been able to sleep, barely been able to eat.
They have been messing with my car while I am driving it.
They threatened my family.
You don't understand.
What don't I understand? I lost my sister! Look.
If I don't turn her in to Rittenhouse, they are gonna kill me or my family.
If we don't give her to Flynn, he'll kill Wyatt.
We just have to trust each other, okay? We'll figure it out.
Rufus, how can we ever trust each other again? [metal clinks] Hey, Flynn! Let's just say, if I believed you big if And Rittenhouse really is that dangerous - Yeah? - Well, there's got to be a way to take them out without destroying America.
I mean, what you're doing It's kind of scorched earth, don't you think? No, Rittenhouse and America are so intertwined, sometimes it's hard to tell one from the other.
They're a cancer.
There's no other choice.
To save the body, you have to attack the body.
Well, then, that settles it.
I guess you really are a creepy sociopath.
[grunting] Hey! You have an hour left.
[phone line beeps] Report.
I have the Doc.
Come pick her up.
[handcuffs ratchet shut] [grunts] And that's all the time we have.
Lucy called the payphone.
What did she say? I still don't understand.
Okay, there is this scary guy, Garcia Flynn, - and he is after you.
- Why? Same reason Rittenhouse is: for the things that you know.
So you decided to call Rittenhouse and this Flynn and tell them where I was? Exactly.
Send both to the house.
Have them turn on each other.
[suspenseful music] Which saves us some time, but not much.
- To do what? - Save our friend.
Come on.
Let's hurry.
[gunfire] [door clicks] [shouts] [grunts] [body thudding] [breathing heavily] [laughs] What? We've been played.
That's what.
[dramatic music] [clanking from outside] [grunts] Oh, my God, are you okay? Yeah.
He's coming back soon.
There's a nail in the trash can.
- Get it.
- Okay.
I got it.
- Oh, my God.
So small.
- Hurry.
- Oh, God! - Sorry.
What are you doing? You can't pick a lock.
I was just trying to be helpful.
- Put it in my hand here.
- Okay.
[cuffs ratcheting] [both grunting] You good? - Yeah.
- Okay.
[panting] - Hey.
- You good? Yeah, I'll live.
I called Hayes.
He should be here any minute.
- Okay.
- Thank you for helping me.
You know, you asked me why I was running from you know.
This is why.
Is that your family? What happened to them? They're okay.
At least, I think they are.
Made it to Hong Kong.
Headed north from there.
It's been almost a year.
Once my son was born, I I just couldn't let him be born into Trapped into all this, the way that I was.
But now I'm gonna see them again.
You're not so bad, even if you are a Laurie Partridge.
- I got to go.
- Okay.
- You good? - Uh-huh.
- We should split.
- Cleaver wants you to drive her to San Diego personally, and once you're there, make sure she makes it onto her boat, you dig? I dig.
Don't stop for anyone.
Don't talk to anyone.
Don't know who you can trust.
Okay? - Thank you.
- Take care.
Now what? - Report.
- Garcia Flynn found us.
We escaped, but we got separated.
We lost Doc.
We tried to find her in the chaos, but no go.
Um really sorry about that.
Look, Wyatt, you got to say something sometime.
I'm really sorry, but I didn't have a choice.
Rittenhouse made me spy on you.
You're gonna keep spying on us.
Hat? All of us will act like everything is normal.
Why would we do that? Because Rufus is gonna be spying on Rittenhouse for us.
Whatever you find out about them, you're gonna tell me.
We're gonna figure out what the hell's going on here.
You got it? Like a double agent.
I can barely single agent.
Yeah, well, congrats on the undeserved promotion.
I guess you're gonna learn on the job.
- And you you're no better.
- Wyatt In a fight like this, you are only as good as the guy next to you, and you both lied to me.
[sighs] I don't trust either of you.
[dramatic music] [booming] Find any record of the Doc? Couldn't find a thing.
Hopefully she's still alive out there with her husband and child.
Lucy, we're good, right? Tell me it's all gonna be okay.
Welcome back, Rufus.
Eventful trip, was it? I've been wanting to ask you a question for 44 years.
What happened that day? - 44 years? - I believe he's asking how on Earth Garcia Flynn managed to ambush Rittenhouse security back in 1972.
He may suspect you had something to do with it.
Why did Flynn show up at that house? Why does Flynn do anything he does? I don't know.
On your final report, are you sure you were being forthcoming? There was a quiver in your voice.
You heard my final report? Who do you think was on the other end of that phone? [somber music] Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow streets of cobblestone 'Neath the halo of a streetlamp Hi.
Um, is there a Benjamin Cahill here? Dad, some lady's here for you.
Stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night Hello.
I'm Benjamin Cahill.
The sound of silence I'm sorry.
I I was supposed to deliver something for a friend, and I think I got the wrong address.
Sorry to bother you.
Hello darkness Hello darkness Hello darkness, my old friend [phone line trilling] Guess who just showed up at my house.

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01 June 2023
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