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109 Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" - Connor Mason? I think he's hiding something from us and I want to know what it is.
You need to understand how deep I'm in with these Rittenhouse people.
You know something about secretly recording people.
I didn't know you were married.
Jessica died.
It was my fault.
Apparently I'm engaged.
I've never met him before.
I'm I'm gonna go stay with my mom for a few days or weeks.
If you need to spend some time, figure things out first, do it.
[ragtime music] You've read the story of Jesse James and how he lived and died.
If you're still in need of something to read, here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde.
You got engine trouble? [gunshots] [dramatic music] [somber music] [ominous music] [crickets chirping] What? Oh, come on.
"Come on" what? You did not cook this yourself.
How dare you? Look at all of the effort that I put into making it look like I cooked when I clearly ordered in from Chase's.
[laughs] [both chuckling] So, but, you know, what are some of your favorite foods? That's kind of a random first date sort of question, don't you think? Yeah.
You're right.
[laughs] It is.
And this is so clearly not a first date.
[laughs] This is, like, the opposite of a first date.
[crickets chirping] What is that? [sighs] What's what? Every time I reach for you, you - you pull away.
- That's not true.
What is tonight supposed to be exactly? I just I just thought it'd be good if we spend some time together.
And this is me [sighs] poorly trying.
And I am also trying to be patient, but it's like you came home one day and you were just a you were like a totally different person.
And I just don't want to have a job interview.
I want to know whether we're engaged.
Absolutely not.
This is not a discussion; it's an order.
You you are going to the ballet recital, young lady.
You made a commitment to be one of the fairies and you're gonna stick to that commitment.
Okay, that's my girl.
I love you too.
- I didn't realize you were all here.
- Oh, it's okay.
I didn't know that you had a Flynn's taken out the Mothership to May 22, 1934, Arkansas.
Any idea why that date's important? 1934, Arkansas that's the Dust Bowl-era.
Great Depression.
Maybe we can get ahead of these sons of bitches this time.
From that raid on Flynn's warehouse a few weeks back, we found this photo of a necklace and key dated 1934.
- Who's in the picture? - Not sure.
We had nothing to put into context until This was in the briefcase Rufus got from Anthony Bruhl in Houston.
May 22, 1934 again.
Mcllroy Bank and Trust.
And the words "Rittenhouse key.
" Rittenhouse key.
- What does that mean? - No idea.
But whatever it is, we think Flynn went back to get this.
Lucy Rittenhouse.
That was the name Flynn mentioned to you at the Hindenburg? That's right.
- Well, I've been looking into it.
- And what'd you find? A grand total of nothing.
Has he said anything about it since? No.
Well, whatever this Rittenhouse key is, get to this bank.
Get it first.
Try to find out what it opens.
If it's important to Flynn, it's important to us.
That'll be all.
Just seeing how you've made yourself at home.
Uh, do you have everything you need? I think so, yes.
[chuckles] What? Still wearing the engagement ring of a guy you don't know? Oh, yeah.
We had a date tonight.
- A date? - First date for me.
400th for him.
- It was a disaster.
- I bet.
Just cut the poor bastard loose already.
Let him be with someone he's meant to be with.
What if I'm whoever he's supposed to be with? - You can't be serious.
- Think about it.
In this alternate reality, we were engaged.
I was in love? Do you feel that way about him in the here and now? No.
Lucy, - you're supposed to have your sister.
- Believe me, I know that.
Then you should know you're not supposed to be engaged.
I mean, hell, you shouldn't have even met this Noah guy.
- I know.
- So you should let him be with who he is meant to be with.
Come back in one piece, okay? That's the plan.
While we're young, people.
I need you in the Lifeboat.
[whirring and whooshing] [jazzy piano music] [sighs] We've stolen, what, half a dozen cars on these trips? We're like hardened car thieves by now.
Hey, if they don't want us to borrow 'em, they shouldn't leave the keys in 'em.
[clicks tongue] Recorder's off.
We should tell Agent Christopher what we know about Rittenhouse.
Or not at all.
She's piecing it together, Rufus.
It's only a matter of time.
Then let her figure it out on her own.
Or we stall her.
Look, I don't know what's worse Flynn or Rittenhouse.
But if it's Rittenhouse, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
Someone we can trust.
- I trust Jiya.
- Yeah, I bet you do.
I got eyes, you sly dog.
Are you and Jiya happening? Is it happening? Told you it was gonna happen.
Okay, can we just concentrate on the mission? Please? You guys check out the bank.
Okay? I'll keep watch out here.
It happened.
All right, turn the recorder back on.
[tense music] I'll, um, warn you if I see Flynn.
We'll look for the key.
You ready, Miss Daisy? - Hello, sir.
- How do, ma'am? I am thinking about opening an account.
Do you think you could give me some information on this bank? - Absolutely.
- Oh, good.
And do you have your husband or father's permission? Oh, uh [gunshot] I wouldn't if I were you, handsome.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
This here is a stickup and we're the Barrow Gang.
I'm Clyde Barrow.
This here is Bonnie Parker.
At your service.
- Bonnie and Clyde? - What are you lookin' at? You heard of us? [dramatic music] [dramatic music] Don't nobody get bent.
We don't want none of y'all good people getting hurt.
And as the start of this year, our good president, FDR, in all of his, uh, infinite political wisdom Wyatt.
Is insuring your deposits in his New Deal.
Bonnie's wearing the key around her neck.
Need a little help? Yeah, okay.
Run, okay? Go home now.
[gun clicks] How we do, baby? Well, look at this [squeals] Now, we're just here for the bank's dough, so your money and your family's money - it's just fine.
- It's just fine.
[tense music] Y'all have a good day now.
We gotta get that key.
Come on.
Guys, look out! Man, how'd them coppers get here so fast? - It's Flynn.
- What? He's with the cops.
Flynn must be using the cops to get the key from Bonnie.
- Who the hell's that? - I don't know, but they're shooting in the right direction.
Who are you? The cops are after us too! Why are they after you? Well, we can sit here and chat about it, or we can get the hell outta here.
Our bucket's all shot up.
We got a car across the street.
Wanna make a run for it? If you got our backs, we got yours.
- You ready? - What about Rufus? - Rufus! - Rufus knows the drill if we get separated, we meet back at the Lifeboat.
Besides, he's in a lot better shape than we are.
Let's go! What the hell? Looks like we lost 'em.
Let's go back and start, shall we? This is Bonnie.
I'm Clyde.
Who are you two? I'm Lucy.
This here's Wyatt.
What were y'all doing pulling heat back there? We were casing that bank until you and Bonnie showed up dragging a bunch of cops with you.
Really? What, just by coincidence we show up and hit the exact same bank at the exact same time? Well, I guess so.
- Thanks for screwing it up for us.
- We screwed it up for you? - You never heard of Lucy and Wyatt? - No.
You heard of the Kansas City Depot job? Or the Union bank job in Atchison back in March? Yeah, I heard of 'em.
The reporters figured us for 'em, but we were never there.
Well, we were.
Scored 25,000 smackers.
Got away scot-free 'cause the cops were going after you instead of us.
I guess we owe you one.
Oh, if that's true, you owe us more than one.
How 'bout cuttin' us in? Oh, no.
We we spent that.
On hooch.
Park this in the barn here.
Y'all meet us inside when you're done.
I'll show you what real hooch is.
All right.
[tense music] So we just grab that key around her neck and we run, right? I think we need to talk to 'em first.
Why? These are two killers.
What are we waitin' for? Agent Christopher said that we we need to figure out what the key is for.
But we don't know where they got it, who they got it from, or what the key opens.
If it's this important to Flynn and Rittenhouse, shouldn't we find out? Don't you think? Fine.
But I am not putting on a stage play for these two.
First sign of trouble, we run.
We just have to grab the key before 9:00 A.
What's 9:00 A.
? That's when one of Clyde's crew members, Henry Methvin, sells them out.
He turns them over to this legendary Ranger, Frank Hamer.
That's the man that was back there a-at the bank with Flynn.
Hamer and his men pump over 130 bullets into Bonnie and Clyde's car at 9:00 A.
This just keeps getting better and better.
Look, I still don't understand why you brought me in here.
Someone said they saw you with two of the robbers right before the shootin' started.
Sir, I would have to be out of my mind to be in a bank robbing trio with a couple of white folks.
I mean, that's just conspicuous, don't you think? "Conspicuous"? Fancy word, Professor.
Is it? [tense music] Stay right there.
How much worse could this day get? You had to open your big mouth.
That guy over there - Where are you going? - Uh, you know, sir, this whole thing has been a very scary experience for me and I'd really like to go home.
I told you.
Stay right there.
I'm Frank Hamer, a special investigator.
That bounty hunter, he said that you and I need to have a little talk.
Banker's hours? Hardly.
I can't imagine what would take priority over our work here.
I have a team analyzing all the evidence we recovered from the raid on Flynn's warehouse and from Anthony Bruhl's briefcase.
All due respect to the government, but, uh, private sector, we have analytical tools that would blow your mind.
Love to take a crack at it.
That's very generous of you, Mr.
I'd appreciate that.
Well, excellent.
Of course, I'd have to get your security clearance raised first.
Of course.
There's, uh, often a lot of red tape, though authorizations, sign-offs so you'll have to be patient.
[phone ringing] - Please, don't mind me.
- [phone ringing] This is he.
That bounty hunter told me that you were an accomplice to the two shooters working with Bonnie and Clyde.
That is not true.
He said that their names are Lucy and Wyatt and that your name is Rufus Carlin.
He said that you're their driver, which makes you an accomplice to armed robbery and the murder of two law enforcement officers.
What'd he say my name was? Rufus Carlin.
Uh, what does my driver's license say my name is? His name is Wesley Snipes.
- Says so right here.
- It's a forgery.
Forgery? It's got a stamp on it and everything.
You can't forge that.
He's not Wesley Snipes, trust me.
Come on, just look the other way and give me three minutes alone with him.
- I'll prove it.
- [sighs] You know, I was working Nacogdoches one time.
Had a man in custody a colored man accused of murder.
Guilty as sin, by the way.
Outside the courthouse was a mob.
Thousands of 'em screaming to have him lynched.
But I blocked the courthouse door.
So if I ain't afraid to stand in front of 2,000 screaming townspeople, what makes you think I'm afraid to stand in front of you, bounty hunter? I I was just trying to, uh, stop Clyde Barrow's Gang before more good people die.
And for your help, I promise to get you that key around Bonnie's neck to return to your client.
Now, I don't think Wesley Snipes is who you say he is.
We do have an actual member of the Barrow Gang who's willing to help us, though.
So you can keep barking up your tree, or you can help me get Bonnie and Clyde.
[Bessie Smith's "Yellow Dog Blues" playing] A toast to close calls.
[giggles] [glasses clink] [coughs] [giggles] Stop.
Stop it.
Ever since Miss Susie Johnson - Sit down.
- I'm sitting down.
There's been much excitement Oh, you like it, huh? I've just never seen anything like it.
Where'd you get it? Clyde got it for me when we got engaged.
You're engaged? Go on, tell it.
You know you want to.
Oh, hell.
Oh, he woke me up in the middle of the night.
"Bonnie, Bonnie, look, I got something for you.
" And then there he was, down on one knee, holding this pretty little thing.
And I stopped him right there, I said, "You know damn well I can't, you son of a bitch.
" Tell 'em why.
'Cause I'm already married.
And that's exactly why I didn't steal you an engagement ring.
I was trying to be considerate.
You're already married to someone else? Oh, yeah.
She still got Roy's name tattooed on her thigh.
- Look here, I'll show you.
- Stop it.
How do you think that makes a man feel? Yeah, but you know I only have eyes for you, baby.
Oh, yeah.
It's good.
God, I remember when we first met.
This was back when people could barely afford a sack of rice.
You should have seen him.
Three-piece suit.
Gold money clip filled with dough and driving a brand-new Fleetwood he had hot-wired that morning.
[laughs] Well, I looked at her, I knew it was meant to be.
He said, "Girl, you about the prettiest little thing I ever seen.
" And then I said [imitating Bonnie] "My mama don't like me talking to no strange boys.
" And then he said, "Well, that's too bad, 'cause" I'm never gonna leave your side.
And that I'll be his forever.
That's even better than I read about.
Like in the papers? Yeah.
In the papers.
Oh, well, stop the presses! Here, I'm going on and on.
How'd he do it with you? Do what? Propose, silly.
I mean, look at that ring.
I forgot.
I'm You telling me you don't remember something like that? Course I remember.
I it was, uh I took her up to the top of this hill in West Texas.
View of the Valley.
Sun getting ready to set.
There's a tree on top a great big oak.
I, uh, kissed her for the first time under that tree.
Oh, God.
That must have been something.
Well, I got down on a knee.
I pulled the ring box out.
Only thing was, I opened it up upside down.
So the ring falls out onto the damn grass.
Couldn't find the thing anywhere.
I was so nervous.
Finally, she gets down on a knee there with me.
Puts her hand on my cheek.
A-and just says, "Yes.
" And she gives me a kiss that I will never forget.
And then we look for the ring together and we find it.
You remember that, honey? Y-yeah.
[chuckles] Hot damn.
To true love, huh? [bangs glass] What you writing over there, huh? Oh.
Just one of my poems.
It's about me and Clyde and everything that we've been through together.
- You you like to write? - I love it.
Just trying to get all my thoughts down while I still can.
"Still"? You ever get that feeling like you know what's gonna happen next? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, a lot lately.
Yeah, we just don't think we have that much time left is all.
- [chuckles] - You don't know that.
Oh, it's all right.
You know, as long as we can go out together.
We can do that.
- That's all that matters.
- Yeah.
Hey, um, Clyde, where'd you get that necklace? I'd like to get one just like it for my baby doll face.
You can't.
- It's unique.
- Unique? Unique how? Who I robbed it from.
Well, who? Henry-damn-Ford himself! - Oh, come on.
- No.
Clyde decided to write him a letter.
He said, "Dear sir, "while I still got breath in my lungs, "I will tell you what a dandy car you make.
"And I have drove Fords - " exclusively - Exclusively "when I could get away with one.
" "Even if my business hasn't been strictly legal, "don't hurt anything to tell you what a fine car you got in the V8.
"Signed, Clyde Champion Barrow!" We found out in the papers that he framed it and put it up on his wall.
[giggles] When we was up in the area on business, I decided to case the place, you know.
I wanted to see it for myself.
Blew a safe in one of the rooms.
Inside there was this.
Can I see it? [chuckles] It's solid gold.
It's really old.
Now, what does that unlock? Not any lock we've ever picked.
And look, there's all this funny writing on it, but no idea what it means, though.
[laughs] It's Latin.
- Latin? - Yeah.
Oh, it's Latin.
Get this Mr.
Ford prints a letter in my hometown paper offering $50,000 for the return of his missing key.
I smelled a trap.
What key's worth that kind of money? Well Wanna help me in the kitchen, sweetheart? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, sure thing.
- [clears throat] - Ah.
Henry Ford? What, is he part of Rittenhouse? How far back do these dicks go? The Latin on the key, it means "The Key to the Beginning of All Time" and "The Key to the End of All Time.
" Oh, boy, that's not disturbing at all.
What does that even mean? [sighs] How much time till these two get ambushed? I don't know; 11 hours, I think.
I don't like the way Clyde is twirling that gun.
- [glasses shattering] - [laughter] They're drunk.
They'll pass out soon enough.
As soon as they fall asleep, we grab the key, find Rufus, and get the hell out of here.
[dramatic music] You know this man? Take a walk.
Just answer the damn question.
This man a member of the Barrow Gang or not? No, I don't know him.
I told you, Bonnie and Clyde ain't working with no one else right now.
You know, Henry, we had a deal.
The Barrow Gang for clemency in the Grapevine murders.
Just go get 'em at the cabin.
- The what? - The cabin! Near Stortz Plantation.
They're probably hiding there now.
You're free to go.
Thank you.
You're a good man, Mr.
Just try to do the right thing.
Um is there a back way out? [tense music] I'm here.
I'm listening.
Agent Christopher's been analyzing the evidence she's collected from Garcia Flynn and Anthony Bruhl, and I think it's refocusing her investigation toward Rittenhouse.
Well, that's unfortunate.
If I were you, I'd do everything in my power to dissuade her.
- And if I can't? - Then we will.
You know, I'm tired of these threats of physical violence towards myself, Rufus, and now Agent Christopher.
These decisions come from the top.
Above you.
Above me.
You don't think anyone will notice the killing of a senior Homeland Security field agent? Oh, our organization has survived many industrious, well-intentioned government officials and journalists over the years.
Trust me.
Agent Christopher won't be the exception.
[engine turns over, car starts] [camera shutter clicking] We're on the move.
I still need to talk to your prisoner.
I cut him loose.
You did what? Methvin said he wasn't a member of the gang.
He'd know.
Now we got a location on Bonnie and Clyde and those other two.
Methvin's gonna take us right to them.
You in or not? [moaning, bed creaking] [Bonnie laughs] I thought you said they'd pass out.
Maybe if they ever came up for air.
I mean, can you believe the the way they are together? [exhales] Yeah, might be robbers and killers, but you can't say they're not in love.
No, I mean just all the "meant to be's," "only ones.
" Yeah, what about 'em? There's a couple billion people in the world, and they're the only ones for each other? [chuckles] What are the odds? Oh, what? You're all about fate and destiny, except when it comes to love? I don't know.
I've seen attraction and chemistry, but [sighs] no lightning bolt from the heavens.
Nothing like that.
I've seen it.
It happened to me.
The engagement story you told that was how you proposed to Jessica.
If there's only one person for you in the whole world, and you lose them, does that mean that you have to live the rest of your life
without anyone else? I think you we anyone has to be open to possibilities.
[snoring] They're asleep.
[banging on door] [gun clicks] Are you expecting someone? I thought I heard a noise.
[banging] Who is it? Clyde, it's me, Henry.
We thought you got nabbed.
Yeah, they tried.
Took me three towns to shake 'em.
Yeah, go get dressed.
- Who's this? - This is Lucy and Wyatt.
Lucy and Wyatt, this is one of our best friends, Henry Methvin.
They helped us out with the bank job yesterday.
Did they now? Guess we were just in the right place at the right time.
And where did you say you were from? - She didn't.
- I didn't ask you.
Why don't y'all cool off while Bonnie and I talk to Henry? Come on, you ugly son of a bitch.
Is he the one that you Yes.
That gives up Bonnie and Clyde.
He's a psychopath.
He's the one that took them on the killing spree across the Midwest.
And then Methvin cuts a deal with Hamer to lure Bonnie and Clyde into the trap which is nowhere near here.
So what is he doing here now? Something is very wrong.
- We need to get that key and go.
- [light tapping] [sighs] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Thank God that you're okay.
- How did you get here? - You mean after you ditched me? Come on! We didn't have a choice.
- You guys get the key? - Yes.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- But it's still around Bonnie's neck.
Oh, jeez.
Look, we don't have much time.
Flynn is on his way here with a bunch of cops and they are packing serious heat.
The ambush changed.
It's happening early? [gun cocks] Well, well I thought the party was inside.
- Sit down! - Bonnie I told you we couldn't trust - He is a friend of ours.
- I know you.
- I seen him talking to the cops, Clyde.
- Me? The cops are on their way to this cabin right now because your friend Henry, is it? - Sold you out! - That's a lie, Clyde.
- Let's just kill 'em right now.
- Take it easy, Clyde.
Shut up.
I always knew there was something funny about you.
Kill him, Clyde.
Get it over with.
You know, Henry, we had a deal.
The Barrow Gang - What the hell is that thing? - It's a voice recorder.
Like they use in the talkies.
Just go get 'em at the cabin.
It sounds exactly like you, Henry.
- The cabin.
- Make it stop.
Near Stortz Plantation.
They're probably hiding there now.
[gunshot] [gags] Bonnie, Clyde, I'm real sorry.
Don't move.
- What the hell is this? - Rufus.
Henry was right.
You're liars.
That's not true, Bonnie.
- We just came for the necklace.
- That's all we need.
You can go back to your lives.
I ain't just gonna give it to you.
You have to kill us both [gunfire] The necklace! [gunfire] Clyde.
Baby, no! No! Let me go! - [gunshot] - No! No! Let me go! This isn't this isn't how it's supposed to be! You can do whatever the hell you want.
[groans] Flynn's got the key! [sobbing] Clyde.
No! Baby? You promised never to leave me, remember? That we would be together forever.
[sobbing] Someday they'll go down together Ms.
Parker? They'll bury them side-by-side Don't do anything stupid.
- [gunshot] - Ah! To few it'll be grief, to the law a relief, but it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.
So Flynn wasn't there to change history? No.
Not this time.
And you never figured out what the key was for? Or how it related to whatever Rittenhouse is? No.
How Flynn even knew about the key to begin with? I'm sorry, ma'am.
We were just outgunned.
Honestly, lucky to get out in one piece.
Well, Flynn has the key now.
Perhaps one of your crack analysts can figure out what to do next.
If not, my offer to help still stands.
- Hey.
- Oh.
[both chuckle] Hey, about that kiss back there uh, you know, it was in the moment and Clyde seemed like he was - so I had to make it look real.
- No, of course.
It was smart.
I mean, we had to get the story on the key and pretend - It was just playing a role.
- I know.
It worked.
Anyway, sorry if that took you by surprise.
I'll live.
[chuckles] Thanks.
All right, well, I will see you later baby doll.
See ya around sweetheart.
[both chuckle] [tender music] Join you? Um s-sure.
How'd you know I was You forget what I do for a living.
You've worked with Connor Mason how many years now? Um, nine.
Nine years.
Is he in any trouble? No.
I don't think so.
Rufus, are you aware that he went bankrupt, nearly lost everything, and then about five years ago, he was funded to the tune of $2.
5 billion? Did someone else finance his little time travel project? Where did the money come from? I you know, I really don't get involved in, uh, Connor's finances or anything of that nature Have you ever seen this man? Was it his money? Look, Rufus, before I worked for the NCTC, I won't say how long ago, I was just a cop.
And I still am.
What do I know about closed-timeline-curves and butterfly effect crap? But I do know people and I know you're a good guy, just as much as I know Connor Mason is hiding something.
- Agent Christopher, I ca - Please trust me.
I am just trying to do the right thing here.
A man named Hamer said the exact same thing to me today.
Oh, yeah? Sounded just like you.
You would have liked him.
- This man he's meeting with - Stop.
If there is anyone in this world that you love, you will stop looking into this right now.
- Are you threatening me? - I am the last person to threaten you.
I'm warning you.
I don't want to see you or anyone you love get hurt.
I didn't take this job because I'm afraid, Rufus.
You let me worry about the people I love.
But I'm trusting you.
I'll tell you everything I know.
- About Connor? - About Rittenhouse.
[mechanical whirring]

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