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110 The Capture of Benedict Arnold
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

[dramatic music] They'll know everything very soon.
You're leaving? He'll be here any second.
Tell him I've gone to West Point.
I have to hurry.
- We have to come with you.
- I can barely make it as it is.
If I take you both, he'll catch us.
He needs to think you're innocent.
You don't know anything, understand? He won't believe me.
He'll have me arrested.
Make him believe you.
This is the only way I know to keep you safe.
I love you.
General Washington.
Your Excellency.
Will he be much longer? Any moment, I'm I'm sure.
[floorboards creaking] Your Excellency.
- What is your business? - Don't shoot.
- Did you know? - Your Excellency, I - Did you know? - No, no, he wouldn't.
[baby crying] Who are you? My name's Benedict Arnold.
I've come to help you win the war.
[music intensifying] How are they? Olivia's conked out, and I just busted Mark playing that crazy-violent video game again.
Thank you so much for having me.
A home-cooked meal is a rare and exotic thing in my life these days.
Believe me, it was my pleasure.
You're a professor? The history and anthropology of American political movements.
That alone makes you the most interesting colleague of Denise's I've ever met.
[chuckles] Ignore her.
She's teasing me.
It also makes you the only colleague I've ever met.
17 years, nada.
[laughs] Hey, I don't ask questions.
And knowing what she does, I don't want to ask.
But out of the blue, it's, "Make the mustard chicken.
"Lucy Preston's coming over.
" Must have some kind of superpower.
What is it? To be honest, it, uh, came as a surprise to me too.
[water running] Your family is lovely.
I wanted you to meet them.
But your wife does have a point.
Why did you invite me over? I've been up most nights lately worrying.
I know that Rufus talked to you about Rittenhouse? Yeah, that's part of it.
And I'm looking into it, believe me.
But what's really been keeping me awake is your mother.
My mother? As hard as it must be for you to remember your sister, what's worse for me is that your mother doesn't.
She had a daughter she doesn't even know existed.
Before the time machine, my worst fear was losing them.
Now it's that I could lose them and not know they were ever here.
I get it, Lucy.
The pressure you must feel keeping history intact so more people aren't just erased.
I want you to do me a favor.
Keep this in the Lifeboat for me.
[pensive music] What is it? It's them.
Pictures, photographs, kindergarten art.
It's our life in a disk.
If you come back someday and they are gone promise you'll show it to me and tell me everything about tonight.
I need to know they existed.
[whispers] Yeah.
It's not it's not sexist if I use a woman to beat you.
[chuckles] All right, we gotta go.
[knock at door] - Pause button.
- Oh, I can pay for it.
I can afford pizza, Rufus.
- Hey.
- Oh, hello, Jiya.
Sorry to intrude.
Glad you two are a thing, by the way.
- What are you doing here? - I need to speak to him.
Privately, if you don't mind.
Connor, this is her apartment.
Oh, chivalry.
I won't take long.
It's all right.
- Are you drunk? - No.
I ever tell you my mother used to, uh clean houses? I'd watch her wrestle that octopus of a vacuum cleaner of hers and I just wanted to help her.
I just I thought I could invent a better one than that.
- And so I did.
- Why are you telling me this? So then came the solar panels the cars [chuckles] and the stocks, investors, the bottom line.
But I didn't want any of that, really.
I just want to turn a wrench, make my mother's life a little easier.
Like you.
I'm not a bad guy.
I didn't mean to get you into this so deeply.
If I'd known it would end this way End what way? Rittenhouse knows you've been tampering with these recorders.
[scoffs] No, I haven't.
I They know.
So last chance.
Whatever the next mission is, record it properly.
If you don't, I can't protect you or your family anymore.
I really am very sorry.
Good night.
[pensive music] What was that about? [phones chiming] [dramatic music] Flynn went to September 25, 1780.
Let me guess, just north of Manhattan.
- How'd you know? - Oh, this is bad.
This is really, really bad.
What would Flynn want in New York City in the middle of the Revolutionary War? It's not New York City; it's West Point.
- The Military Academy? - In 1780, West Point was just a fort, but Washington thought whoever controlled it would win the war.
So what happened on September 25th? Well, Washington was over at Benedict Arnold's house for breakfast when he learned that Arnold was plotting to give West Point to the British.
And Arnold fled before Washington got there.
Benedict Arnold, huh? The guy whose name basically means "total jerk-off.
" He was Washington's most brilliant general and trusted friend.
Yeah, but Arnold's big plan failed, obviously.
Maybe Flynn wants to help him succeed, maybe help the British win the war? [chuckles] Bully for him.
Guys, do you realize how bad this could be? George Washington is at West Point the morning that Benedict Arnold fled.
You think Flynn is trying to kill George Washington? I don't know, but I'm on my way.
[whirring] [dramatic music] [warbling tone] [chuckles] This is it.
This is Benedict Arnold's house.
- Nice digs.
- Arnold had expensive tastes.
He one time spent £1,000, which would be like $80,000 today, on one bottle of wine.
- What? Who does that? - A Grade A douche nozzle.
Come on.
So when does Washington show up? I don't know exactly.
It doesn't look like anyone's here.
Did we miss Flynn? Maybe he already helped Arnold escape.
Stop! Don't move! - We're patriots.
- Quiet! [suspenseful music] More traitors? Who are you? And what the hell are you doing here? Your Excellency.
General Washington.
[dramatic music] Your Excellency? That's what they called him.
He won't be president for ten more years.
I know I should be getting used to all of this by now, but this one What? That it's George Washington or that he might want to kill us? Both.
I think both.
[door creaks open] Easy, easy.
I got a man in the next room.
If shots go off in here, he shoots Washington.
You're bluffing.
You're talking to the man who shot Lincoln.
You really want to take that risk? Just put the gun away.
I need your help.
Our help? The gun? Please? You really want to risk killing George Washington? - What the hell is this? - When he comes in, just nod and follow my lead.
Or else I'll have Washington hang you for treason.
Come on! Wyatt.
[door creaking] Well Are you who this man says you are? Well, that's a complicated question, sir.
Yes, we are.
Roe here says you're the best spies he's got in the Culper Ring.
Yes, that's him.
Austin Roe, the renowned Prussian spy.
Well, thank God for him.
He's the one who warned me about Arnold's betrayal, though the bastard still slipped through our fingers.
And you, you're a free man? And a hell of a spy.
I'm very unassuming.
I'd like to tell them about the mission.
The mission? The four of you are to head into redcoat territory and capture Benedict Arnold.
Say you were inspired by Arnold's example.
You'll find him and bring him back.
To justice.
Is there a problem? No, no, no.
There's no problem.
Right? No.
No, sir.
We'd be glad to help.
Bring him to me.
I want to look him in the eye one last time before I hang him.
Why would Washington believe you were a spy.
Because even though George Washington trusted Roe, they never actually met face-to-face.
So where is the real Austin Roe? - Dead in a ditch.
- You're a bastard.
- What is all this, Flynn? - I need Lucy.
She'll know how to find Arnold.
She knows everything about him.
Why? So you can help him? Oh, I'm not gonna help Arnold.
But I'm not taking him back to Washington either.
I'm gonna interrogate him, probably beat the hell out of him.
Interrogate him? About what? That key from Bonnie and Clyde opened an interesting door.
Or clock.
[dramatic music] - It's invisible ink.
- Read it.
It's a letter Benedict Arnold wrote.
It says something about a Rittenhouse meeting.
Are you telling me that Benedict Arnold was a member of Rittenhouse? Wasn't just a member.
He was a founding member.
This is the year they began.
This is our chance.
We're gonna kill Rittenhouse in the crib.
We're gonna stop them before they ever get started.
- We can't talk about this.
- You're gonna hunt these people down, - and you want us to help you? - We can't talk about this.
Why? Because of your secret little recorder? What? You don't think I know? Okay, I'll make this easy.
You help me here, now, and I'll hand over the keys to the Mothership, all yours.
After all, once Rittenhouse is gone, why would I keep taking these godforsaken trips? You're talking about killing people, changing history.
One last time and then it's over.
That, or you keep chasing me, and I change history a hundred more times.
Or we can end this, Lucy, now, once and for all.
Your journal.
Show of faith.
See for yourself how bad Rittenhouse really is.
See in your own words.
You're so full of crap, it's coming out of your ears.
We're not gonna help you, not after everything we've been through.
I figured you'd say that.
So I'm sweetening the pot.
You help me, and I'll tell you what happened on Portero Road, mile marker 47.
That's right, I'll give you the name of your wife's killer.
You have no idea who could have done that.
I'm not some local cop, Wyatt.
I've still got some friends in the right places.
There was blood on the scene, right, that wasn't Jessica's? That they never matched? Well, I know whose it was.
So you help me get Benedict Arnold, no more Rittenhouse.
No more chasing me through time.
Your wife's killer found.
Everybody wins.
Well, there goes recording.
There's no amount of tampering that is gonna hide the fact that we are helping Flynn destroy Rittenhouse.
My life is literally over.
Not if we wipe them from the map.
You're seriously considering this? Helping out a terrorist? That makes us a bunch of Benedict Arnolds, you know that? - You've had better jokes.
- Well, I'm nervous.
You can't tell me you actually trust Flynn.
No, of course not, but if there is even a 1% chance that he really knows who Jessica's killer is? Where do you come out on this? If this is true, Rittenhouse has their fingerprints all over the Trail of Tears, Jonestown Massacre, the Waco Siege, but it's all still history, which is what we're supposed to protect, even the bad stuff.
Aren't we? - Everyone ready? - Ready for what? There's a British Garrison up the road.
We go defect.
And why would the British believe that we're defectors? [dramatic music] [gunfire] Do they have to make it look so real? Help! We're
deserters! - Get ready! - We're deserters! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Get down! Fire! [gunfire] Okay, Lucy, you're up.
General Arnold.
You asked to see me.
General Clinton sent us.
We are loyalists, sir.
- Inspired by your example.
- Is that so? We have covert information for you, about Washington's troop movements.
I received no word from General Clinton.
Clinton was supposed to send it.
[whispering] Confidentially, you and I both know General Clinton can be a bit erratic.
Perhaps a touch of his mother's lunacy.
And you've met this man before.
You fought with him at Ridgefield.
He served under Colonel Lamb.
Yes, that's right.
I did.
It's so good to see you again, sir.
[tense music] Yes, I think I remember after all.
Of course.
[chuckles lightly] This way.
[door rattles open] Let me introduce Earl Cornwallis.
These are loyalists to the cause.
They've come bearing gifts.
So what's Washington's plan for his troops? Could we speak in private, sir? These are trustworthy men.
Say what you've come to say.
We've defected because of your example, General.
We'd prefer to speak only with you.
Well, Madam, I'm not sure you're in any place to make that decision.
Come on! - [muffled gunshots] - [gasps] What the hell? Stay away! - What the hell is going on? - Managing the situation.
You just killed Cornwallis.
In 20 years, he's supposed to negotiate the peace treaty between Britain and Napoleon.
So history will find someone else.
You see one redcoat, you've seen them all.
Big deal.
It's a very big deal.
Rufus, the curtains.
I gotta find a place to hide the bodies, quick.
You're Washington's men? No, no, no.
Washington's men never find you.
Actually, you're meant to get away scot-free, live a comfortable life in England.
Then who are you? Honestly? We're, uh, time travelers from the year 2016 who came all the way here just to meet you.
[laughing] - You're mad.
- Yeah.
It doesn't matter who we are.
What matters is what we need to know about Rittenhouse.
I don't know what you're talking about.
This is your handwriting, isn't it? "Today I met some gentlemen with a great vision for America.
"They're recruiting worthy men and have sought me out.
" I never wrote that.
Maybe we could help you remember.
Beat me to death, have Washington hang me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I understand, understand why you would betray Washington, why you would go to Rittenhouse.
You must know me well.
[pensive music] Well, I I know you sank your entire fortune into the Patriot cause.
I know that you were one of Washington's best and brightest.
At Saratoga, when they shot your horse dead right from underneath you, you kept fighting.
And when a musket ball shattered your leg, what did you do? You kept fighting.
What of it? But when it came time [sighs] for your promotion to Major General, the promotion that you earned, Congress just passed you over, didn't they? [chuckles] And what did Washington do for you? Nothing.
And so, uh, you betrayed him, you betrayed everything that you once believed in.
But for what? Pride? He betrayed me.
He was my brother, and he abandoned me.
But Rittenhouse, he's gonna give me the future that I deserve.
And no one, not you, not anyone, will stop us.
Did you just say "he"? The man you're asking about, David Rittenhouse.
Rittenhouse isn't a they, it's one person? He has more followers every day, but yes.
[whispering] Did you know about this? - That it was just one man? - No.
It wasn't anywhere.
I-it wasn't in the journal.
What journal? What are you talking about? Introduce us to him.
A woman? A negro? You're insane.
He'd see her in his bed and him in the fields.
You will introduce us to him.
And why would I ever do that? Washington's holding your wife prisoner.
If we haven't returned with you in three days, he will execute her for your treason.
So take us to Rittenhouse, and save your wife.
[pensive music] The things we all do for love.
Okay, Arnold and Flynn will be down any second.
What do we think? I'm in.
You were the one that said we were a bunch of Benedict Arnolds.
That was before Rittenhouse was just one dude.
If all we gotta do is stop one guy What? So we just kill him? We just kill him in cold blood? Wyatt's killed before.
So have I.
If this one move cuts the head off the snake, wipes Rittenhouse out, frees me from them, frees my family, then my vote my vote is yes.
I vote yes too.
If we do this, then history's gonna change.
And what if what if more people vanish like my sister? What if more people are saved? Hell, what if you come home to Amy? Lucy, this isn't saving the Moon launch or the Alamo.
This is killing one evil son of a bitch, to save maybe hundreds of lives.
I'm sorry, I don't think that "history" is an excuse to sit back and let people suffer.
I know you well enough by now.
What you really believe in is helping people.
But, hey, we're in this together, so So are we all ready to do this? Lucy, are we ready? [dramatic music] Yeah.
Horses need water.
And I could use a thunder mug.
Sounds amazing.
Me too.
What do you drink in a thunder mug? You urinate into it.
Right, of course.
Totally knew that.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, buddy.
You know about horses? I wanted to be a cowboy growing up.
You ever heard of, uh, Tex Willer comics? He had a horse named Dynamite.
They protected the good guys against the bad guys.
I hate to be a told-you-so, but, um, the journal did say something about you and me working together? - Don't push your luck.
- Fair enough.
Say we do this.
That we really take out Rittenhouse.
Then what will you do? Go home to my family.
They'll be alive again.
Let my little girl jump into my arms.
Hug my wife.
And then say good-bye and walk away forever.
What? You would just you would just leave them after all that we've been through? Chasing Rittenhouse, I've done horrible things become something else.
How can I bring that into my home? What kind of husband or or a father can I be after what I've done? We should keep moving.
[dramatic music] Where'd you get a spyglass like that? I told you.
The future.
Those men know you? I'll introduce you as volunteers, tell Rittenhouse you're patriots who've lost faith in the cause like me.
But I suggest we don't bring everyone to the party.
These are idiotic, unenlightened times, but I understand.
We'll leave Rufus behind.
[foreboding music] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[clocks ticking] [clocks chiming] [doors creaking] - General Arnold.
- John.
- Is Father expecting you? - Is he home? I'd like him to meet my friends.
They want to join.
- Lot of clocks.
- Father made them.
He's teaching me to make them too.
- He's fascinated with time.
- Hmm.
- Is your father here, John? - Do you want to help us? Is that why you're here? This is a conversation for your father, John.
[clocks ticking] Is that your clock? Yes, but I can't seem to get the ratchet wheel to work.
Father says I'm not paying enough attention.
Looks like you're doing a fine job.
It's a beautiful clock.
My father says that peasants are like the hands of a clock.
Around and around they go.
What does that mean? Because a peasant is no more capable of choosing his own path than the hands of a clock.
Well who chooses the path for them? The clockmaker, of course.
And are the members of Rittenhouse the clockmakers? No one else can do it.
Father says monarchies are too selfish and democracies are too chaotic.
So the members of Rittenhouse are not part of, you know, any government? Not necessarily.
Control is all that matters.
Usually it's best exercised from the shadows.
[clocks ticking] What about the people that want a voice in how they're controlled? Peasants can't govern themselves any more than ants can rule the jungle.
Most peasants want nothing more than the illusion of a voice.
Father says that's what democracy's for.
[tense music] What you're describing sounds like tyranny disguised as democracy.
Father believes there's no other choice.
What do you believe, John? No one's ever asked me that before.
[clocks ticking] [door clicking and creaking open] Benedict Arnold.
You honor us with your presence.
That's him.
David, you look well.
John was just telling my friends about you.
Yes, Father.
They want to join.
They do? You've never brought me recruits before, Benedict.
[foreboding music] May I get a better look at you? My eyes aren't what they used to be.
Go on.
Father wants to examine you.
You have good, strong teeth.
- Good skull proportion.
- Stop.
Your hips are a bit narrow, but nobody's perfect.
Have you reproduced yet? - No.
- Good.
[gasps] Wyatt.
What are you doing? No sudden movements, if you please.
David, what is this? These men are here to kill me.
- You got this all wrong.
- Really? The sweat on her brow.
The hand near your pocket, where I assume you have a pistol.
This isn't the first time I've seen that look on a man's face, believe me.
You mean me harm.
But don't worry, my dear.
We'll still find a good use for you.
[ominous music] [indistinct chatter] [dramatic music] [coughing] Get up.
Boy, get up.
- I said get up.
- [grunting] [all gasp] [clocks ticking] What an ingenious pistol.
I've never seen its equal.
You have to believe me, David.
How could I have known they were lying to me? You know all I ever want is to be of service to you, to serve the cause.
- I'm so grateful for the opp - Shut up, Benedict.
I'm sorry, sir.
Did he tell you how I admire his military genius? How when the war is over, I will give him a place near me at the table of elders? I'm honored, sir.
But did he also tell you about his alcoholic father? His poor education? His vanity? - His bad temper? His - David, please.
After everything I've done for you? You're an idiot, Benedict.
So blinded by your wounded pride that you brought these people into my house to kill me.
It was just a mistake, sir.
You can trust me.
You betrayed your best friend in the whole world, so why would I ever trust you? [gunshot] [gunshots] [ominous music] Where did you get this? No, no.
Don't worry.
I'm a clockmaker.
I'll figure it out.
- Son? - Yes, Father? Watch.
It's important that you see this.
No! Please don't hurt them in front of me.
Now, John, what have I said about seeing the world as it really is? Yes, Father.
You two are sentenced to death.
But you are to be brought to my bedchamber Hey! [gunshot] [all grunting] [dramatic music] Flynn! [gunshot] [both panting] [clocks ticking] [tense music] [gunshot] Killing me won't change anything.
There are others.
This will outlive me you all of us.
Rittenhouse will become [gunshot] You did it.
You actually did it.
[clocks ticking] [sighs] Where's the boy? What the the boy? What do you mean the boy? The boy's gone.
His son, he escaped.
Are you saying that you want to kill his son? I don't want to, but we need to.
You heard; he believes the same things as his father.
You already killed Rittenhouse.
There's no need to kill the boy.
[tense music] Flynn.
Flynn! Guys, help me out! [dramatic music] You guys find Flynn, I'll go find the boy.
No, no.
[sobbing] No, please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
No, no, no.
Don't kill me.
Please! Please don't! Please! Please.
[whispers] Don't do it.
[suspenseful music] [groans] [breathing sharply] [sighs] - Move.
- No.
- Move! - No! I'm not letting you kill a child.
He's all that's left of Rittenhouse.
You don't know that.
He said that there were others.
You don't know that killing his son will change anything.
He wants everything his father wants.
When you were 12, you wanted to be a cowboy.
- People change.
- He's gonna do terrible things! Why? Because his father wants him to? You don't know that! You have a choice right now! We all have choices! We can decide we can decide to be something different.
[pensive music] Please, no, please.
Please don't do this, please.
You you said you said that you couldn't be a father after what you've done.
But you can, okay? You can.
You can go back, but not if you do this.
- Please, please! - Get out of my way.
[sobbing] John? John! He's gone.
- Come here! - What? No.
Where are you taking me? I thought you understood what was at stake.
Come here! [ominous music] - Anything? - No, you? - Nothing.
- Wyatt! - Wyatt! - Come on.
- Lucy! - Wyatt! - Flynn! - Rufus! No.
No! - Let go of me! - Lucy! Wyatt! Lucy! [dramatic music] Lucy!

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