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111 The World's Columbian Exposition
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" Mr.
Mason invented a time machine.
There's room in there for three passengers.
Rittenhouse knows you've been tampering with these recorders.
- No, I haven't.
- Whatever the next mission is, record it properly.
If you don't, I can't protect you or your family.
Are you telling me that Benedict Arnold was a member of Rittenhouse? He was a founding member.
We're gonna stop them before they ever get started.
You help me, and I'll give you the name of your wife's killer.
The man you're asking about David Rittenhouse.
Introduce us to him.
Killing me won't change anything.
[gunshot] His son, he escaped.
- Move! - No! - I'm not letting you kill a child.
- He's all that's left of Rittenhouse.
- John! - I thought you understood what was at stake.
- Lucy! - Wyatt! Lucy! [machine whirring] - Where's Flynn? - Why, what's going on? - He got Lucy.
- What are you talking about? What do you mean, he got Lucy? - Where's the Mothership? - Um it's all over the place.
What the hell does that mean, Jiya? Flynn jumped to Sacramento, present day.
He was there for maybe an hour, and then he jumped again to New York, 1780.
I don't get it.
Well, how does Flynn jump so fast and so many times in a row? The nuke the one he got in Vegas, if he's using it as a battery, the way we think he is.
And what the hell is he doing? - What happened to Lucy? - We lost track of her.
I lost track of her.
Flynn got her.
[tense music] [machine whirring] What happened? - Get get off me! - I'll tell you what happened.
I went back to that damn compound to fix the mess you made to kill Rittenhouse and his son.
I never got even close.
I didn't have Benedict Arnold to get me through the door.
Even my semiautomatics were nothing against 50 muskets.
So my family is still dead.
And Rittenhouse survived.
And it's your fault.
I told you, they had other followers.
We don't know if killing that boy would've changed anything.
It could have changed everything.
Okay! So we'll just find that brat when he's a few years older.
So where is he? Where is John Rittenhouse? - I don't know.
- Well, then find him.
There's no record of him anywhere.
You shot his father! You tried to kill him.
I'm sure he went deep underground.
He changed his name! So this was our only shot.
All this would have been over.
Just get up.
Wait, wait.
Where are you where are you taking me? I wanted to do this the easy way.
But you left me no choice.
So now I'm going to take down Rittenhouse one member at a time.
So for as long as it takes.
Flynn just jumped again? Uh, yeah, to Illinois this time.
May 30, 1893.
It's the month the Chicago World's Fair opened.
- Why would he go there? - I don't know.
We're kind of short a historian.
Not for long.
Let's go, Rufus.
The Lifeboat's still charging.
You got to be kidding me.
How long till it's charged? Four hours.
Chicago World's Fair.
That's the very first Ferris wheel, right? We're not here to burn it down, if that's what you're worried about.
I'm sure you intend to do something equally horrible.
At about 4:00 p.
tomorrow, there's gonna be a very important meeting between Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and J.
I'm gonna kill them all.
And you're gonna help me.
They're all part of Rittenhouse.
Hey! [chuckles] Honey I would think long and hard before you turn me down.
What happened to all that talk about needing me? About us fighting side by side? You wrote in here that one day, we would stop Rittenhouse together.
And that day came, and you wouldn't help me.
You let Rittenhouse live.
I really thought we were gonna do great things.
But maybe I was wrong about this journal.
Maybe maybe I was wrong about you.
Maybe you're wrong about a lot of things.
Well, then maybe we're not meant to be a team after all, and you know what? If that's true, that makes you expendable.
So what's it gonna be, Lucy? Are you gonna help me or not? [dramatic music] There's nothing on this recorder.
That's 'cause I erased the recording.
And why would you do that? Because if Rittenhouse heard it, they'd know we killed their founder.
You did what? Well, technically Flynn did, but we helped a little.
Rufus, do you have any idea how much trouble you're in? This was your last chance.
Um you should run.
- Run? Run where? - I'll help you.
Um, you you need a new identity and a new passport.
[stammering] Your family will come with you too, of course, and then I need to set up an offshore account for you, and that way you can Are you listening to me? I'm not going to run.
I don't think you're appropriately frightened here.
Of course I am scared.
Be crazy not to be.
But I'm not going anywhere till we find Lucy.
By then, it may be too late.
No, no, please.
R-Rufus, you have to What do we know about this fair? Lot of stuff was invented there Cream of Wheat, Hershey's chocolate, Aunt Jemima how is that still a thing, by the way? - Rufus.
- Uh, Teddy Roosevelt was there.
Thomas Edison, Susan B.
Anthony, Helen Keller not that I think Flynn's gonna take out Helen Keller.
Sorry, I I ramble a lot when I'm stressed.
Okay, we start with Roosevelt.
If we find Flynn, we find Lucy.
- We sure he's going after Roosevelt? - No.
But he's gonna be president in eight years, so that's the best I got.
Wyatt, we're gonna get her back.
[foreboding music] That's Roosevelt.
Roosevelt's skinny.
Flynn's got to be here somewhere.
Rufus, that's Flynn's guy.
Come on.
Here we are.
It's called Pabst.
Just won blue ribbon at the fair.
Thank you.
So, Professor, as you well know, Edison was a paranoid son of a bitch.
Didn't trust anyone near his prototypes except Henry Ford, who was? Edison's employee.
His chief engineer at the time.
This afternoon, Edison and Ford are going to meet with their financier, J.
They'll be in a heavily guarded room very difficult to get into, even for me, even in 1893.
But still, before they show up, I'm gonna plant a bomb there.
I'm not going to help you.
You'll have to kill me.
You don't think I will? I read your classified file.
Don't believe everything you read.
You saved people in Kosovo.
You helped a family in Iraq.
You used to care about people.
You used to be good.
That Rittenhouse killed your family, I believe you.
But now you're putting all of us in danger.
[bell jangles] Well, they were easy to find.
They went right for Roosevelt, just like you said they would.
- What is he talking about? - Maybe you don't care about yourself, but you do care about Wyatt and Rufus, don't you? I've sent your friends to the, ah, World's Fair Hotel.
You son of a bitch.
But the hotel came to be known by another name.
- What was that again? - The Murder Castle.
You know, the phrase "serial killer" was not even coined yet when H.
Holmes, the owner of the Murder Castle, was caught? - Is that right? - The press called him a, uh, "multi-murderer.
" And the hotel he built was an elaborate death trap.
Trapdoors, acid vats, torture racks he'd even dissect them sometimes.
But you know all this, Lucy, don't you? - Where is he? - I don't know.
- [keys jingling] - Excuse me.
Uh, do you work here? - Uh, can I help you? - Yeah, thin man in a gray suit have you seen him come by? No, I haven't seen any thin man.
But, uh, you have a good day, now.
Think Lucy's here somewhere? I'm not leaving till we find out for sure.
Let's split up.
You can still save your friends, Lucy.
The sooner you help me, the sooner you can get back to them, hopefully in time.
Maybe you can help me find someone who can evade the security, break into the offices all that without being detected.
Oh, come on, Lucy, you always have all the answers.
Ladies and gentlemen! I am the great Harry Houdini! Welcome.
[scattered applause] He may not be famous yet, but there's still no one better at getting into or out of tight spots.
For this act, I will need a volunteer.
[applause] [distant rattling] [crashing] I'm so sorry.
No, it's my fault.
I wasn't watching where I was going.
Did you draw these? You sound surprised.
No, not surprised.
- You good? - Yeah.
- Key.
- Oh.
[laughs] Um, would you mind? - My room's right there.
- No.
Thank you.
Would you mind helping me with my books? Okay, I got it.
Thank you for your help.
You know what? Actually you might be able to help me.
Uh, I'm looking for a friend.
She's gone missing.
That's awful.
When did she go missing? Last night.
Uh, dark hair, brown eyes she could be with a tall man.
- A funny accent.
- No, I'm sorry.
I haven't seen her.
You sure? She could be in trouble.
What kind of trouble? [door creaking] Hello? Brother needs some Febreze up in here.
[coughing] What the hell? - [door slams] - [gas hissing] [distant thumping] - Did you hear that? - Hear what? Wyatt! [distant thumping] - I should go.
- I hope you find your friend.
[doorknob rattling] It's locked.
[gas hissing] What is that? What's happening? [both coughing] Breathe into this.
[coughing] [gunshot] [coughing, hacking] You say your name is Lucy? [clears throat] Lucy, that's right.
Now, Lucy, have we ever met before? No.
We have never met before.
- How sad for me.
- [laughter] Lucy, will you please check my handcuffs and make sure they're tried securely behind my back? Yup, they're they're locked.
Ladies and gentlemen, as this beautiful lady has just confirmed, my hands are tied securely behind my back.
I will now step into this trunk.
My brother Dash will then lock it shut.
Trapped inside, it will be hard to move.
Even harder to breathe.
[dramatic music] Ma'am, if you will, please see that these are indeed locked.
Okay, they're locked.
[key clatters] And the curtain, please.
- [gasps] - No! [laughing] [applause] Thank you, thank you.
And please, tell your friends about the great Houdini.
[applause] Oh, thank you.
That was amazing.
It was so good.
[applause] Hi.
- Thanks for your help.
- Oh, you were amazing.
I have to tell you, I I'm one of your biggest fans.
I wasn't aware I had any fans.
You know, my uncle, uh, owns a theater here in Chicago, and he's looking for a new act.
He saw your show, and he loved it.
If you were interested, I could make an introduction.
- Yes.
- Really? - Yes, of course.
I'm very interested.
- He's right outside.
Would you like to meet him now? - Yes, of course.
- Right this way.
Thank you.
[whispering] I am really, really, sorry.
A pleasure.
[sighs] I don't know what she's told you, but I don't have any money.
Oh, we don't need your money.
We need you to pick a lock.
I think he's coming to.
[grunts] It's all right! It's all right! I'm not trying to hurt you! - Who are you? - I'm George.
My name is George Henry.
We've all been waiting for you to wake up.
Hey, buddy.
I got gassed, too.
Good times.
Glad you're not dead.
- That makes two of us.
- Yep.
Where the hell are we? We're still in the hotel, I think.
Last thing I remember is going to bed, and when I woke up, I was in here.
No, no, you can't open that door from in here, trust me.
[grunting] I've tried.
How long have you been here? I don't know.
Couple hours.
It's hard to tell time in here.
[banging] Help! Help! Somebody help us! [banging] We're trapped in here! [ominous music] Can anyone hear me? [banging] Help! You have to stop yelling.
This chamber is soundproofed and airtight.
We can't use up all the oxygen.
How do you know it's airtight? Because I'm an architect, and I've been staring at the room for the last 20 minutes.
So any ideas on food? Water? There's no water.
Although I do have this.
Happy to share.
Cracker Jacks.
Used to love these as a kid.
A kid? Those debuted at the fair yesterday.
Yeah, well [mumbling] some Cracker Jacks.
What I don't understand is why someone would build an airtight chamber in a hotel.
The same reasons they put gas jets in the guest rooms.
Someone built this place to trap people.
- Who would do that? - A serial killer.
What is a serial killer? A psychopath.
Someone who wants to torture people for fun.
Who would do such a thing? Well, they're a little more common where we come from.
He lured us here.
Flynn knew about this place, and he led us straight here.
God knows what he's doing with Lucy.
She could be here too, for all we know.
So what, we got about four, five hours left of oxygen? Maybe less.
I'm sorry to get you involved in all of this.
These men, they're holding my friends hostage, and I I didn't have a choice.
I suppose it's my fault for wanting to believe you were really a fan.
No, I am a fan.
I think what you do is amazing.
I got trapped underwater once, and it was the most terrifying moment of my life.
And you, you lock yourself up to entertain people for a living.
- How? - You wanna know the real trick? - Fear isn't real.
- What do you mean? Fear isn't what's actually happening.
It's just your reaction to it.
So I clear my head think one single thought.
What's the thought? Escape.
You also have this other trick The Cutpurse, I believe it's called.
Maybe you could teach it to me sometime.
That's right.
I always did love that trick.
- I'll do just that.
- Stop.
We're here.
You're up.
[dramatic music] My friend's gonna stay out here with the girl.
You try anything he kills her.
[dramatic music] [whistles] You weren't kidding.
Edison really is paranoid.
- Can you open it? - It'll take some time.
- Ten minutes maybe.
- You got three.
Those Pinkertons will be back soon.
I have another idea.
[bolt sliding] [locks clicking] That tiny thing is a bomb? What did Edison ever do to you? [door opens] Well, I guess the meeting wasn't at 4:00 after all.
- Who are you? - Mr.
Edison, Mr.
Rare pleasure to meet you.
My name is Garcia Flynn.
And you are Rittenhouse.
Looking for this? [metal clanking] It's a sleight of hand.
It's called The Cutpurse.
What the hell is going on, young man? Guards! Gentlemen, if I were you, I'd vacate this fair city as quickly as possible.
Oh, by the way you've just been saved by the great Harry Houdini.
See my show if you can.
[grunts] [grunts] Mentioning The Cutpurse to me that was pretty smart.
I was hoping you'd get what I meant.
That's why I came to you so you would help me.
How'd you know I could? You're the best in the world at getting out of tight spots, and I was in a really tight spot.
Did you get the bomb? Yes, got it.
Hell of a thing.
I've never seen guns like these before.
I'll take that.
Well, Lucy, I wish I could say this was fun, but I'd be lying.
I still need your help.
My friends, they're they're trapped in a hotel with a serial killer.
What's a serial killer? I'll explain on the way.
Come on.
We have to go.
They're in danger.
[stammering] We should go to the police.
- They'll think I'm crazy.
- And I won't? What do you do for a living? Crazy's part of the job, right? Please? We're running out of air.
My heart won't stop pounding.
I'm really scared.
- Are you scared? - Yeah.
It's becoming a daily thing with me.
My little boy he's eight.
He has this jack-in-the-box.
And every time he cranks it, it pops out, and he laughs like it's the very first time.
He's got this laugh that just [laughs] it makes you want to start laughing too.
I just want to hear it again.
I can't stop thinking about my father.
How he's waiting for me to come home and tell him all about my big trip.
He was so proud.
You know, I designed the Woman's Pavilion at the fair.
Really? I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for architecture first woman to do it.
You went to MIT? So did I.
Oh, you must be Robert Robinson Taylor.
No, uh I'm the other black guy.
There were two? [metal cracks] Ugh! [panting] [sighs] This isn't working.
We are going to die here.
My father will never know what happened.
It'll just be like I dropped off the face of the Earth.
I know what that's like to have someone missing.
Not knowing, always wondering.
That's the worst part.
But I'm not gonna let that happen.
You understand me? You're gonna go home to your father you, your son.
But I need you to help me.
[sighs nervously] Police are downstairs.
Ugh! [gunshot] [tense music] [gunshot] I'm telling you, these joints they're impossible.
It's never g What? Do you see this one brick? It's concrete.
And it's spalling.
What does that mean? The material is deteriorating.
Yeah, if we can find something to make a small hole, we might be able to get someone to hear us.
Will this work? It's worth a try.
- Where do we start? - I don't know.
Holmes is a monster.
There are isolation chambers and secret chutes hidden all over.
My friends could be anywhere.
So could Holmes.
Come on.
You did it, Wyatt.
Hello? [panting] Can anyone hear me? [muffled] Is anyone out there? [doorknob rattles] Can anyone hear me? Did you hear that? - I heard something.
- Hello? - Wyatt? - Can anyone hear me? Wyatt! - Hello? - I think it sounds like it's coming from here? A bookcase? I mean, that would be too obvious, wouldn't it? Guess not.
This Holmes doesn't have much imagination.
I, uh I don't like tight spaces.
[muffled] Can anyone hear me? Is anyone out there? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Wyatt? Is that you? Is that Lucy? - Lucy? - Is is Rufus with you? Hey! I am! Man, is it good to hear your voice.
You too.
- Are you okay? - Can you get us out of here? Now this I can do.
You with someone? Yes, I I brought Harry Houdini with me.
Did Lucy just say she brought Harry Houdini? Who's Harry Houdini? [lock clicks] Thank God you're all right.
[exhales] I'm okay.
- Where's Flynn? - He's locked in an office somewhere, thanks to Harry here.
Brought you a present.
[laughs] Hi.
Hi! - You're okay.
- Yes, so are you.
Uh, this is Sophia and George.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
Thank you.
We should probably get going before someone realizes we're gone.
He's right.
We should get out of here.
Follow me.
We're not done here yet.
[suspenseful music] I told you, I'm not H.
- My name is Pat Quinlan.
- Yeah? Prove it.
Okay, um, in my pocket.
He's telling the truth.
Quinlan is the hotel's caretaker.
- Where's your boss? - I don't know.
[gagging] Try harder.
He's probably in his office on the third floor.
Show me.
Get the police.
Go! Right now! Wyatt? Wyatt? George is H.
H [dark music] [screaming] Wyatt! Rufus! Lucy! What? What happened? Where's Lucy? Oh, God.
[footsteps echoing] Where am I? [breathing hard] [whispering] What's happening? Where am I? [gasping] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What's happening? [crying] How did this happen? The thin man I did everything he said.
Let me out.
Let me out of here! He paid me to trap your friends.
Did he set me up? What am I gonna do? They'll find out.
[whispering] They'll find out everything.
please [whispering] just get me out of here.
Get me out.
[screaming] Get me out of here! Get me out! [pounding] - Please! - [punches wall] Be quiet.
[whispering] Escape.
Fear isn't real.
[murmuring] Escape.
[exhales] If I'm going to burn in hell, you're going to burn with me.
I wouldn't do that if I were you, Herman Mudgett.
I'm not like the other women.
And there have been so many women, haven't there? - How do you know my real name? - I know a lot of things about you.
You're a doctor and a con man.
Who are you? I'm a psychic.
And I know that you're a spiritualist, so you believe, don't you? Well, I have seen your past, and I know your future.
You said he'd be in his office.
I said he'd probably be in his office.
- Well, where is he actually, then? - I can't be sure.
Do not tell me that you don't know what's been going on at this hotel.
I don't want to know.
Okay Where would he take her? Sometimes he disappears into the basement.
No, no.
You're no psychic.
If I'm not who I say I am, then how would I know that your father beat you when you were a child? And your mother your mother was too weak to stop him, wasn't she? - You're just trying to trick me.
- No, I'm not.
I know that you have a baby with your first wife and that you abandoned your family to start a new one with a new woman.
There have been so many women that you have loved and killed.
Why are you telling me this? [laughs] I can help you.
If you let me out of here, I promise I will help you achieve great wealth and live a long and happy life.
Isn't that what you want, Herman? Money, power I can help you get them all.
[door opens] Don't move! Wyatt, I'm in here! [crying] Rufus, get her out.
Get me out of here! George.
[chuckles] Why would you lock yourself up with us? Pretend to be your own victim? Because it amuses me to watch your fear.
[laughs] I was born with the devil in me.
I can't help the fact that I'm a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you.
I'll confess to everything.
Every life I've taken, every body I've buried.
I heard what you said in that chamber, Wyatt.
Your worst fear is not knowing what happened to the people you love.
Someone very important to you, right? Well, I can give my victims' families closure.
Is he telling the truth? - Wyatt - Does he say.
where he buried the victims? No, he lies about everything and sells his story for profit.
She's a witch.
She can't be trusted.
[gunshot] [solemn music] Thank you.
Just make sure you get home to your dad, all right? I hope we meet again.
Maybe at our class reunion.
Police will be here in 20 minutes.
Sure you can't come with me? We make a great team.
And I could sure use an assistant.
You'll find a better one soon.
Keep a lookout for a Bess, or an Annie, or a Frances, or a Bess.
And you will go on to do amazing things together.
What makes you so sure? A magician never reveals her secrets.
Good luck.
Hey, Houdini.
Give me my damn gun back.
[clears throat] For the record, um I knew you guys were gonna save me.
Well, you know, technically, I think you saved us.
Well, technically, yeah, you're right.
[laughs] Not bad for a civilian, right? No, not bad at all.
Look at that.
We got the team back.
[uplifting music] Okay, listen up, old Rittenhouse dude, whose name I still don't know.
I'll do this job.
I'll pilot the Lifeboat, and one day, we will catch Garcia Flynn.
But I'm done being your errand boy.
If you touch me or anyone in my family, or anyone I care about I'm out.
And if you have a problem with that, you can just find another pilot.
Oh, wait.
There is no other pilot.
I'm all you've got.
So back the hell off.
This is my last recording.
Give it to Rittenhouse.
Rufus Are you sure you want to do this? I'm sure.
After what I've seen today I'm not scared of Rittenhouse.
[dramatic music] I picked a side, Connor.
You should pick one too.
[phone ringing] This is Wyatt.
You checked out of the World's Fair Hotel alive.
Lucy saved Edison, Ford, and Morgan, who went on to become some of history's greatest dicks.
How'd you get this number? Oh, and on top of all that, you got to kill America's first serial killer.
That must have felt great! What do you want, Flynn? We made a deal that if you helped me get Benedict Arnold, I'd give you the name of your wife's killer.
So despite what you think of me, I'm a man of my word.
Now, the guy you're looking for he's currently serving for two other murders in San Quentin.
And his name is Wes Gilliam.
Now, we both know you can't go back to any time you already exist, so it's not like you can stop the murder or even even stop Wes.
You'd have to go back in time further.
Do something terrible to his poor, innocent parents, maybe? So the only question now, Wyatt, is What are you gonna do about it?

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