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112 The Murder of Jesse James
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

[soft suspenseful music] [door opens, buzzer sounds] This way.
Sit down here.
So who are you? I'm Jessica Logan's husband.
I don't know who that is, - and don't know who you are - I think you do.
You saw me on the TV five years ago, begging for my wife's safe return.
- Begging you.
- Okay, this I'm out of here.
Wait, please.
[brooding music] Please.
I'm not trying to drag you back into court or anything.
I just I need to know.
Know what? That it was you.
[chuckles] Come on, man, get real.
You're already locked up on a double murder.
You're never getting out, so.
Then what difference does it make what I say to you? None to you, everything to me.
And if you did do it, don't you think you owe me that? All right.
I know exactly who you are, Wyatt Logan.
And I know who Jessica is too.
And if I could change things? I would.
But I can't.
Neither of us can.
Not unless I had a time machine.
Hey, Mom.
Ugh, God, please don't call me "Mom.
" [soft music] Amy, is that is that you, are are you really here? No.
I'm not really here.
I'm gone.
- What? - Worse than gone.
I don't even exist.
And worst of all? You don't care.
Of course I care.
My God, you're like you're all I can think about.
Really? Then what day was yesterday? [tender music] I hope you're enjoying your little trips 'cause I'm still lost.
And I am never coming back.
- No.
- And it's all your fault.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Amy? Amy! Amy? [birds chirping] [ambient music] [indistinct chatter] What's going on? Oh, come on.
Mason just told me.
That I'm gonna be the next Lifeboat pilot.
What? Yeah, I mean, it's it's early, right? I've only been here two years.
And I hear training is brutal, and, honestly, whatever word you put in to Connor for me, thank you.
You deserve it.
- [brooding music] - Mason.
You're making Jiya the next Lifeboat pilot? Well, her physics aptitude scores are on a par with yours, so, yes.
You know what I mean.
Our benefactors are insisting on it.
She's to replace you in six months.
Six months? Right, and you think I'm gonna train her? Well, yes, it would be easier if you did.
But still, I think we can cobble together a training regiment that'll get the job done.
You son of a bitch.
What did you think would happen? That you'd get on your proud, little soapbox, make your speech, and they'd just, what, slink away into the darkness? Please don't do this.
You asked me to pick a side.
Well, I did.
Now, I suggest you reconsider your allegiances because once she's trained, you become expendable.
Guys! Flynn just jumped.
Where? [soft dramatic music] April 3, 1882.
It's the day that Jesse James died.
Check it out, Rufus.
He was planning a robbery with Robert and Charles Ford.
They're members of his gang.
What he didn't know was that they had already made a deal with the governor to double-cross him for the reward money.
And when they got the drop on him, they shot him in the back while he was dusting a painting.
I always remembered that detail.
So why's Flynn want Jesse James? Great psychos think alike? Well, there's only one way to find out.
Off you go, cowboys.
[soft rousing music] Lucy, you okay? Yeah.
I don't know, I got doubts about Platte City, Jesse.
It's a big bank job for just three people.
Three? I count seven men in this room.
"Witnesses said that during the exchange of gunfire "with the lawmen on the train, "James fought with the strength and vigor "of five men combined.
" Five, six, seven.
Now, come on, Bob.
You don't have to be a coward every waking day of your life.
You can grow a pair of log-hanging fruit.
That one never gets dusted.
[tense music] - [two gunshots] - [men grunt] - Just saved your life.
- The hell did you do? Calm down.
Look at their hands.
They were gonna shoot you in the back.
They made a deal with the governor.
A full pardon for killing you.
How do you know that? I overheard them bragging about it at a bar.
How rich they were gonna get.
How you'd never see it coming.
I've been tracking them ever since.
So you tracked them all the way here, and why would you pay me such a kindness? For the famous Jesse James? 'Cause I want to buy you a drink.
[gun clicks] [soft dramatic music] And make you an offer.
[dramatic music] [dark music] - Is that, um - Robert Ford.
And that's his brother.
No sign of Jesse James, who was supposed to be dead.
Flynn must have saved that wack job.
So where would Flynn take Jesse James? [soft music] That's a historical question meant for the historian.
Ah? Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't know, I guess if you grab a bank robber, maybe because you need help robbing something? [indistinct chatter] [piano player playing] That's real deep in Indian Territory.
They don't really find our kind pleasant.
Which is exactly why I need you.
You know the area better than anyone else.
You're good with a gun.
I ain't just good.
I'm the best.
Which is why I need you.
So this is, what, a treasure map? Something like that.
Well, what's the treasure? She recognizes you.
I have an abundance of admirers.
The treasure? It doesn't lead to money.
It leads to someone.
Someone? So there ain't no gold, ain't no robbery, just a person at the end of this hell? What's so special about him? They're important to a cause I'm fighting for.
- Oh, yeah? What kind of cause? - A patriotic one.
[laughs] Oh, God.
Is there anything more dull? [coins rattle] See, you should have lead with this.
You'll get the rest of the money when the job's complete.
- Do we have a deal? - Sure.
We should head out the back.
Hey, boys! [hushed] What the hell are you doing? You looking for the world-famous Jesse James? [suspenseful music] 'Cause fortune has just smiled upon you.
Hands in the air, now.
[two gunshots] [women gasp] [dark music] Now we can go.
[scoffs] Least they died looking at something pretty.
[sinister tone] [soft dramatic music] Guess it's safe to say Jesse and Flynn have been through here.
Bartender says they're headed south.
Where you going? To buy some horses so we can follow them.
What, just, south? Through hostile Native American land? That's not exactly Google Maps, is it? - Well, we've survived worse.
- Barely.
We won't make Hey, stop.
What part of "Jesse James is killing people" don't you understand? People are dying that are not supposed to die.
And the longer he's alive, the more he's gonna mess up history.
And since when am I the one worried about protecting history? Lucy, I don't know what is going on with you, but you need to get your head in the game, like right now.
Okay, well, every time I've gone into hostile territory, I've gotten a local guide.
So where do we find that? [sighs] What? [dramatic suspense music] So this U.
marshal is the guy that the Lone Ranger is based off of? That's what they say.
Bass Reeves was responsible for over 3,000 arrests during his career.
Arguably the best lawman in the old West.
If he's that good, why doesn't the town come to him for help? [rousing music] The Lone Ranger's black? That's awesome.
[pensive music] Go on, get.
[children giggling] How many they kill? Four.
Since this morning.
Can't help you.
- Can't or won't? - Won't.
We just told you that one of the most wanted men in America, Jesse James, is on the loose.
And I'm telling you I've got a half dozen crimes I'm working on.
He don't get pushed to the front of the line because he's famous.
There's plenty of other marshals that can track him down.
James went south, into Indian Territory.
You used to live with the Indians for years when you escaped bondage.
They call you one of their own, don't they? How do you know what I If you don't do something, these two will carve a path through anyone who gets in their way, including the people on that land.
People that lawmen won't help.
Do you really think any other marshal is gonna care about that the way you do? Damn it.
George! Come here.
Yeah, Pa? You're the man of this house while I'm gone, all right? Go round up your brothers and sisters.
We do this my way.
Understood? Yep.
Whatever you want.
As long as they catch bullets in the end.
Catch bullets? What the hell is wrong with y'all? This ain't the 1820s.
We capture and bring 'em to justice.
Understood? You want my help, I need your word, son.
Do I have it? Yeah.
Sure, we do it your way.
Now let's get you two armed up.
What about me? I'm not in the business of escorting women into danger, ma'am.
Well, you're not escorting me.
I'm helping you.
And no offense, but you don't really have a choice in the matter.
[soft rousing music] But not in that dress.
Let's get you something proper to wear.
Coordinates locked.
[buttons clicking and hissing] Initiate.
[engine powering up] [gears clanking] [rumbling] Come on.
Trajectory miscalculation.
[buzzers sounding] Mission failure.
Mission failure.
Damn it.
[engine powers down] Well, it's true, you're dead, sadly.
But still, hey, your takeoff was much better this time.
[sighs] Sticking the landing is the thing.
I mean I can't How the hell does Rufus do it every time? Hey, you'll get there.
Just like he did.
- Okay, let's go again.
- Hey, no-no-no.
You've been at this for hours.
You need some rest.
We'll get back to it tomorrow.
- Hey, you know what would be a huge help? - Hm? Video flight logs from the other pilots.
Those were lost.
Um, power surge wiped them out in, uh, 2014.
I bet I could recover them.
You're a little busy at the moment.
I'll put some people on it.
Now, go.
Get some sleep.
[brooding dramatic music] [indistinct shouts] I'm Grant Johnson.
Who the hell are you? Hey, Bass! - [children giggle] - Yeah? Who in the hell are they? Righteous townfolk that aim to bring down a criminal element.
Townfolk? [hushed] Hey.
I think he's Tonto.
The hell'd you just say? - Hey, Bass? - Yeah? This one just called me a fool.
Tried to hide it in Spanish.
Maybe he's onto something.
[chuckles] - "Tonto" means "fool" in Spanish.
- I know what it means.
Whoever wrote "The Lone Ranger" sucks.
No, I'm sorry I didn't mean to - I'm Wyatt.
- Rufus.
You want to come on in here so I can tell you what for.
Yeah, yeah.
Dude, we're in a posse with the Lone Ranger.
Yeah, well, don't get too excited.
They're not gonna be happy with us when this is all over.
What's that mean? We're not gonna let 'em arrest Jesse James.
I'm gonna shoot him myself.
What? Well, one, you gave Bass your word, and, two, does the casualness with which we talk about murder ever bother you? It's not murder.
What is it? It's stopping a bad guy from hurting good people.
And, no, it doesn't bother me.
[somber orchestration] Wow.
It's very Eastwood.
A woman wearing pants.
Wouldn't want a dress slowing us down.
[grunts] - Oh oh.
- Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.
Yeah, I'm good.
Thank you.
You sure? Yeah, yeah.
I got it.
[exhales] [rousing music] The West is a lot different than I thought it would be.
A lot more cold sores.
Why is everyone looking at us like they want to kill us? Because the two of us are black, and one's Indian.
So it's like the scary version of "Blazing Saddles.
" So we're gonna track James, right? Follow his horse's footprints, stuff like that? Yes.
And the broken twigs and the scent in the wind.
The spirits will guide us.
Really? No, not really.
We're gonna interview witnesses to find out where they went 'cause that's what we do, we're lawmen.
Hey, Seth, Mason asked if you could check the simulator.
It's running sluggish.
Software just needs to be decompiled.
His words.
[sighs] I'm on it.
[sighs] [tense music] Jiya? What are you doing in here? Where where's Seth? - Uh, working on the simulator.
- What? Yeah, it's running sluggish.
Software just needs to be decompiled.
And you're doing what? Holding down the fort? Look, when I said you should go home, I wasn't asking.
You do need sleep.
Yeah, understood.
Waitress saw them looking at a map.
Was able to draw it.
Looks like they're headed into the Bluffwoods.
Any idea why? No idea.
Well, they've got a good head start on us.
We should get moving.
[gunshot] [soft dramatic music] [gunshot] [gunshot] We got a tail, three miles out.
- How many? - Five.
Good thing there's six of us.
- What? - [gunshot] Maybe hold off on the gunfire until we lose them? Relax.
We got time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where'd you get that rifle? You you got to let me handle that.
We have to leave.
Why? 'Cause your cause is calling? You know, I got I got a question for you.
What happens if you win this cause you're so quick to kill for? [inhales] It'll be a better world.
What happens if you don't win? Never occurred to me.
See, it should.
Fact that it hasn't, that's your problem.
Now, I can tell you think low of me, but rest assured, brother, I used to be you.
Just as grim and committed to see the Confederacy prosper.
I fought for it, killed for it.
What's your point? I ended up on the wrong side of that war.
Grand Confederacy's all gone.
But I just keep right on killing.
You know why that is? Because deep down, a killer is what I always wanted to be.
I just needed an excuse.
You know what another word for "excuse" is? Cause.
Are you saying that's me? [brooding music] [dramatic music] Not too happy to see us.
We're on their land.
So what's the plan? Plan is [revolver clicks] I show you why it was such a good idea to bring me along.
[soft dramatic music] They need to be buried.
They do.
Head back and tell your friends we're setting up camp.
We should keep moving.
They have to rest their horses just like we do.
Need any help with your, uh, with your ritual? Man, you still got it stuck in your head I'm full Injun.
You're not? Blood's mixed so I'm a lot of things.
Some black, some white, some Creek Indian.
So the only place I've ever really belonged was with that sumbitch over there.
Jesse James is wanted dead or alive.
Are we really just going to capture him? It's what's right.
Yeah, it's just you're risking your life when shooting him on sight would be a little bit easier.
Who the hell ever said "easy" and "right" were the same thing? Look, I'm not saying that I'm some sort of hero or anything.
I've killed several men.
But the thing is that I see them every time I close my eyes.
Every time I look in the mirror.
And I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Can I ask you a question? It bother you that not long ago you were in bondage, and now, here you are, fighting so hard for your old masters' law? Law ain't perfect.
But it's all we got.
If we ain't got that, we ain't got nothing.
[soft music] These are good men.
We can't double-cross them.
So, what, we put Jesse James in jail? Is that your big plan? He can't hurt anyone else if he's dead, like he's supposed to be.
What is with you? You have been wound tight since before we got here.
I'm fine.
Spoken in a way that is far from fine.
I saw him.
I talked to him.
- Talked to who? - Jessica's killer.
Flynn gave me the name.
Just like he promised.
Did he admit it? [scoffs] He murdered two other women besides Jessica.
If I could go back and put a bullet in his head and stop him, I wouldn't think twice.
Look, Wyatt, I can't even imagine what it's like to It's just you know the guy I shot in Houston? [delicate music] It's been hard.
Maybe killing shouldn't be an everyday thing.
Maybe it should be harder for the good guys.
And Bass is right.
It's getting harder to look in the mirror.
How far are we willing to go? What we're doing, it's right.
I'm sure Flynn tells his guys the same thing.
[inhales] You want to back me up here? I don't know if I can.
Yesterday was my sister's birthday.
I didn't remember.
Yeah, but I should have remembered because I'm the only person on the planet that ever knew she existed.
Flynn, crazy as he is, seems to be telling the truth.
Rittenhouse is real, and it is dangerous.
Who's to say what's right and wrong anymore? All right, listen up, both of you.
We have a job to do.
I don't want to do this job anymore.
I want my sister back.
I want to go home.
[dramatic music] [eerie music] What in the hell is this place? Shh.
[gunshots] You lay down some cover fire and I'll You won't do a damn thing.
[gunshot] I'm not your enemy! I'm from the same place you are! I have a ship! I can take you to it! What the hell are you talking about? Listen! They're two of us, we could have taken you out already, but we don't want to.
We're coming out now.
[hushed] Just put the gun down! [soft tense music] Just want to talk.
Wait a minute.
All this fuss for a woman? - Just wait here.
- The hell I will.
You want the rest of your money? This is a private conversation.
Go get the horses.
[tense music] Well, you sure aren't from around here, are you? Draw a map to the ship.
I can take you to the ship.
I can take you home.
I'm not going home.
Draw the map.
I I need you to listen to me.
I'm not from Mason Industries, which means I'm not from Rittenhouse.
That's right.
I know a lot about you, Emma.
I know everything about what you did for Mason Industries.
My name is Emma Whitmore, and I get to pilot this beauty right here.
Here she is.
You and Anthony Bruhl were the first ones they ever sent through, to travel through time.
You should be up there with the likes of Glenn and Armstrong.
- [clapping] - [capsule unlocking] You did it! [clapping and laughter] - [cheers] - Bloody wonderful! [laughing] But then something happened.
Rittenhouse happened.
They enlisted you.
Threatened the people you loved if you refused to help them.
Uh, Emma? - You trailed off.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm just tired.
It took its toll on you, the things Rittenhouse told you, the things they must have made you do.
So you found a way out.
Um, Pilot Whitmore was lost in the operation.
Her body couldn't be recovered due to the unmanageable circumstances described by the other pilot, Anthony Bruhl.
We lost her.
She's gone.
[somber music] You faked your own death and hid in the past, where Rittenhouse would never be able to find you.
And Anthony knew, but kept your secret.
How long you been hiding out here? God, it's been a decade now.
Alone, this whole time.
I had no choice.
I had to run.
I ran too.
After they killed my family.
But then one day I realized that I couldn't run anymore, that I had to fight.
No, it doesn't matter.
You have no idea what you're up against.
Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.
You don't, actually.
I know things that Anthony doesn't know, that nobody knows.
The things that they have planned for that machine.
But that's why I'm here, why I came so far to find you.
I need to know what you know to stop them.
Look, I'm not gonna force you.
You can hide here, in Frontierland, but if you do, anyone you've ever loved will be destroyed by Rittenhouse.
You and the missus all friendly now? Something like that.
But I'm afraid that this is where we part ways, Jesse.
How you gonna get out of here? She knows the way.
[coins rattle] Second half of your money.
And I have a bonus for you.
Oh, yeah, what's that? You know that posse that's been on our trail? Well, I've neglected to mention who was leading it.
Bass Reeves.
- You've heard of him.
- I have.
I bet taking out the greatest lawman in the West would make quite the headlines.
Sure as hell would make me popular with a certain set of righteous Americans.
Well, happy trails, Jesse.
One more thing.
Do you really want to take your chances against me? You know how fast I am.
What is this? What do you want? Just one more little bonus.
[brooding music] - [horse nickers] - Listen, I can't leave this with you The bonus is non-negotiable.
Thank you, kindly.
Flynn! When your cause fails, and you find yourself drifting a little more my way, look me up.
I'll be waiting.
[tense music] [gun cocks] [brooding music] What the hell? What on earth is all this stuff? It's a hell of a good question, Rufus.
Oh, my God.
She's supposed to be dead.
What is that? - Get down! - [gunshots] [rapid gunshots] Whoo-hoo! Sounds like a damn Gatling gun! Whoo! Yeah! [gun clicks] Is everybody okay? Grant! I need you over at this window.
[gasps] - Grant! - [groans] [coughing] Grant's been shot! [soft dramatic music] Here, here.
All right.
Hey, Bass? Yeah, yeah? I should be dead, but I ain't.
It's gonna stay that way.
[wheezing gasp] That's the first time I ever heard you lie.
Might I have the pleasure of knowing who's inside that there cabin? U.
Federal Marshal Bass Reeves! I'm Jesse James! It is a pleasure! - Man, have I heard about you.
- Where's Wyatt? You're supposed to be so fast with a Colt you've been banned from every shooting contest in the plains! It is a rare challenge to face against you, sir.
- [gunshot] - [grunts] Oh, my God.
You do not shut up.
Pretty sure you ain't Marshal Reeves.
- [gun cocks] - Yeah.
Now hold on.
[gun cocks] Holster it.
Marshal Bass Reeves? I wish to surrender willingly and unconditionally Quiet! Holster it.
No, I can't do that.
Yes, you can.
He just shot your friend.
He didn't just shoot him.
He killed him.
Holster it! Wait, wait.
I'm unarmed.
I'm wounded.
- And I surrender.
- We take him to jail.
- He'll see justice.
- He'll escape.
He'll kill more people.
- Wyatt - We got to be sure.
Look at me.
You have a choice, son.
[suspenseful music] [gunshot] [somber music] [indistinct chatter] What's this? Reward money for Jesse James, wanted dead or alive.
Give it to Grant's family.
They could use it.
We did something good.
You should be thanking us.
Killing an injured man when he plain said he wished to surrender? That's a lot of things.
Good ain't one of them.
And you'll live with it.
[dramatic music] Uh, Marshal Reeves? I'm with the "Missouri Star.
" Got word of a posse led by you just brought Jesse James to justice.
- Is that true? - No.
It ain't.
Hey, Bass, Bass, you should talk to him.
Wait you should talk to a lot of reporters.
Why? Because if you don't tell your story, someone else might some white dick in a mask might end up the legend instead of you.
People are gonna want to know your story.
Today, tomorrow, maybe even 100 years from now.
I'm not doing this for them.
[soft dramatic music] [capsule whirring] - [sonic whoosh] - [whirring slows] Emma's alive? My God.
Uh Bruhl said he saw her die.
He must have covered for her.
But Flynn already has a pilot.
Why go through all of this trouble to get another one? Ah, rested and ready for today's lesson? Yeah, I, uh, I think I finally fixed that latency issue.
Ah, and, uh, hacking in and viewing the video logs, was it helpful or did it hurt? [dramatic music] - Uh - I'm insulted you're surprised.
I have safeguards all over this facility installed by and known only to me.
I don't understand why you didn't just tell me.
I did it for your own protection.
So, what, you thought I couldn't handle it, what happened to Emma Whitmore? I didn't want you to be discouraged.
Or afraid.
That every time you step into that machine, there isn't room for even the slightest error.
If you think that scares me, then you don't know me very well.
Try to deceive me again, and we'll see how scared you get.
Go on.
Powering up.
Ready when you are.
[engine powering on] [pensive orchestration] [soft chatter] [country music playing over radio] I'm good, thanks.
Got your text.
I loved westerns.
That's all I watched when I was a kid.
Gary Cooper and John Wayne.
They never crossed the line.
Good and bad, black and white.
There was a code, you know? And then I go to war, and all I can think about is, "My God.
"Those flicks are a bunch of crap.
" [chuckles] Because nobody is that good.
And then we meet this Bass guy, and he really was that good.
What are you saying? I want you to help me steal the time machine to save Jess.
[soft dramatic music] You want me to do what? - No.
- Rufus Wyatt, I can't do that.
I'm not helping you kill someone else.
I'm not asking you to do that.
I'm asking you to help me figure out another way To erase someone from existence.
Rufus, the man who killed Jessica killed two other women.
I'm trying to stop a bad man from hurting good people.
Please, help me.
[gentle music] I have no one else.
Will you help me save my wife?

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