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115 Public Enemy No. 1
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" Jake Neville, NSA.
This project's command was taken over by the National Security Agency.
The agents in control of Mason Industries they're Rittenhouse.
She is there right now.
This is Rittenhouse we're talking about.
- They could kill her.
- Monsieur Charvet? - Oui.
- I have so many questions.
Scary Rittenhouse dude is your father? The guy who's been terrorizing me, that's your dad? I will never be a part of this.
Do you hear me? Rittenhouse isn't a choice.
It's your legacy.
I'm just a secretary.
Ah, don't sell yourself short.
I saw that drawing on your desk.
You are very gifted.
I bet one day you'll do some remarkable things at Lockman.
Maria Thompkins was Flynn's mother.
What are we gonna do about Rittenhouse? We fight.
How? [melancholy orchestral music] You've been warming this bench for the past two hours.
I was about to step out for my fantasy football draft, but I can't leave you here looking like this.
House rules.
So, a penny for your thoughts? Might make you a millionaire, Father.
The rectory could use an upgrade.
My wife was the practicing Catholic.
She'd drag me to mass once a month like clockwork.
I never really took it seriously myself.
Neither did I, for the longest time.
I have a job.
In the beginning, I thought it was important, that it could help a lot of people, hopefully even bring my wife back to me.
But not matter what I do, nothing gets better.
If anything, it only gets worse.
I get it.
But when times are tough, you just got to trust that God has a plan.
What if you could change that plan? I don't follow.
What if you could make a person go left instead of right, backward instead of forward? What if you had the power to change the course of history? Does that mean nothing's meant to be? Does that mean God's not there? Would he stop me? What are you asking? [sighs] I'm asking for absolution.
[tense music] Guess this is what North Korea's like.
Whatever happens, just do what they say.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Flynn made another jump? So glad you could finally join us, Ms.
I, for one, am sick of waiting for Garcia Flynn to dictate our actions.
No more playing defense.
We're gonna take the son of a bitch out once and for all.
How? 1962.
Houston, Texas.
That's the year before the JFK assassination.
But why Houston? Do you remember Maria Thompkins? Wyatt Logan met her during your NASA mission.
Garcia Flynn's mother.
But what does she have to do with it? In 1962, Thompkins was a 17-year-old junior at Sam Houston High School.
The mission is to eliminate her.
- Whoa.
- You can't be serious.
No, no, no.
There is no way that we are doing that.
She's she's innocent.
We don't expect either of you to pull the trigger.
Meet your new tactical commander, Sergeant Major Caleb Sullivan.
You just lead him to the front door, and he'll take care of the rest.
- Ma'am.
- Don't "ma'am" me.
Okay, so, you just want us to play wingman to the Terminator over there? And you? You're fine with this? You're just gonna stand there and let this happen? Flynn's mother may be innocent, but she still raised a monster.
And given your performances, this may be the only way to get this done.
Forget it.
We refuse.
You cannot make us do this.
This is not right.
Maybe I haven't been clear.
This operation has been green-lit at the highest levels.
It's a go.
You refuse, we will charge you with aiding and abetting a wanted terrorist.
So, you can either spend the next few hours working for me, or the next 10 to 15 years wishing you had.
That clear enough for you? [takes deep breath] I'm sorry.
Agent Neville's bedside manner leaves something to be desired.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you're here.
You have to understand Flynn is out of control.
If this one death can save hundreds Save Rittenhouse, you mean.
This is the murder of an innocent girl, period.
He cares nothing about history or collateral damage.
And what's his mother? What is she? We need you on this trip.
You're our chosen historian.
You always have been.
- Go to hell.
- Lucy! I know we're asking the unthinkable.
This isn't who you are.
You have such a good heart, and I admire that.
I'm I'm proud of you.
I only ask that you do this one mission.
The next one will be saving your sister.
I fully intend to honor the deal you've made with Agent Christopher, and I'm in a much better position to do that than she could ever be.
That's what you want, isn't it? More than anything? [machinery whirring] - Hey, could you - Hey, what? Never mind.
Just so you know, you could get a little queasy on reentry.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not your dance partner.
[rumbling] [rumbling and whirring] [groaning] Are we here? [breathing heavily] [dart fires] I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
- Ohh.
- Holy sh You did it! Okay.
Um I just have to reconfigure the coordinates.
Do you think Mason is gonna be able to track us? Not after what I did to his computers.
[rumbling] [alarm beeping] Wait a minute.
I've lost them.
What do you mean, you've lost them? They've jumped.
They're no longer in - Nothing's responding.
- Get them up.
Where in the hell are they? The system's crashing.
Damn! - [chittering] - Rufus.
- I can try to run a diagnostic.
- Step away from the controls, Jiya.
Now! Did you know he was going to do this? Did you? - No! I swear.
- Will somebody tell me what the hell is going on? This is Rufus's doing.
It's a computer worm.
We're dead in the water.
We can't track the Lifeboat.
And Jiya's not to be trusted.
She's sleeping with him.
- Mason! - Rufus thinks he's smarter than me.
All right, well, I'll handle this myself.
You get the hell out! [dramatic music] [rumbling and whirring] It's us! We're okay! [laughing] We made it! You did it! You held the gun like I said, huh? Yeah, pulled the trigger between breaths.
Rufus, you're a badass.
If by "badass," you mean scared out of my mind.
So, we just stole a giant piece of top-secret machinery and made ourselves fugitives from the US government.
- All good.
- You did the right thing.
If Rittenhouse is running the shop, they can't have the time machine.
Your sense of calm is super annoying.
Rufus, they can't track us? You shut them down? Yeah, but it's only a matter of hours before Mason is able to counteract the worm and get the network back online.
How much time does that give us? The Lifeboat's battery is drained after two jumps.
It'll need four hours to recharge, if it even can, and Okay.
It's all right.
One step at a time.
First step: let's go get your sister back.
What? I think that's reckless.
Flynn is still out there With all due respect, ma'am, we don't work for the government anymore.
I think Lucy deserves a shot.
I'll start the charge.
[laughing, crying] Thank you.
[grunts] Okay.
Thank you.
[laughs] So, what's the plan? Okay, so, um, we go to 1979, UC Berkeley, and we make sure that my mom and Henry Wallace meet.
[laughing] They always said that it was love at first sight.
They knew the minute that they laid their eyes on each other.
Well, let's go play cupid.
- [laughs] - [alarm sounding] It's Flynn.
He's jumped.
Where? [dark music] [whispering inaudibly] Frankie says you have something of vital interest to me.
These tax ledgers were seized during the raid on one of your establishments a few years ago.
Key evidence for the tax evasion case they're building against you.
Where'd you get these? Post office, believe it or not.
Treasury Department keeps a poorly guarded file room there, Mr.
That's your big gift? As if they're gonna get me for tax evasion.
Get him out of here.
I also have this letter from your accountant, Mr.
He makes some fairly scandalous accusations.
With this evidence, believe me, you'd be going to prison.
Pay Mr.
Mattingly a visit.
Make sure he can't write any more letters.
I guess I owe you a debt of gratitude.
What the hell are we supposed to do? It's one problem at a time.
And right now that is Flynn taking the Mothership to 1931.
Except now Rittenhouse has taken over Mason Industries, and they might be ten times worse than Flynn.
Maybe we're fighting the wrong battle.
You're the one who said we can't let Flynn take a wrecking ball to everyone and everything.
That was before we stole a time machine, became fugitives, and Jiya was forced to work next to a bunch of homicidal dicks! Rufus, like it or not, we're the only ones who can stop Flynn from hurting people.
And what about my sister, huh? I mean, this was my last shot.
If we don't do this now, I may never see my sister again.
They track us down after we get back from Chicago, it is over.
My sister will be gone forever.
Okay, look, I get it.
None of us should have to give up our families.
I know.
I'm the last person that should be saying that, because I'm the selfish ass that went after my wife, but still letting Flynn murder through time that's madness.
And I think somewhere deep down, we all can admit that.
Rittenhouse or not, Flynn's not gonna stop until we stop him.
So, why us? There's nobody else but us.
[phone buzzing] - Hello? - Jiya, it's me.
Are you okay? Rufus, what Did you slip me a burner? Yeah.
I got it from watching "The Wire.
" Listen - Okay, where are you? - I don't have a lot of time, right now you are in a lot of trouble.
Whatever you did shut down the network.
Mason's pissed.
He's gonna get it up and running again, and then he's going to find you.
That's why I'm going to need you to run interference.
How the hell am I supposed to do that? Delay.
Do whatever you can to keep them off of our backs as long as you can.
Rufus, these guys are everywhere.
Jiya, we can't let them have the time machine, all right? I'm so sorry for putting you on the spot.
The last thing I ever wanted was for you to become a double agent believe me.
I know how hard it is.
What do you mean? What the hell are you talking about? I'll explain everything to you, I swear.
But you have to do this.
We need you.
I need you.
Okay, just come back to me safe.
- Promise? - You too.
I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
[dramatic music] - Hi.
What's up? - Who were you talking to? Myself.
I come here to think, clear my mind.
There's a lot going on.
Empty your pockets.
[scoffs] Okay, a little handsy there.
I don't remember swiping right.
You think I was born yesterday? Hey, Singer! Put her on ice.
She doesn't leave the building.
[whirring] Be careful.
Oh, my God, you guys, this is terrible.
We stand out like sore thumbs.
Well, there's no time to go shopping.
Flynn's already way ahead of us.
I saw we own it, embrace our fashion-forwardness, stop Flynn, and get the hell out of here.
What if Flynn has already done whatever it is he came here to do? So, March 13, 1931, Chicago.
Where's Flynn headed? There's only one place I can think of.
What can I say? The crooked lawyers for the prosecution somehow lost all the evidence they had on me.
But you ask me? They never had it in the first place.
That's Al Capone? He looks so young.
He was only 26 when he became a crime boss.
And lost them in bank failures.
They should be the ones going on trial.
Is he not afraid to be out in the open like this? The people of Chicago loved him.
They would chant his name at Cubs games.
So, it's true, then? All charges against you have been dropped? With no evidence, the honorable Judge Wilkerson had no choice but to drop the case.
Justice has been served.
[applause] Wait, wait, wait.
This isn't right.
Guys, look.
Go, go, go.
[camera flashes firing] Capone is supposed to be going to prison for tax evasion today.
Flynn must have gotten him off somehow.
Well, that's not troubling at all.
For some reason, none of them good, Flynn has already wormed his way in with Capone.
Well, with all that mob muscle, it's gonna be hard to get close to Flynn or Capone.
Which makes this a first-class, grade-A cluster - Maybe he can help.
- Mr.
Ness, it appears if Al Capone is the Untouchable One.
Got a comment? Any more questions? [indistinct chatter] Come on.
Ness? Mr.
Eliot Ness? I said no comment.
Oh, we're not the press.
We're, um - We're private investigators.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm Connery.
This is Costner.
And this here is our driver, Robert De Niro.
We're trying to get information on the tall man with the dark features with Capone.
Did you did you see him? He's not from Chicago.
I haven't seen him before.
He's definitely not from around here.
Neither are we.
I can tell.
Are you wearing a woman's sweater? His name's Garcia Flynn.
And we think he's teaming up with Al Capone.
He is the most dangerous gangster in San Francisco.
William Randolph Hearst he hired us himself to dig up some dirt on him and try and get him off the streets.
And whatever he's up to with Capone it's way worse than tax evasion.
You know, I told them going after Capone for his taxes would never work.
Well, it could've worked.
[pounds on door] Hey! Hey! Bathroom break? The burner we couldn't track it.
Your boyfriend covered every base.
Where are they, Jiya? - Where the hell is my machine? - I don't know.
And you expect us to believe you? Look, he didn't say.
He just he just said he was worried about me.
Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in? This is the National Security Agency.
Need I remind you? Be smart.
Play ball.
[scoffs] Oh, what's so funny? You know, my first day on the job, I was so scared, intimidated.
I I was in awe of you.
I mean, I was coming to work for the Connor Mason.
I mean, my my hero.
All I wanted to do was to make you proud.
Right now, it's like that moment where where Dorothy pulls back the curtain, and she sees the Wizard for who he truly is: a coward.
Do you really think that this, um, childish, plucky snark is going to help you? This is the real world.
You take your time, you think, and decide: help us or be arrested and incarcerated.
[lock thuds] Nice place.
Very cozy.
It's a rat trap.
Capone was tipped off as to where I lived, so started getting death threats, occasional brick through the window.
Sent my wife to Cincinnati to stay with her sister, and I moved in here.
How do you cope with all that? Loved ones and family in that much danger How do you still go after Capone? Well, how could I not? Couldn't look my wife in the eye and tell her that I'd given up.
Couldn't look myself in the mirror.
Where could we find Capone right now? We are in a little bit of a time-crunch.
Garcia Flynn is very dangerous.
And Capone isn't? Not by comparison.
Capone? The man responsible for the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre? I think we can all agree that both men are incredibly dangerous.
Why don't we just focus on finding them and stopping them from doing whatever it is - they're planning on doing? - [pounding at door] [pounding continues] It's okay.
That's Billy.
He's one of my guys.
Come in.
[rapid gunfire] No.
No, no, no, no, no.
What? No.
Eliot Ness he can't be dead.
He's not supposed to die for another 26 years.
How'd they even know he was here? How do you think? Flynn.
This can't be happening.
I mean, Capone is out there on the loose, and the only guy that can stop him is gone! We got to get out of here right now.
We're just supposed to leave him here like this? What do you want to do? Wait for the cops? We don't have IDs.
I'm wearing button-fly jeans from The Gap.
There's nothing we can do.
[sirens wailing] - Where are we going? - To find Capone.
- What about Flynn? - One problem at a time.
Stop saying that.
Why do you keep saying that? Do you know what the very first Delta mission was? 1979, Iran.
That's right.
Go get the hostages out of Tehran.
One of my Delta instructors name is Diamond Dave he was on that mission.
The plane carrying the operatives lands in the desert somewhere to refuel.
While it's on the ground, a Navy helicopter crashes into it due to the heavy winds.
So, Dave he wakes up from a nap.
He sees the plane is on fire.
Now, he still thinks they're 20,000 feet up.
He can't find a parachute, so he just flings himself right out the door, right through the smoke.
Okay, this is all really nice, but what is the point of this story? So the guys afterwards asked Dave, "If you thought we were 20,000 feet in the air, "why the hell would you fling yourself out the door "without a parachute?" Dave just looks at him and he says, "All I knew was the plane was on fire, "and I figured one problem at a time.
" [sparks crackle, engine turns over] First, we stop Capone, and then we worry about what Flynn wants with him and everything else.
So, if Al Capone is supposed to be behind bars, how do we put him there? I don't know.
I mean, without Ness, this is just Lucy? I know who we can ask.
I'm so sorry to bother you so late, but are you by any chance Richard Hart? What can I do for you? Well, uh, we need your help.
It's about your brother, Al Capone.
I don't know who you people think I am.
You're Jimmy Capone, born James Vincenzo Capone.
My name's Richard Hart.
You left Brooklyn when you were 16 and changed your name for a fresh start, and wound up becoming a Prohibition Agent.
And you haven't seen your family or your brother ever since you left.
But you know what Al's been up to.
You can't read the morning paper without seeing his name.
Keep it down, will you? My wife and kids don't know my real name.
Nobody does.
Did Al send you? We look like mobsters to you? You're from the bureau, then? Is that what this is? I work hard.
I don't take bribes.
Just because I was born a Capone, that doesn't mean I act like one.
We know.
You're a good man and an honorable cop, and that's why we came to you in the first place.
- We really need your help.
- Who is it, dear? Honey, it's - these people are lost.
- Sorry.
Just gonna give them directions out of here.
Won't be a minute.
Now, listen to me Your little brother Al just sent Eliot Ness to the morgue.
[sighs] I'm sorry to hear that.
Truly, I am.
But what do you want with me? We need you to bring us to see your brother.
- What? - In person.
You crazy? And then we need you to arrest him.
[laughs] You are crazy.
[door opening] Al! Where's the fire? I was having dinner with Wrigley and some broads when this Neanderthal drags me out like I'm some kind of Joe.
Who's this guy? This is the guy who touched the Untouchable Eliot Ness.
Garcia Flynn.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
How'd you know where Ness was holed up? - I couldn't even find out.
- Exactly.
He's done more for me in one day than you've done since I put your sorry ass in office.
And the only thing he asked in return was to talk to you.
Is that so? What the hell about? [grunts] Are you crazy? I'm the mayor of Chicago.
And also a member of Rittenhouse.
- Who sent you? - I sent myself.
I have some questions, and I need some honest answers.
Hart, Al should be in prison.
We need you to bring him in before he kills any more people.
I don't have anything to do with my brother.
- Leave me out of it.
- You're a federal agent.
I ticket rummies on the street.
I'm no Ness.
I'm no Untouchable.
And like you said, I haven't seen Al in over 20 years.
What makes you think I could just waltz in there - and see him now? - You can try.
What makes you think I'd want to? He's my little brother.
I love the stupid son of a bitch.
I wiped his damn nose, took him to buy candy on the corner.
What makes you think that I want to be the one - to put him behind bars? - Mr.
Hart We're done here.
And if you tell anyone who I am, you're gonna have more than one Capone to worry about.
Did you know that he takes ads out in newspapers, looking for you? All over the country, for years.
He misses you.
I understand how hard it must be for you to face him.
I've had to give up family, too, and nobody should have to do that, but maybe he will listen to you.
- Maybe you could save him.
- Al's beyond being saved.
Hart, out of all the jobs that you could've chosen, you pick cop.
I mean, why is that? I mean, don't you think it's because you want to set right what Al has done wrong, because you know that somebody has to stop him? No matter how hard it is to do, you have to do what's right.
You have to help us.
There's nobody else but you.
Aah! Hey, watch where you're bleeding.
That's an antique.
Tell me about the meeting.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What meeting? The one Julian Charvet told me about in Paris four years ago.
Julian Charvet was killed in Paris four years ago.
Felt like it was yesterday.
In his last few breaths, he told me about this Rittenhouse meeting where all members get together, but he didn't have the details, so here I am, asking you the details.
Try the bat.
Hold on.
Hold on.
The meeting was two years ago, okay? - Two years ago.
- Where? D.
All the Rittenhouse big shots get together to make sure everyone's on the same page.
But it only happens every 25 years.
- The next summit is not until - 1954.
Long time to wait.
Not as long as you'd think.
No, no.
- Al, you can't do this! - I'm not gonna do anything.
He's the one who wants you dead.
But I don't want the mess.
Take him down to the docks.
No! Ugh! [muffled yelling] Thank you for the introduction.
Hey, thank you.
Between those tax ledgers and Ness, you killed two very big headaches for me today.
But the way I see it, I still owe you one.
And I hate owing favors.
I think I know a way to make it even.
[elevator dings] Swanky digs.
Lexington Hotel was the height of luxury at the time.
At the time of what? Hey, are you ready for this? Hell no, I'm not ready.
Leaving home was the smartest thing I ever done.
This was the dumbest.
[elevator dings] Hey! Frank Galluccio.
Looks like you finally hit puberty, huh? Who the hell are you? Who the hell am I? I'm the one that broke your nose over Shelly Russo.
[grunts] Jimmy, is that you? We figured you were dead.
Not yet.
Who are they? They're friends of mine.
Al's gonna be over the moon when he sees you.
Come on.
- You know what I just realized? - What? We're totally the Untouchables right now.
Oh, boy.
[dramatic music] Come on - We're up.
- That's great.
Where are they? March the 13th, Chicago, Illinois.
When they jump back, we can track their general area.
Well, that's a start.
Get teams ready to roll.
[electricity crackles, winds down] [alarm sounding] What the hell happened? You said you had them.
[all speaking at once] What did you do? I still have to pee.
Hey, boss.
Sorry to interrupt, but your brother's here to see you.
I'm busy.
Tell Ralphie to come back in the morning.
It ain't Ralphie.
Jimmy? I was in the neighborhood.
You got a lot of damn nerve showing up here after all these years.
You gained weight.
You got old.
[laughs] [sighs] Who are they? These are my friends.
Even that guy? I'm likeable.
You people ain't from Chicago.
We're from California, actually.
Ah, land of the fruits and nuts.
That explains it.
Boy, first time I'm seeing these famous scars on your face that's something.
Don't say the nickname they gave me.
I freakin' hate it.
The papers say you got them in the war, but come on.
What's the real story? Between us? When we were teenagers, I insulted Frank's sister.
This was his way of getting back at me.
Frankie, you did this? He deserved it.
Bosses had us sit down, make peace.
Frankie's one of my best guys now.
I'm a Prohibition Agent.
Get out of here.
You're a G-man? Not a very good one.
[glasses clink] So, what are you doing here? You in some kind of trouble or something? - Maybe I'm here to see you.
- After all these years? Come on.
Let's not lie to each other, Jimmy.
Actually, we were the ones that asked him to come here.
We're looking for someone.
Tall guy.
Name is Garcia Flynn.
He was here.
Man of his word.
Did a couple favors for me.
I did one for him.
Did he happen to mention Rittenhouse? Yeah, something about a summit in D.
in 1954.
All of them all together, whatever that means.
Jimmy, tell me you didn't come here just to ask me about this guy Flynn.
I'm here to bring you in, Al.
[laughing] You're serious? It's one thing raising hell as kids in Brooklyn, but you're out of control.
I'm sorry, Al.
I love you.
But someone has to stop you before you hurt more folks.
You got some balls walking in here out of the blue like this.
Dad died 11 years ago.
Our brother remember him? Back in '24.
Did you know that? - Do you even care? - Of course I care.
But not enough to come to the funerals.
Ma was heartbroken, you know.
I started wondering if you were even still alive.
And now you show up here saying you're some damn federal agent? And that you and these clowns are gonna bring me in? That guy Flynn said these three might come looking for him.
And when he left, he asked me to do him one more favor.
And being a man of my word - Oh! - No, no, no.
Please! Please.
I made a deal to take out the colored fella.
Flynn says they can't follow him if I do.
- Can't let you do that.
- Jimmy.
You'd pull a gun on me? Your own brother? [gun clicks] Lower your weapon, Al.
What are you gonna do? You gonna you gonna shoot me? - I don't want to.
- But you want to take me to prison, is that right? Oh, Dad must be turning over in his damn grave right now.
Dad wasn't around to see what you became.
Neither were you! You want to know why I disappeared? Because I saw what you were becoming, and I didn't want to end up like that, like all this.
I may be a Capone, but you and I are nothing alike.
You're right.
We're not.
But we're family.
And family's more important than anything, which is why I know you won't shoot.
[shots fire] Aah! Oh, my God.
Rufus? He shot me.
You got to stop the bleeding.
[dark music] [melancholy music] [alarm sounding] What's the status on this outage? Oh, everything's on track.
We'll be up and running in a few hours.
And you'll be able to locate them when they jump back? Within a 50-square-mile radius, yes.
All we'll need is time.
But if you want speedier results going forward Yes? I assume you know about the NSA Data Farm in Utah.
I need access to their 12 exabytes of raw data, which I have a sneaking suspicion you can provide.
And what will you do with it? My team has developed advanced mining software, more advanced than anything the NSA will produce in the next ten years.
It gives us the ability to tap into cell phones, email accounts, satellites, traffic cams, that sort of thing.
Now, not only will we be able to find Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt Logan, Garcia Flynn, and the Lifeboat, but if our test works, we'll have the capability to pinpoint anyone, anywhere, at any time you want.
Or we could, of course, just wait and hope for the best.
[panting] - How bad is it? - Bullet's still in there.
We got to get him to a hospital.
In the '30s? No way.
They were segregated, and not good.
Yeah, well, we can't exactly march him into an ER back home.
Our faces are on every single government watch list out there.
I'm sorry, Rufus.
I'm so sorry.
I should've I should've reacted faster.
One problem at a time, right? Yeah.
Get me to the Lifeboat.
I'll take us home.
Police are on the way.
Ambulance too.
I don't know if we can wait that long.
He's lost a lot of blood.
- Can you stand? - Yeah.
[grunts] [groans] We're just gonna take him there ourselves.
Thank you for your help.
I know this was hard for you.
I'm sorry.
- Okay, Wyatt - [Rufus wheezing] Come on, Rufus.
Stay with us.
- [wheezing] - Okay, Rufus.
- Got to buckle him in.
- Rufus, look at me.
You have to get us back, okay? We don't know how.
Come on, buddy.
- I just - Good.
I just Come here, buddy.
You want me to push a button? This one? This one right here? - In the seat.
In the seat.
- Right here.
You got this, Rufus.
Come on.
[whirring] Stick with us, Rufus! Tell Jiya We're buckled in.
Get us out of here.
- What? - Rufus.
Rufus! - Rufus! - Hey! [dramatic music]

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