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201 The War to End All Wars
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" What the hell was that? Mr.
Mason invented a time machine, and chose not to tell the government about it until it was stolen by terrorists.
Garcia Flynn, ex-NSA asset in Eastern Europe.
You're telling me that this guy actually went back in time? There's room in there for three passengers.
To go after him? You need to eliminate Garcia Flynn.
- [CAMERA SHUTTERS SNAP] - [GUNSHOTS BLAST] Hey, you make me a you make me a believer Believer Hey, you break me down You built me up Believer Something that Flynn did or we did to the Hindenburg has changed my family.
My mother isn't sick anymore, and my sister was never born.
You have no idea what you're up against.
I have a pretty good idea.
No, you don't.
- Who is Rittenhouse? - They control all of us.
Rittenhouse isn't a choice.
It's blood.
I will never be a part of this, do you hear me? [EXPLOSION BLASTS] Hey Let the bullets fly - Jiya! - [BUZZING] Jiya? - You followed me? - He's a terrorist, Lucy.
I trusted you as my family.
How do you think I met your father? We both come from good, strong, Rittenhouse families.
As we speak, Rittenhouse has an operative on the Mothership and soon they will control everything, and together we will change history.
Pull back.
Captain! Has anyone seen the captain? [GRUNTS] Captain! Captain Albright! [INDISTINCT YELLING] Captain Albright.
- [WHIMPERING] - Captain.
Oh, Captain, I thought you were a goner.
[GROANS] Can you walk? I expect so.
I I'll go get the truck.
Where's Lucy? I don't know.
I've called, texted.
She's not answering.
Where she say she was going again? Her mom's, I think.
Girl's been obsessed with trying to get her sister back.
Now that she can, she's late? I'll try her again.
Be done in a second.
Are you all right? Maybe you could knock next time.
Maybe you could follow the system we have in place and put the chair in front of the door.
[SOFT MUSIC] [GUN COCKS] [HANDLE CLANKING] You gotta be kidding me.
Rufus! [BUZZING SLOWS, STOPS] - What'd you do that for? - Give me the grinder.
- And the mask.
- Why? Just just give it to me.
Wyatt, can we talk about [GRINDER BUZZES] That door's a foot thick.
It'll take you forever to get through it! Loo Look, I know you wanna find Lucy, but you getting yourself killed out there isn't gonna help anyone, especially if you don't even know if she's still alive.
Locking the door from the outside now? What are we, prisoners? I have trust issues with you, Wyatt, obviously with good reason.
My agents are looking for her.
They're using drones, satellites, cell records, every resource we have.
Yeah, what' the latest? Let me guess, you got nothing.
The only thing you do by leaving is give what's left of Rittenhouse another opportunity to kill you.
Yeah, well, I'll take my chances.
After everything we did, there can't be that many of them.
They blew up Mason Industries.
We have no idea how powerful they still are.
I'm already down one asset.
That's what you think Lucy is? An asset? Master Sergeant Logan, you are not leaving this bunker.
Court-martial me.
I stationed two armed guards upstairs to keep the bad guys out, and keep you guys in.
You see, Rufus? We really are prisoners in this hell hole.
It is government-owned.
It's off the grid.
And it was available on extremely short notice.
Gee, wonder why.
The only way you're leaving this bunker is in that time machine.
It does suck down here.
How soon before the "Lifeboat's" fixed? We're close.
I was just about to run a test.
[MACHINE WHIRS] [BUTTONS CLACK] [MACHINE WHIRS, FLUTTERS] [WHIRRING INTENSIFIES] [CLANKING] Ah, friggen Clockblocker! What happened? You wanna check my work? I may have miscalculated the second derivative of the time dilation equation.
It's okay.
We'll just adjust the levels on the capacitor and we'll try again.
You should get some rest.
You know, take a break.
We don't need you having another one of those headaches.
You're sweet, and a tiny bit condescending, and I'm totally fine.
I think I fixed the problem.
There was a pin missing from the converter.
That's the right lateral particle converter.
Yes, I know it's the right lateral particle converter.
- I invented it.
- Well, why is the receiver set to 3Y2R? Yes, of course.
Just just stop.
No disrespect, Connor, but this is not helpful.
You are not helping right now.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [CLEARS THROAT] Maybe you can figure out what to do with this.
Somebody wanna tell me how that guy became a billionaire? I mean, he can't do anything.
Can't weld.
He can't cook.
Doesn't even remember how the "Lifeboat" works.
He lost his whole life.
22 employees, his company, his fortune.
Maybe he's grieving like all of us.
I'm not grieving.
Because Lucy is not dead.
Rittenhouse has her.
Wyatt, look, I think you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that Lucy Lucy's father was a member of Rittenhouse.
They're not trying to kill her, he was trying to recruit her.
- I hope you're right.
- I am right.
Lucy's alive.
And as soon as I get out of this damn pit, I'm gonna find her.
I don't recommend traveling on a full stomach.
Trust me.
You've come so far these past few weeks, Lucy.
I'm proud of you.
I don't have to tell you how important this trip is, for both of us.
I know, Mom.
I'm ready.
Yes, I believe you are.
They're waiting for us.
[GUNSHOTS BLAST] [SIGHS] Oh, it's incredible.
[EXHALES] We're here together, like I'd always hoped.
[EXPLOSIONS BOOM] Are you ready? Let's go change history.
[EUROPEAN FOLK MUSIC OVER RADIO] [CHUCKLES] I used to play this for you.
Every night, while I was studying for my AP European History final.
It drove me nuts.
Yes, but you aced the test.
Two days.
How much longer do we have to wait around? We don't know exactly when he's going to show up.
The records are spotty.
But we'll wait for him as long as we have to.
Who? Why? - Is it someone famous? - His name is Nicholas Keens.
And that's really all you need to know.
Maybe Mom doesn't trust you.
Because you're so trustworthy? You've lied to, what, everyone you've ever worked with? I've always been loyal to Rittenhouse, from the start.
Unless you're lying now.
I mean, how many faces do you really have? Some of us aren't royalty, princess.
Some of us had to work our way up while you were busy running from having everything handed to you.
Work your way up to what? Wicked stepsister? All right, that's enough.
Both of you.
Sweetheart, this trip is your chance to prove your loyalty.
Just do that and all your questions will be answered.
- Okay? - [DISTANT] Help! [FOREBODING MUSIC] Help! Is anyone here? Oh, thank God.
I thought all these houses were abandoned.
My friend needs help.
That's why we're here.
To save his life.
[CONTROL BEEPS] How'd you do it? Rufus told me to double-check the time dilation equation, and when I uploaded it to the motherboard, eight flight systems came online.
- You fixed it? - Yeah.
- Where's the Mothership? - I'll check.
September 14th, 1918, France.
That's World War I.
Where? Uh, the nearest town is Saint-Mihiel.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Rufus, we gotta go.
That's the Western Front.
The Battle of Saint-Mihiel was the first one the American forces led.
I mean, thousands died.
It was it was a bloodbath.
Hang on.
That is not good.
What? The Mothership landed two days ago.
What have they been doing? Rufus, right now.
- Wyatt, your clothes.
- We'll find them there.
- I'm coming with you.
- No you're not.
The "Lifeboat" has three seats.
You need all the help you can get.
No one is going in that seat except for Lucy.
We're bringing her home.
Wyatt, you don't even know if she's alive.
Or if Rittenhouse has her or if they took her on this trip.
I'm sympathetic, I am, but there is no room for error here.
We need to stop Rittenhouse, whatever the Agent Christopher, we are bringing Lucy home.
- Ruth, darling.
You can't have a pony until you're six, sweetheart.
Your mother won't buy it.
I [GROANS] - You're Americans? - Yes.
My daughter and I are volunteers for the American Committee for Devastated France, - and Emma is a nurse.
- A nurse? Lived alone in a Missouri cabin for ten years.
- You pick up things.
- [GROANS] - Is he all right? - He will be.
Just let us work.
Get him out of here.
Come with me.
Where are you from? Uh, you ever been to Adrian, Michigan? No.
You're gonna wanna keep it that way.
[CHUCKLES] How about your friend there? Where's he from? He's crashing.
We need the defibrillator.
The what? - [DEFIBRILLATOR WHIRS] - What's that? - Clear.
- Please, you have to go, okay? Uh, I'm not going anywhere.
It's okay, they'll take care of him.
- [PADDLES SHOCK] - Whoa, you're killing him! His pulse is back.
BP is 90 over 50.
- Get your hands off him.
- We don't have time for this.
- What're you doing? - [GUNSHOT BLASTS] [GROANS] You're a better shot than that, Emma.
[GROANS] You're right.
I thought Lucy should take care of this.
[RIFLE COCKS] Who are you people? We have to protect the mission.
Either you're with us or you're not.
No, no, please.
Please, you don't have to do this.
[PANTING] Please.
No, ple I'm so sorry.
Please, you don't have to [GUNSHOT BLASTS] [WHITE NOISE RINGING] [HEAVY BREATHING ECHOING] [SOLEMN MUSIC] His body's riddled with shrapnel.
Take it out.
I can't even see it without an X-ray.
Lucy, are you okay? I'm fine.
What if we could get an X-ray machine here? [FOREBODING MUSIC] So have I proven myself? Or is Emma gonna make me shoot innocent people on every trip? Emma still believes you're working for the other side.
There is no other side anymore, right, Mother? - You got rid of all that.
- Lucy [SIGHS] So they had portable X-ray machines in World War I? They were called "petite Curies," Mac.
Is that French for "portable X-ray"? They were named after Marie Curie.
She invented them.
Seriously? The most famous scientist of her time.
She discovered radium and polonium.
She was the first person to win two Noble prizes.
How do we know there's gonna be one of these machines, a "petite Curie," at this field hospital? BOTH: We're historians.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left You can't smell history in books.
'Cause you wouldn't wanna.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] [SPEAKING FRENCH] Of course I know how to use it, my mother invented it.
You're you're Irène Curie? - Who are you? - Your English is excellent.
Your French is terrible.
What do you want? Um, there's an injured soldier up the way at a farmhouse.
He can't be moved.
We need someone who knows how to use the petite Curie.
We can come.
I'll get my mother.
Wait, wait, wait.
Her mother? Marie Curie? We are not taking them back to the farmhouse.
Honey, we do not have a choice.
We'll get her back here in a couple of hours.
Unless something happens to her.
What if she gets hurt or Or dies? I understand what's at stake here.
But trust me when I tell you that this is that important.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] - Where's the patient? - Oh, Madame Curie.
[CHUCKLES] Um, he's miles away from here.
And you have so much important work to do here.
Surely a nurse could come.
I have one patient to see, then we go.
Come, I will show you how to use the machine.
No, no, no, that's unnecessary.
You're here to help, aren't you? Next time you have an injured soldier, you won't need me.
Come, allez.
Lucy, are you coming? [COUGHS] I need water.
Lucy, come back here.
Mom, you're gonna have to learn to trust me at some point.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [PATIENTS COUGHING] - [SPEAKING FRENCH] - Huh? - You're alive? - You're alive.
- Yeah.
[LAUGHTER] You have to go.
- What? - My mother is leaving soon.
- Your mother? - She's one of them.
Uh, so your mother's a Rittenhouse? Don't have time to explain right now.
I have to get back to them.
[GRUNTS] Wait.
Get back to what? They're trying to save a soldier, which means I have to kill him, I guess.
With that? No, this is for the Mothership Which you guys can take care of now.
Okay, it's about three miles from here, near an abandoned farmhouse up the road, okay? Wait, hold on, let me get this straight.
You were gonna kill a soldier and blow up the Mothership? I thought you were dead.
How are you gonna get home? I wasn't.
So are you gonna take care of the Mothership or not? Lucy.
Okay, it's about three miles from here, southeast, near an abandoned farmhouse.
Wait, Lucy I'll see you there.
You all right? - Much better.
- Good, we have to go.
I'm guessing you're happy she's still alive, huh? [SOLEMN MUSIC] What? Yeah, of course.
We need our historian.
Yeah, sure.
Our historian.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] - You all right? - I'm fine.
Uh, I could use some help getting the rest of the systems online.
You're all correct, you know.
I don't know how to turn a wrench and my maths has gone to crap.
Schematics seem to be written in Greek.
You're just rusty.
You're a great engineer, Mason.
Yes, I was.
I think becoming rich and powerful has made me useless.
At least I don't have to worry about that anymore.
- Mm.
That's the second one today.
It's barely noon.
- I'm fine.
- No, you need to rest.
Why don't you have a glass of water? [SHOUTS] Do you mind? We're kind of trying to stop the apocalypse here.
Let's, um let's start with the spatial resolution system.
Come closer.
Uh, I've heard radiation is dangerous.
The procedure is completely safe.
Don't believe what you've heard.
We're in more danger from our drivers.
How so? One night, my mom was on her way home from the field hospital.
The truck overturned.
My mom was crushed underneath the apparatus.
Bleeding everywhere, and then, the driver, he rushed around the car, - and he said - Madam, madam, are you dead? My sister and I wouldn't have even known had we not found the bloody bandages.
I think she was afraid we'd try to stop her from her work, as if that were possible.
This is not right.
It's blurry.
Well, maybe we should try again? Something's wrong.
Irène, check the battery.
Would you like to see how the truck works? I'd love to.
- What? Remember when we thought we were done with all of this? [CHUCKLES] Well, we got Lucy back.
That's what's important.
So the three of us die here now.
These boots are giving me blisters.
I need to invent sneakers.
Rufus, you gotta get it together.
So what, I'm the bad guy 'cause I'm not thrilled to still be chasing these jackasses through time? I'm just saying, all things considered, I think we have it pretty good.
Look, wheels.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Thought this would be a little easier than hotwiring a car.
- Hold it right there, boys.
- [GUNS COCK] [BROODING MUSIC] I'm sorry, was that not Captain Philips' truck? He asked us to save Private Ryan, so Stealing a truck to run off? You know what the penalty is for desertion? I ought to shoot you right now, save the provost marshal the trouble.
Okay, we're not deserters.
What regiment are you with? The black one.
We're volunteers, sir.
Rufus flies with the Escadrille Américaine, and I'm with the Foreign Legion.
Seems they've lowered their standards.
Let's go.
Captain, we are urgently searching for a POW in enemy territory.
We don't have time to explain the mission to you now, but we can come back when we've completed it.
Wyatt! [GRUNTING] [GROANS] [YELPS] [KICKS LANDING] - Behind you! - [BLADE SWISHES] [GRUNTS] - Ah! - [GLASS SHATTERS] [KNIFE CLANKS] [GURGLES] [KNIFE CLATTERS] [OMINOUS MUSIC] [PHONE BEEPS] What the hell? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] A loose connection can interfere with the images.
You try.
Oh, okay.
- Red, red.
- Red, red.
- Black to black.
- Black to black.
Tie it with a knot.
Now make sure the cap's are fastened correctly.
You're a good teacher.
We've trained over 100 women to use these machines.
I know.
[GASPS] I mean, that's amazing.
[CHUCKLES] Maman says there's nothing worse than idle hands.
- Tough boss, huh? - She has high standards.
When Maman was called away with work, I'd write her letters and she'd write back correcting my grammar.
[CHUCKLES] When I was in school, I would stay up late doing my homework, and then I would come down the next morning just to see that my mother had deleted page after page.
- Deleted? - Well Erased.
Because it just wasn't good enough.
Sounds like we have something in common.
Do you ever wish that your mother would've just let you stay at the Sorbonne? That she hadn't dragged you to the front? She did not drag me.
The war is here.
Whether we come to the battlefield or not.
I can't imagine having fun doing physics and chemistry when I could be of service.
And how did you know that I went to the Sorbonne? Regarde, Irène, the image is still blurry.
It isn't the battery, Maman.
What else could cause this? Some type of interference, perhaps.
From what? [FOREBODING MUSIC] Let me see that.
It's good enough.
- Let's get him back inside.
- Yes Um, thank you so much for all your help.
Do you need any more assistance? No, go.
I'm sure the machine will be working better back at the field hospital.
Yes, I should hope as well.
Look, don't get me wrong.
I'm happy to have the team back.
But I still have a mother and a brother who think I'm dead A girlfriend who's sick and nobody knows why.
Look, you spent the last six weeks worried about the woman you love, I think you'd understand.
What? - Lucy! - No.
You idiot.
You're in love with Lucy.
Just admit it.
[ENGINE RUMBLING] Fine, don't admit it.
I don't care.
Can you just admit that sometimes saving the world sucks? Can you give me that? Please? [VEHICLE CLANKS] I'll admit the road sucks.
All right, can't call, can't text, can't email.
What is this guy doing with this thing in 1918? I don't know.
Porn, probably? Obviously.
They all knew him.
They answered to him.
I mean, how does a Rittenhouse agent become a captain in World War I? It'd take more than two days to gain that kind of trust.
It's like he rose his way through the ranks.
How long has this guy been here? [FOREBODING MUSIC] [FOOTSTEPS PATTER] He's stable.
Gave him a sedative while he recuperates.
We need to talk about the next steps.
[TENSE MUSIC] [ROUSING MUSIC] I was hoping Emma was wrong.
Must've been hard for you this morning, killing that soldier just to prove your loyalty to us.
If I hadn't, Emma would've.
That's what you do.
- Kill people.
- Lucy.
You know how sorry I am about Mason Industries, the "Lifeboat," your friends.
I told you that that part wasn't my call.
Not your call? I thought you were the one in charge of all of this.
There are others who have a say.
Powerful people.
People who don't care about you the way I do.
Oh, so you're not a monster? You just collaborate with monsters? Oh, well, weren't you just about to suffocate a An injured soldier? If you don't trust me, then why did you even bring me? Because I wanted to.
Lucy, I want us to be close again.
Close? We're not close.
You've been lying to me my entire life.
I don't even know who you are.
For God's sake, I'm still the same person.
I'm still the same person that kissed your skinned knees when you were little, that comforted you when Michael Garrison didn't take you to the prom.
I love you.
Everything I do, that I've ever done, I've done for you.
But if you ever try something like this again, I won't be able to protect you.
- He's ready, right? - Mm.
Well, let's go.
Ready for what? Nicholas is coming home with us.
[BROODING MUSIC] Oh, I think I've just found something.
It's, uh, eh letters, manuscripts, it's notes.
It's all scanned in right here.
It's ideas for what Rittenhouse could do with a time machine, written in 1910.
What, so they've been trying to get a time machine for the last 100 years? So what's it say? Typical "take over the world" type stuff? Sort of.
Change history, correct past mistakes to make a present more favorable to them, one where they would be in charge.
They wouldn't have to take over the world.
They'd already own it.
That's not troubling.
[ENGINE CREAKING] [VEHICLE SCREECHES] What happened? We're out of gas.
[SIGHS] You wanna ask Siri for the nearest gas station? Why are you bringing him to 2018? It doesn't make any sense.
[SPEAKING IN FRENCH] - Incroyable.
I it's just my mother and me.
Uh, we wanted to see what was disrupting the machine.
I think we found it.
I really wish you hadn't seen this.
Mom, this is crazy.
Tell her to put the gun down.
- Emma.
- What? You think I wanna do this? I didn't make the rules, Carol, but you know them as well as I do.
Sh she's right.
They they've seen the ship.
You wanna prove to me that you're not a monster? You taught me everything that I knew about these women.
How could you hurt them? Do what you must.
Spare my daughter.
Her sister has no other family left.
Maman, no, if you die, your work dies with you.
My daughters are the only work that matters.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] Let's just get this over with.
Put the gun down.
That's an order.
No! No.
Don't tempt me, princess.
I'm more than happy to take you out too.
You've worked too hard.
Don't throw it all away.
Just put the gun down now.
I was told if she disrupted the mission, you wouldn't be impartial enough to make the decision.
How did I disrupt the mission? I killed your soldier's friend when he tried to get in the way, I brought you a damn portable X-ray machine.
- I saved that guy's life.
- Did you? Then what was this for? Hmm? I found it in her bag.
She picked it up at the field hospital.
I think she was gonna bring it onboard the Mothership to blow it up, and all of us with it.
Someone who's willing to die fighting against us will never fight for us.
You can't protect her anymore.
I can.
Go, go, go.
Went through a lot of trouble to keep this zombie alive.
It'd be a shame if I put a bullet in his brain right now.
I was really hoping you were dead.
Sorry to disappoint.
We can either shoot it out, or we can both walk away with the person we came here for.
- Drop the gun.
- Drop yours first.
I'm gonna be real clear.
You let Lucy go or he dies right now.
You knew they were alive and you kept it from me.
Just - Come with us.
- What? Come with us, Mom.
I would forgive you for every horrible thing that you did for them if you just Just be with us.
Be on the right side of history.
Lucy, this is so much bigger than you or me.
Mom! Follow us, fight us.
You can have your damn "Lifeboat.
" You're never gonna get what you really want.
What's that? I took a few trips of my own in the Mothership.
What trips? Trips to make certain that no matter what you do, no matter where you go, your precious sister, the one who disappeared from history, she's never coming back.
- No, no! - Lucy, Lucy.
I just do what your mom tells me to.
- That's enough.
- Go, take her, Rufus.
Go, get out of here.
Safe travels.
[MOTHERSHIP WHIRRING] [MACHINE ZAPS] [MACHINE BOOMS, WHIRS] [HEROIC MUSIC] [SOFT LAUGH] It's not exactly what you were expecting to come home to, huh? I wasn't expecting to come home at all.
You okay? I killed someone this morning.
Not a bad guy.
Just an innocent person trying to help his friend.
He just got in the way.
Lucy, you You did what you had to do.
No, I chose to do it.
To prove I was loyal.
To Rittenhouse? [SOLEMN MUSIC] Why? Because I thought you were dead.
Because I thought the "Lifeboat" was gone.
Because I thought I was the only one standing.
I would've done anything, Wyatt.
I would've stayed in 1918 forever.
I would've blown up the Mothership with my mother and me in it to stop all this forever.
And then you showed up.
I just keep wondering if I could've stopped them if you hadn't've come.
Emma would've killed you.
My mother wouldn't have let her do that.
You sure about that? No.
I've lost everything.
[CRIES] You haven't lost me.
Hey, guys, uh Sorry sorry to interrupt.
Um You're gonna wanna see this.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Turns out Connor's not such a bad engineer after all.
He solved the quantum gravity equation.
Yes, I did, didn't I? Ah, so, um, before our system was operational, the Mothership visited ten different destinations in the previous six weeks.
My mother never told me about that.
All those trips couldn't have been about Amy.
History could've changed, and we wouldn't even know it.
Okay, so what the hell were they doing in all these places? I've been reading these plans they have.
They're nothing like Flynn's old run and gun.
- It's about pressure points.
- Pressure points? Key moments in history to change the present.
Mostly a bunch of crazy ideas on how to make a perfect world somewhere between "Hunger Games" and "Handmaid's Tale.
" So why did they visit so many places? Sleeper cells.
What? Think about it.
The captain we met in 1918, he worked his way up through the ranks.
Emma, she'd been in the late 1800s for, what, like ten years? Maybe they're playing a long game here.
I mean, what if they've already planted who knows how many agents in history? What if they're all just biding their time, leading regular lives, just waiting to be activated? Was there anything in there about a Nicholas Keens? That's the soldier that they saved and brought back to the present.
What? Lucy, these plans, this manifesto Nicholas Keens wrote it.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'm happy to see you're awake.
Uh, don't worry.
You're safe.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Where am I? You're with Rittenhouse, in the year 2018.
You were right about time travel.
It's possible.
We commissioned a time machine.
It's all come to pass.
And now we've got work to do.
And who are you? I'm your granddaughter.
How's it going? Uh, well, we printed out all the documents from the iPhone.
Is there anything in there that would tell us a specific plan? Mostly just devolves into a bunch of ranting, like "Mein Kampf" by Philip K.
We can't figure it out.
Well, there's someone who might know.
We need to talk.
Not to you.
I'll only talk to Lucy.

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