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203 Hollywoodland
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" - I didn't know - you were married.
- Jessica died.
It was my fault.
You're in love with Lucy.
Just admit it.
Maybe I do need to be open to the possibilities.
- Possibilities of what? - I don't know.
Jiya! - Where'd you go? - Um Nicholas Keynes, that's the soldier that they saved and brought back to the present.
These plans, this manifesto Nicholas Keynes wrote it.
You were right about time travel.
It's possible.
We commissioned a time machine.
And now we've got work to do.
I've been reading these plans.
It's about key moments in history to change the present.
Sleeper cells.
I mean, what if Rittenhouse already planted who knows how many agents in history? What if they're all just biding their time, living regular lives, just waiting to be activated? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [INSPIRING MUSIC] Just know that you'll be fine.
Stick to the plan.
Remember your training.
- Make us proud, son.
- Okay.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [MOTHERSHIP WHIRRING] [AIR WHOOSHING] - [WHIP CRACKING] - Yah, faster, Atreyu! We must win, or my family will die! Yah, giddyup! Cut! Roman charioteers do not say "giddyup" to their horses.
Right, sorry.
I just finished filming a Western, so Let's try it again.
We're shutting you down, Bob.
What? We just started filming.
And you're already over budget.
- You can't.
- I can.
It's a lousy picture anyway, just like your last three.
We're pulling your leads for a television show.
- Television? - It's the future.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] That's a nice-looking suit.
- Dad! - [LAUGHS] - Son.
- [BOTH LAUGH] Sorry.
It's been a while.
Look at you.
You look so young.
It's only been a couple months for me.
- 15 years for you.
- Well, yeah, producer at RKO.
You've done well, son.
You've done very well.
- So you're here.
- I found Nicholas Keynes.
Plucked him right out of World War I.
My God.
What's he like? He's even more brilliant than we could have hoped.
He's mapped it out, has plans for all of us.
And it's time for you to play your part.
So what can I do? [DISTORTED DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GUNSHOT] Jiya, what the hell? Jiya, are you okay? What happened? You're saying this has been going on for months? Ever since her trip in the "Lifeboat.
" And not one of you thought to tell me about it? Jiya made us promise not to.
What? Why? I didn't want you to bench me.
You probably think that I'm expendable, but I'm not.
Jiya, no one here is expendable, not to me, but you need a doctor.
What's the point? I mean, unless you have someone that specializes in time travel related illnesses? - She's got you there.
- You're not the least bit - concerned about this? - Reentry issues.
Like an astronaut coming back with space sickness.
I don't think there's anything to worry about.
Seizures and hallucinations are nothing to worry about? I'm not so sure they're hallucinations.
What are you talking about? What are they? - What are you seeing? - I'm not sure, okay? I don't know.
I don't know how to explain it.
- This could be very serious.
- Guys, please stop.
I appreciate the concern.
I really do.
But I actually have work to do, so if you could just lay off of me.
[BELL RINGS] Saved by the proverbial bell.
Where's the Mothership now? Uh, January 2, 1941.
Los Angeles.
Well, I don't know.
Hitler's in power.
Europe's engulfed in World War II.
What's that got to do with LA? I don't know, but I know who might.
You'll stay the night for observations.
Enjoy the luxury accommodations.
Thanks, Doc.
I'll try and get stabbed more often.
- Who did this to you? - Who do you think? Rittenhouse? In here, that's highly unlikely.
You're probably right.
Even though we hadn't met, I'm sure the inmate who stabbed me at breakfast with a spoon shank had a very good reason.
Where is this guy? We should talk to him.
Might be difficult.
He's dead.
- How? - I severed his carotid artery.
But it's so nice of you to come and check on me, though.
- That's not why we're here.
- Let me guess, then.
- Rittenhouse took another trip? - Yup.
January 2, 1941.
Los Angeles.
Do you have any ability to do this on your own? You want to stop Rittenhouse as much as we do.
Absolutely, once you get me out of here.
- No.
- Well, then you're on your own.
I can put in a request to, uh get you a more secure situation.
Maybe get you limited Internet privileges.
I don't want a damn Netflix subscription.
I want to get the hell out of here! Rittenhouse will send someone else and then someone else.
They won't stop until I'm dead.
I'll see what I can do.
But I don't have the authority to I can get you out of here.
- Lucy.
- If you tell us what Rittenhouse is doing in 1941 Los Angeles.
And why would I trust you this time? Because as much as you need us, we need you more.
Do either of you have a pen? I need to draw it for you.
["LIFEBOAT" WHIRRING] So is this how we do it now? We just steal clothes wherever we go, like Winona Ryder pre-"Stranger Things"? I hate it when a department store clerk thinks I'm there to shoplift and he's actually right.
At least there's no security tags.
Not until the '60s, anyway.
Think Flynn's messing with us? I think he gave us what he had.
No, he drew us a damn "Pictionary" clue.
He said that he found this drawing on a Rittenhouse agent, dated 1941.
So Flynn says we jump and now we jump? Look, if he's playing us, then we play him right back.
Let him rot in prison.
Well, I don't think he's playing us.
Can I see some ID, please? Why would Rittenhouse send someone to a movie studio? Who doesn't want to be famous? [BELL RINGS] [LIGHT MUSIC] All right.
[CHUCKLES] [INSPIRING MUSIC] Maybe Rittenhouse gave up their plans for world domination to pursue show business.
So how are we supposed to find whatever it is we're supposed to find in a place this big? Remember, we're looking for the sleeper agent, someone hiding in plain sight.
Right, which could be anybody, - so stay alert.
- Okay.
- See some ID.
- Oh, um well, we already checked in with the guy at the gate.
- Yeah.
- I am the guy at the gate.
I meant the other guy at the other gate.
Nice try.
Come with me.
Do you know who I am? - I'm Langston Hughes.
- Not on my list.
Well, then someone's made a mistake.
I won an Oscar for "Way Down South.
" - You did? - No, he didn't.
Well, I should have.
I was robbed.
Who are you here to see? Who am I here to see? The president of the studio.
- Barney Balaban.
[LAUGHS] - Barney Balaban.
- And you're making us late.
- We'll see about that.
- Mm-hmm.
- This way.
- Great.
- This way.
Your way, great, okay.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Hughes, but I don't have - a meeting scheduled for you.
- That's what I thought.
I'm writing a comedy musical based off of my book "The Ways of White Folks.
" These are the white folks.
Brilliant actors, the both of them.
- The next Bogey and Bacall.
- Bogey and who? - Fairbanks and Pickford.
- These guys are - wasting your time, ma'am.
- I Hello there.
What is all this? - That's Barney Balaban.
- I thought I had - my afternoon free.
- Mr.
I'm Langston Hughes, and I have never been treated this poorly in my entire life.
I may just take my film to MGM or some other studio.
Langston Hughes.
Real honor to meet you.
Now, let's talk about this new film of yours.
Langston Hughes, the father of the Harlem Renaissance? Are you sure you can pull this off? Who knows what writers look like? Hamilton, as a musical? [CHUCKLES] It'll never work.
What else have you got for me? Well, how about a thriller about a secret cabal named Rittenhouse Who bends history in their favor? Mm.
- Sound familiar? - At all? Yes.
Very familiar.
Too familiar.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Because secret cabal conspiracy stories are overdone.
[LAUGHTER] I want something new, something different but the same.
- Mm.
- And that sells but wins awards.
- Mm.
- [LAUGHS] Barney, I can't do this picture.
I won't.
Have you read the last rewrite? The writing's more tragic than "Hamlet.
" So we'll get you a new writer.
Writers are literally a dime a dozen.
I mean, uh, we have a great one here.
This is Langston Hughes and actors from his newest musical.
- Logan and Preston.
- Right, Logan and Preston.
- I'm sure you all know - Hedy Lamarr.
Well, you are even more glamorous in person.
Thank you, dear, but any girl can be glamorous.
All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.
You are right.
You are so right.
And you are so much more than that.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- So I will see you at the Beverly House this evening? Sadly, yes.
George is forcing me.
Personally, I'd rather have my teeth cleaned.
[TELEPHONE RINGING] Oh, excuse me a moment.
Hello? Hold on.
What do you mean RKO 281 was stolen? I know we share a wall, but I'm not closing the Paramount gates because RKO lost a picture! Excuse me, everyone.
Little emergency.
- It's a pleasure meeting you all.
- Yeah.
Hedy, we'll speak more tonight.
[LAUGHS] RKO 281 was the code name for "Citizen Kane.
" It was shrouded in secrecy.
Orson Welles was cutting it until the very last second.
And that's when you actually had to cut the film and tape it together piece by piece.
- There was only one copy.
- Okay, did it ever go missing? Not that I know of.
Until now.
You think Rittenhouse stole "Citizen Kane"? - Who else could it be? - Why would they want to? - It is an amazing movie.
- Is it? Never saw it.
- BOTH: You never saw it? - Sorry.
You know what? There was one person that wanted to kill "Citizen Kane": William Randolph Hearst.
Owned dozens of newspapers, over 20 million readers.
The movie's basically about him and his mistress, Marion Davies.
So you think he's got something to do with it? Well, maybe.
I mean, Hearst was furious at Welles for making the movie.
We could find out at his party tonight.
Wait, you know Hearst's party schedule? Well, Barney and Hedy said they were going to Beverly House, which is the nickname that they gave Hearst's Beverly Hills mansion.
Okay, well, we're gonna need some nicer clothes.
Hmm? Come on.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hedy Lamarr? Isn't she famous for, like, getting naked in some movie in the '30s? Stay there.
She was deemed the most beautiful woman in the world - but also a scientist.
- Beautiful naked scientist? Almost sounds made up By someone like me.
She patented frequency hopping for radio-guided torpedoes and basically invented Wi-Fi.
- How did I not know this? - Most people don't.
She let the patent expire in 59.
The navy used it in 62.
It's a shame too.
- She never saw a penny from it.
- Psst! This way, come on.
- Okay.
- Come on.
And make it quick, all right? Now, it's really important that we keep this hidden.
They're scouring the lot looking for it.
I'm proud of you, son.
You've done everything exactly as planned.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Once we're done here, you're coming home.
You know, I got a real good life here.
Great job, big house, different starlet every night of the week.
Maybe you could stay here with me.
[LAUGHS] That's a fun idea.
But we have more work to do.
Worth a try.
I have a doctor coming to see you.
He knows about the seizures, not the time travel.
- I don't like doctors.
- Who does? But you need one.
Surely she can decide for herself - if she wants to see a doctor.
- I don't recall asking - for your opinion on this.
- No.
My dad had back pain.
So we took him to the doctor's, and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Two months later, he was gone.
Everything was really good until then.
Look, if there's something wrong with me, I don't want to know.
I just want to get on with my life.
Whatever the doctor says is causing these seizures, we will deal with it and make you better.
Okay? I promise.
[SOFT MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Right this way, please.
Okay, so what's the plan? Walk in, thank the host for having us, and then ask if he stole "Citizen Kane"? And if Rittenhouse helped him out? For all we know, Hearst is Rittenhouse.
Man, more security in Hollywood than Nazi Germany.
And just as many black people.
Shall we? Good evening.
Langston, darling.
How lovely to see you again.
- Hi, Hedy.
- Come with me.
Charlie, go ahead and park it up the hill.
I'm dying to speak to you about your poetry.
[BOTH LAUGH] Please, Langston, darling.
Just one or two verses of your latest book of poems.
I'm more writer than performer.
Hollywood has no culture.
Please, you must.
All right, if I must.
Here's my latest.
[CLEARS THROAT] Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.
I'd like to take a minute.
Just sit right there.
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air.
[SOFT PIANO MUSIC PLAYING] Well, that was truly Awful.
I was thinking you don't resemble the photo from your book.
Now I know why.
You're not Langston Hughes.
[WHISPERING] That's Hearst.
Hey, guys, guess what.
Hedy knows I'm not Langston Hughes.
He told me what you're doing here.
- He did? - How Hearst stole "Citizen Kane" and we're here to get it back.
- He did.
- Yeah.
You're all friends with Orson? Yup, he sent us here, actually.
Can't really come here himself, can he? [CHUCKLES] We just couldn't let Hearst do this.
I mean, "Citizen Kane" is just such an amazing film.
- Yeah.
- You've seen "Citizen Kane"? Oh, yeah, yeah, it's amazing.
Private screening.
Spoiler alert: Rosebud's a sled.
What's a spoiler? He screened it for me also.
True work of a genius.
- Mm-hmm.
- How can I help? Well, um, if you could introduce us to Hearst, that would be helpful.
I'd be happy to.
But it seems he's leaving the party.
Who's that with him? Lucas Calhoun, producer at RKO.
He's all hands, a real louse.
But he makes good pictures.
He's putting one together right now about dinosaurs.
It sounds brilliant.
He calls it "Jurassic Park.
" He really is ahead of his time.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] We need to hear what they're saying.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Hedy, Langston! And the next Fairbanks and Pickford.
- Logan and Preston.
- Logan and Preston! - [LAUGHTER] - Who here wants a song? [CROWD CHEERS] - Oh, no.
No, no.
- Uh, no.
Aw, I thought you two said you were in a musical.
- [CHUCKLES] - [GROANS] Well, follow me.
Best piano player in town is here.
Name's Buster.
You told me you could sing.
You used to be in a band? Yeah, but I haven't sung since the car accident.
Yes, you can.
I know you can do this.
No, I can't.
You have to go up there with me.
- We're a duo.
- No, I cannot sing.
I will blow our cover if I sing.
I promise.
Excuse me, everyone.
I'd like to introduce a talented new duo, Logan and Preston.
- [LAUGHS] - Come on up.
- Come on.
- A song.
- Go ahead, yeah.
- No? - Go.
- Okay.
[LAUGHS] Oh, um - Just one, please? - Just one.
- For me? - For you.
- Okay.
- [BOTH LAUGH] [CLEARS THROAT] So many people.
[CHUCKLES] - What are we doing? - Um[CLEARS THROAT] Do you know "You Made Me Love You"? - I do.
- Oh, good.
- Yeah, G? - Sure.
[SHARPLY] You made [CLEARS THROAT] Nope, missed it.
[LAUGHS] - Yep, yep.
[CLEARS THROAT] - That's it.
You made Me love you I didn't want to do it I didn't want to do it You made me love you And all the time, you knew it I guess you always knew it You made me happy sometimes You made me - [WHISPERING] Glad.
- Glad And there were times, dear You made me feel So bad Hit it, Buster.
You made me sigh for I didn't want to tell you I didn't want to tell you I want some love that's true Yes, I do, 'deed I do You know I do Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie what I'd cry for You know you've got the brand of kisses that I'd die for You know you made me love You know you made me love You know you made me Love You [APPLAUSE] - Where are they? - They're in the next room.
That's Hearst's office right there.
The walls are too thick.
Could I use your glass? Mm.
This should amplify the sound coming through the wall.
I'm familiar with acoustic coupling.
Right, of course you are.
Damn it.
It's still not clear enough.
I know another way, but we'll need some cellulose tape.
You mean like Scotch tape? Well, it doesn't matter which brand.
First you need a hole in the wall.
Then cover the hole with a thin membrane.
Equalizing the pressure on both sides, - funneling the sound through.
- Mm-hmm.
There, now you can hear them speaking.
Better with the glass.
If I didn't already have a girlfriend, I'd say you were the perfect woman.
But I do, so I won't.
- Where's the rest of it? - It's in a safe place.
It's all yours, all six reels.
Once you agree to our terms.
- Well? - A weekly column - in all your papers.
- What kind of column? The kind that we write and you publish.
- No questions asked.
- That's all, just one column? Small price to pay.
Trust me, you don't want that film getting out.
"Rosebud" ring a bell? You have yourself a deal.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] So he gives Hearst the movie.
In return, Hearst gives him a column.
- I don't get it.
- Hearst's papers were hugely influential.
I mean, he helped start the Spanish-American War through his use of yellow journalism.
Fake news.
But, like, actual fake news.
If Rittenhouse can print their own propaganda in Hearst's papers, they can basically rewrite history as it happens.
Whoever controls information controls everything.
They make the exchange at 10:00 a.
tomorrow morning - on Stage 14.
- Not if we can stop it.
- Couldn't get a taxi? - Hi, Hedy.
[LAUGHS] It's just such a lovely night.
We decided to walk.
Nobody walks in LA.
Get in.
- Where are you staying? - We're between hotels.
Where's Jiya? Still in with the doctor, hearing the bad news, thanks to you.
- Well, that was optimistic.
- I'm being realistic.
Had you spoken to me before insisting Jiya see a doctor, I might have saved you that argument and given you the prognosis myself.
What are you talking about? When we first began testing the "Lifeboat," we had two pilots come back with the same symptoms.
There are rules for a reason.
I told them.
I warned them.
The "Lifeboat" isn't equipped for more than three people.
What happened to the other two pilots? [STAMMERING] Well, we did test after test.
- None of it mattered.
- Mason, what happened to them? One of them is being treated for severe schizophrenia.
The other died of a brain aneurysm.
- Does Rufus know about this? - Have you met Rufus? No, do you think he would have let Jiya risk her life like that if he'd known? No.
So you kept it from him? From all of us? Why don't you have me arrested? No good can come from her knowing, Denise.
There's no medicine to fix this.
There's nothing any of us can do.
Oh, just thank you so much for letting us stay with you.
Any friends of Orson's are friends of mine.
George, darling, would you make us some drinks? Coming right up.
What do you plan to do about Orson's picture? Well, we plan on killing the deal.
Hey, how'd you know all of that about the, uh, - tape and the hole in the wall? - I have an inventive mind.
She has an entire room devoted to her inventions.
You knew what I was talking about, though, - with the sound waves.
- Well, not to brag, but, uh, I consider myself something of a scientist.
Would you like to see what George and I - have been working on? - She says that as if you actually have a choice.
- This way.
- You two lovebirds make yourself at home.
Did you know torpedoes are radio guided? We found a way to change the signal, making it harder for enemies to detect or jam - [LAUGHS] - Lovebirds? Cheers.
So how long have George and Hedy been together? They're not, just friends.
[CHUCKLES] George is Hedy's inventing partner, and he's a talented composer.
You know, their idea for frequency hopping came from George's knowledge of player pianos.
You know, he doesn't really look at her like an inventing partner.
George has a huge crush on her.
[CHUCKLES] As most men do, but George was married when they met, so Bad timing.
Of course, Hedy's into taller men, and George is shall we say vertically challenged.
- Mm, ouch.
- Yeah.
- Poor guy never had a shot.
- Nope.
[BOTH LAUGH] - Mm, thank you.
- Yup.
Well, you know, uh, some men find a beautiful woman with brains intimidating.
Well, Hedy just wants to be respected.
Mm, I wasn't talking about Hedy.
You find me intimidating? Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean you.
- Sorry.
- Oh, oh.
[LAUGHS] Oh, okay.
- Come on.
- What? I just mean that you're not - hideous.
- Oh, not hideous, wow.
- Just would you come on.
- Just keep it coming.
[LAUGHS] You know you're beautiful, all right? What? I don't really think of myself that way.
I've always seen myself as more of a nerd.
- I doubt that.
- No, I'm serious.
I skipped my prom to attend a speech and debate tournament.
I regret nothing.
- That's pretty nerdy.
- [LAUGHING] I know.
I'm aware.
I bet in high school, you were popular, who had all the girls lined up around the block.
"Hey, ladies.
" [LAUGHS] Uh actually, I got caught drinking on campus and barred from the prom.
I was kind of lost back then.
[SOFT MUSIC] You saved my life, you know? Which time? The Alamo, Watergate? - I'm losing count.
- Oh, my God.
That is not what I meant.
You know why I took this assignment? Because it was dangerous.
After Jessica died, I just sort of sort of stopped caring, you know.
But not anymore.
When I was with my mother and I thought you were dead, I I felt the same way.
Now? [UPLIFTING MUSIC] - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Was last night okay? It was great.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] No, I mean, you know technically, we're coworkers.
Is this an HR issue? Well, we don't really have to, uh, announce it to everyone.
We can just let it be our little secret - till we're ready to - [DOOR CLICKS OPEN] - Tell them.
- Oh! Yeah.
I was looking for both of you.
Well, here you are.
And this is me leaving, so - Busted.
- Nah.
- He'll be cool.
- Yeah.
What did the doctor say? He said I'm fine.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with me.
- What about these seizures? - He brought in a portable MRI to scan my brain No sign of stroke, clots, tumors, lesions of any kind.
The weirdest part is, I've had a heart murmur my entire life.
Kept me from running track.
But as of today it's gone.
What do you mean, it's gone? Somehow, my heart murmur was cured.
- And what about the visions? - They're still happening.
But my brain is fine, and my heart is fixed.
Like I'm good as new.
What the hell happened to me on that "Lifeboat"? - So how was your night? - Rufus.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
Maybe Jiya, not Connor or Agent Christopher.
- Definitely Jiya.
- Can you be cool? So is this happening? Is it happening? - Be cool.
- Totally cool.
Guys, guys, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
- You stole a new one.
- It's my favorite time period.
There he is.
All right, let's go.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Is that everything? It's all six reels, everything.
It's probably one of Hearst's guys.
- [DOOR BANGS OPEN] - Hey, you can't be in here.
This is a closed set.
[GUNSHOT] Hey, the film! [GROANING] [GUNSHOT] - He's losing a lot of blood.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Stay here.
Be careful.
I spent 15 years building to this moment.
15 damn years! [GUNSHOTS] What do we do? Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? [GUNSHOTS] - [GUNSHOT] - [GRUNTS] We can't be here to answer for this.
Come on.
[SOMBER MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Where's Lucy? Traveling.
I don't see any release papers for me to sign.
You know it's not that simple.
I knew you wouldn't honor the deal.
You're classified as a terrorist.
Plus, you just killed someone.
Can't exactly call in a favor to get you out early for good behavior.
Then you might as well kill me yourself.
Oh, don't tempt me.
[WHISPERING] As much as it pains me to admit it, we need your intel on these sleeper agents to stop Rittenhouse.
- What's this? - Well, if you ask me, a very bad idea.
I, uh, know you'll make sure he gets these.
You're not really friends with Orson, are you? No.
But I am a huge fan of his work.
Aren't we all? Where shall I say I got them from? You're pretty much a genius.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Oh, one more thing.
Your patent for frequency hopping? Yes, we plan to apply for it soon.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the navy won't use it until 1962 If I had to take a guess So whatever you do, do not let that patent expire.
[SOFT MUSIC] - You sure no one's up there? - Pretty sure.
Prison was just built.
I don't think anybody's in it yet.
We got a long drive.
No radio.
- Maybe you could sing us a song.
- [LAUGHS] That was, uh terrifying.
You looked like you were having a pretty good time up there.
- I did? - Yeah.
It was, um it was nice to see you happy.
- Really? - Yeah.
[CLEARS THROAT] How'd it go? "Citizen Kane" is in good hands.
Also, I still got to agree with Agent Christopher.
- This is a terrible idea.
- My thoughts exactly.
Either of you have a better idea? No? Didn't think so.
Let's do this.
[WHISPERING] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
This is it.
- Right there? - Mm-hmm.
Really, I saw a doctor.
I've literally never been healthier.
- How'd it go? - Uh, we stopped them.
And dropped off the package.
I know.
[SCOFFS] To think I escaped prison for this.
Just keep him on a leash.
Hey, hey.
- I know.
I know.
- It's just seeing Flynn here with us - I don't like it.
- I don't like it either.
But he's on our side now, and he can help us.
Yeah, he can, but will he? I mean, he's got what he wants, so now what? Now can we just forget about Flynn for, like, a minute because we have each other? Don't we? Yes.
I mean, the other night, it was - It was pretty amazing.
- That's what I thought too.
- [LAUGHS] - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- We agree.
- We do.
- So - So - What do we do now? - Well, um, we're already living together, so that's a pretty big step.
- Yeah.
- [CELL PHONE CHIMES] We've got nowhere to go but down.
- That's right.
- [BOTH LAUGH] What? - I'll be I'll be right back.
- O-okay.
- Wait, Wyatt? - Lucy, check this out! - What? - Uh so I told Hedy to renew her patent, which she did in 1955, so that when the navy uses it in the 1962 blockade of Cuba, Hedy and George still own it.
- Glad they got the credit.
- Yeah.
And about $30 billion to go with it.
- $30 billion? - Billion.
She quit acting, started a tech company.
According to Wikipedia, Bill Gates ain't got nothing on Hedy Lamarr.
[ALARM BLARING] - What's that? - Someone broke in.
Did Rittenhouse track Flynn here? Either that, or he double-crossed us.
- Where are your guns? - You wish.
Follow me.
What? Nobody broke in.
They broke out.
Wyatt? I want to have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I want you to notice When I'm not around I wish I was special You're so very special Jessica? Oh, my God.
You're actually here.
And she run You're actually here.
She run, run

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