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204 The Salem Witch Hunt
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" How do you know the name Rittenhouse? How do you think I met your father? It's in your blood.
Not trying to kill her, he was trying to recruit her.
I'm ready.
I was told that if she disrupted the mission, you wouldn't be impartial enough to make the decision.
Mom, be on the right side of history.
Mom! Nicholas Keynes.
That's the soldier that they saved and brought back to the present.
This manifesto, Nicholas Keynes wrote it.
You're with Rittenhouse.
And who are you? I'm your granddaughter.
I didn't know you were married.
Jessica died.
Does that mean that you have to live the rest of your life without anyone else? Maybe I do need to be open to possibilities.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Jessica? Oh, my God.
- [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] - - Alice Parker.
- The colony of Massachusetts Bay has found you guilty of witchcraft.
- What say you? - They have found wrong.
I am no witch.
Then you will meet the same fate as the seven who came before you this afternoon.
I am not guilty of the charge.
You will be hanged from the neck until dead.
But I am not guilty of the charge.
Can you not learn silence, woman? Look where your untamed mouth has landed you.
- I beg you.
- Move along, Alice.
It is time.
Alice Parker, the conclusion of your life will bring justice to the good people of Salem.
Now depart from this world.
Depart from this world and trouble us no further.
What are you doing here? Mark, where the hell were you? - Happy hour is about to start.
- Sorry, Jess.
Jess, how are you? Okay, bring me two more cases of IPA, 'cause I ordered four.
[SIGHS] When is your shift over? Can we have dinner? You ignore my texts for two months and now you wanna have dinner? Two months? Where'd they send you this time, the moon? - Uh, who? - The Army.
Unless you've been with someone else these past eight weeks while I've been working doubles.
I came here as soon as I got your texts.
Well, I'm, uh, a little busy right now, so we're gonna have to do this later.
Where are you staying? Where am I staying? Um I'll be right with you, Gary.
I'll send you the address.
Okay, I'll come by after work.
Excuse me? When did women begin dressing like men? Uh, about 1922.
A couple of years after we rescued you from that battlefield.
You're gonna damage your ears.
The shelling and the Great War has already seen to that.
World War I, I mean.
Fast learner.
It runs in the family.
[GRUNTS] I dislike that exertion machine.
Yes, but we now know that exercise is vital to our health, and it will help you recover from the surgery.
Consider it gone.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Have you been catching up on the reading? Everything you prepared for me.
The history books, family records, our enemies.
This Garcia Flynn He's locked up.
Thanks to Lucy.
What I'm about to suggest won't be easy to hear.
Something must be done about Lucy.
Nicholas, Lucy is your great granddaughter.
Emma filled me in on her exploits, it's quite troubling.
Lucy is misguided.
- She's a bad seed.
- No Lucy had an opportunity to join us, but she refused.
And she's hampered our efforts.
If you can't take care of her Oh, I can handle my own daughter.
Bully, now go earn your stripes.
It's all right, I, uh, blast the volume.
Yeah, I gotta tell you something.
Uh, but you have to promise to stay calm.
What're you talking about? What's wrong? Promise.
Not gonna panic.
Okay, now there's zero percent of that happening, so why don't you just tell me? Okay, right, um, something happened to my head in the "Lifeboat.
" But I'm okay, I'm totally fine.
But these seizures are more than seizures.
They're premonitions.
Of the future.
And lately they've been of your future.
Look, don't worry, I have a confession.
[TENSE MUSIC] I see dead people.
[LAUGHS] What? You're serious? Look, look, look, I had a vision of you with your arm hurt.
And then you came back from 1955 with your arm hurt.
That's a coincidence, okay? People hurt their arms.
I had another one.
It was worse.
You're gonna do something bad.
Bad like I'm gonna forget your birthday or bad like I screw up the Louisiana Purchase? The second one.
Look, Rufus, you've gotta believe me, okay? These visions are real.
Look, I'm trying, but even for a time-traveling black guy, this is a little hard to swallow.
They're real, I saw it.
You're in colonial times, I think.
You're covered in blood, and you're aiming a musket at this pilgrim-looking guy with a scar on his left cheek.
And he's begging for his life.
[GUNSHOT BLASTS] Then you kill him.
Maybe he's a bad guy.
Or maybe it's the first Thanksgiving and I'm covered in cranberry sauce.
[ALARM BLARES] The Mothership landed in Salem, Massachusetts, September 22nd, 1692.
Pilgrims? That's the height of the witch trials.
Lucy, try Wyatt again.
He needs to get the hell back here.
I keep trying.
I've called him like 20 times.
- Where have you been? I have been calling you for hours.
I'm worried sick.
- What is going on? - Lucy, Lucy.
- What? - Jessica's alive.
Somehow we changed history, and she's alive again.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Uh, that's I don't - How is that possible? - I don't know.
She texted me.
I step off the "Lifeboat" and I get a text from my dead wife.
I don't understand, did we change something that brought her back? I don't know, but she's real, Lucy.
Her hair is a little different, it's shorter, but her eyes are the same.
Last time I saw those eyes she was dead.
But apparently she has lived through six years that I I don't know anything about.
And I guess I wasn't a good husband or something, and Well, now you have time to change all that.
- Don't you? - Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
- Wyatt, I'm thrilled for you.
- Yeah, but you and me - She's your wife.
And you love her.
I mean, this is everything that you've wanted, everything that you've been hoping for.
This is This is a good thing.
And, now that Jessica's back Yeah.
Um, why did you call? Is everything okay? Did the Mothership jump? No, everything's fine here.
Just focus on figuring things out with Jessica.
Take whatever time you need, okay? I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Wyatt's not coming.
You talked to him? Jessica's alive.
- Oh, my God.
- Jessica was - Jessica was dead? - Oh, my God.
Yeah, in our timeline she was.
History must've changed when we were back in the past.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [KEYBOARD CLACKS] According to the logs, while we were in 1941, the Mothership jumps for like an hour to San Diego, 1980.
- What? - They must've changed history.
But they were only gone for such a short trip, it doesn't make any sense, unless Maybe Rittenhouse found Jessica's killer and stopped the bastard.
Are you saying that Rittenhouse brought Jessica back? But why the hell would they do that? I I don't know.
To throw Wyatt off? You know, he quits the team, starts a family.
You see how well we did last time when we tried to replace him.
Okay, right now Rittenhouse is in Salem possibly ripping history apart, and we are short a soldier.
And Wyatt is doing what he has to do and so should we.
We can go after him with or without a soldier.
It'd be better with.
The 22nd was the deadliest day of the witch trials.
- Gonna be brutal.
- No way.
You stole a time machine, you killed innocent people And you busted me out of jail.
The NSA suspects the Iranians, and I plan on keeping it that way.
You are staying put.
Why do we have him here if we aren't gonna use him? We're using him for intel, not muscle.
Aw, come on, guys.
Fighting the good fight through time is kind of my wheelhouse.
And I know all about Salem.
You burned a couple of witches in your day? Witches weren't burned in Salem, they were hanged.
Of the accused, only those who refused to confess were executed.
And it all came to a head on the 22nd, when the final victims were all hanged from the same tree.
One by one.
He's right, that's all true.
So he's seen "The Crucible.
" He's still the guy that tried to get me shot.
He's still a killer, Lucy.
He's a time-traveling killer, and we share the same enemy.
I mean, come on, you can't deny that Flynn has been effective.
Look, we are going to colonial New England.
A woman and a black man should travel with someone who has more access.
Ah, I couldn't agree more.
Look, I kept my word and I got you out of that cell.
I need to know that I can trust you on this.
- Can I? - No.
The answer is no, you cannot trust him.
Can I? [TENSE MUSIC] Okay.
Lucy is in charge.
And you will follow her lead.
Deal, now let's go find some decent clothes.
We'll figure that out once we get to Salem.
- I'll just take a gun.
- Oh, hell no.
If I'm gonna be flying that thing, there's no way he takes a gun.
I have a thing against getting shot in the back.
Like that's the only way I'd be able to kill you.
[MACHINE BUZZES] [MACHINE WHIRS] I knew living with Flynn was gonna suck, but this is much worse.
A little trouble with your seatbelt? I can see why this "Lifeboat" was such a failed design.
It's cramped, cluttered, not very impressive.
Still beat your ass most of the time.
There we go.
All set.
Careful, first-time travelers tend to get a little nauseous.
Not my first trip, pal.
- This isn't the Mothership.
- No, flying coach sucks.
Aw, come on, cheer up, kids.
This will be fun.
[WHIRRING INTENSIFIES] [CROWS CAW] There it is, that's Proctor's Ledge.
A few hours from now, innocent people will be hanged in that very spot.
- Poor women.
- Some men too.
The ones that spoke up.
It's all just awful.
Maybe we can keep it from getting worse.
Which it easily could, with a sleeper agent somewhere back there.
I figured Salem would be creepy.
I just thought there'd be more people.
These are dangerous, paranoid times.
The noisier the accusations got, the more people stayed inside.
Nobody wanted to be spotted near the woods, where the made-up rituals were set to take place.
The woods, where we are.
You do realize that witches aren't real, right? [SNICKERS] Uh, then what do you call that? [DRAMATIC THUMP] No, no, don't do that.
Rule number one, don't run toward the demonic entity.
Hello there.
Who are you? Abby here.
Who asks? I'm Isaiah, and, uh, this is my manservant.
Easy, Isaiah.
I thought you guys used aliases.
My name is Lucy, and this is Rufus.
We're in from Boston.
Here to be entertained by this afternoon's hangings, I imagine.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] "Murder in Salem"? Let the judges be judged.
Looks like we agree, these trials are unfair.
These trials are more than unfair.
They're murderous.
Women are dying Innocent women.
That may not vex you, but it vexes me.
Oh, we are vexed, but what my wife failed to explain is that we're here because we wanted to help.
Help? Me? Yes, my husband and I are from the Old South Church in Boston.
Reverend Willard sent us.
My apology.
I easily ruffle and friends have been few recently.
You do realize how dangerous it is to speak out on a day like today? I couldn't live with myself if I stayed quiet.
I must say something, which is what I will soon do at Ingersoll's Tavern.
Tavern? Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy.
[LIGHT CHUCKLE] This is where you've been staying.
[CLEARS THROAT] Well it's, uh, better than that dump we stayed in on our honeymoon.
Remember that night? Yeah, do you remember the last time we saw each other? And then you disappeared for two months without saying anything? Do you remember that? Yeah, I remember some of it.
Uh, but my memory's a little hazy.
It's been a rough couple of months.
Can you remind me? You're serious? The last time I saw you was the night we met with Todd.
Uh, it was Todd Todd, Dr.
Todd Jankowski, the marriage counselor.
You still haven't learned his name? Look, this isn't how I wanted to do this, but it's only fair I do it in person, so It's divorce papers.
You already signed them.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] We have to face it, we're not the couple we wanted to be.
Um, I've changed, Jess.
You're drunk five nights a week.
You're jealous.
And every time I leave, you beg me to stay.
You promise you'll change.
And you do change, and then three weeks later, you just change right back.
I'm done.
I've just been going through some stuff.
Just I'm begging you, please give me one more chance.
Together forever, right? Wyatt, we're never together.
Y y you have some fantasy of what this marriage is.
You're putting us you're putting me on this pedestal.
- I'm not that person.
- Well, you know what? You are to me.
I need you.
[CANE KNOCKING ON FLOOR] Silence in the tavern! Bring in the prisoners.
That's John Hathorne.
Justice of the peace overseeing the witch trials.
Last week, a petition was submitted to Governor Phips, begging for the guilty verdict to be overturned, and the accused to be released.
[DISPLEASED CHATTER] I have his reply right here.
Received just in the nick of time.
The nine accused witches Nine? I thought there were supposed to be eight.
Will be executed as planned.
[CHEERING] Stop! I call for a new trial.
On what grounds? On the grounds that there is no such thing as a witch.
- [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] - Stop! The marks on Mary's hand appeared after her neighbor's hogs were found dead.
Hogs she choked to death in a sacrifice to the devil.
Those hogs died of starvation, because her neighbor is a drunk, not because she is a witch.
Martha was heard casting spells on us all as she walked through town.
She talks to the birds.
She's eccentric.
Being eccentric is not a crime.
Her accuser was struck blind during her trial.
The result of a spell.
Her accuser is a 12-year-old girl with an active imagination.
The only one who is blind here is you.
[ANGRY CHATTER] Settle down.
In order to administer justice on these nine condemned souls, I must read this order of the court Nine souls? Who's the ninth? After a very reliable accusation.
Who is Abiah Franklin? [OMINOUS MUSIC] Right here.
I am Abby Franklin.
No, no, no, this can't happen.
What can't happen? Abiah Franklin, you have been convicted of witchcraft and are hereby sentenced to be hanged.
Arrest her with the others.
She can't die, she cannot die.
Lucy, who's who's Abby? Abby Franklin is Benjamin Franklin's mother.
If she's executed today, Benjamin Franklin will never be born.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Stop, stop, please, no.
How can you not see? If we do not hang together, we will all hang separately.
Wait, wait, wait.
That woman is Benjamin Franklin's mother? Well, not yet.
She won't give birth to him for another 14 years.
So Rittenhouse is using the Salem witch trials to take out Benjamin Franklin.
Why would they do that? Think about it.
Franklin made it okay for us to criticize the people in charge.
Killing Ben Franklin or everything that he stands for, it's a step towards tyranny.
Tell me you're done looking for a weapon.
Damn puritans.
No one even has a butter knife.
Happy now? A little bit.
- So - There, that's the guy.
- That's the guy Jiya told me about.
- What guy? Look, I gotta tell you something, and I know it's gonna sound crazy, but ever since Jiya took that ride in the "Lifeboat," she's been having visions.
- Visions of what? - The future.
My future.
Even before the Mothership jumped here, she saw me kill some pilgrim-looking guy with a scar on his left cheek.
Well, if she's fantasizing about puritans, you have bigger problems, man.
If I'm gonna kill a guy, wouldn't it make sense it's some sleeper agent Rittenhouse embedded in Salem? See? Look, that's him.
Scar on his left cheek.
Look, that guy's too feeble to be the sleeper agent.
That's who Jiya warned me about.
Where are you going? I wanna see if your girlfriend's crystal ball works.
What're you doing here? C c came in to make water.
Tell us what you know about Abby Franklin.
I know nothing about that.
Many [CHOKING] Flynn, can we hear him talk? - Please? - You are no fun.
- [GASPS] - Speak.
Many accusations are reported to us by those closest to the accused.
- What do you mean by "us?" - The judges.
I work under Hathorne.
Sewall, Samuel.
You're Judge Samuel Sewall.
Patty, get out of here at once.
P please, not in front of the child.
Papa, what's happening? Who are they? You tell anyone about any of this, and I'm gonna come after you.
You understand me? - Papa? - Do you understand? [WHIMPERS] Get the hell out of here.
Now! Come, come.
Well, then who is it then? I mean, if he's not the sleeper, who accused Abby? He did say accusations often come from people who are closest to the accused.
Ben Franklin's aunt.
Of course, Abby's sister was one of the most outspoken accusers in Salem.
Any idea where to find her? If something happened to you, I Well, you're the one going off on secret missions all over the world.
You're worried something's gonna happen to me? - Jess.
- What what, at the bar? Listen, you don't get how rare this is.
What we have and how it can all be taken like that.
Right, 'cause a soldier's wife has no idea what it's like to live in fear for someone she loves.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] You know what? You're right, I can't imagine what it's like to be married to me.
I mean, I I'm never there.
And when I am, it's like I'm not even there.
[SNICKERS] Yeah, that's bull and you know it.
I I put up with the cold dinners and the lonely nights because I'm proud of you and what you do.
But the whispered conversations that end the minute I come into the room, the partial answers, the half truths, it's just I love you.
But I can't be married to a state secret.
Now I'm gonna tell you everything.
The whole truth.
But you gotta come with me.
You know, in the play, all the Salem accusers were teenage girls.
In reality, some of the most vicious accusers were adults.
Abby's sister Bathsheba and her husband included.
Maybe they're involved in this.
You're not as fearful as I remember.
All that time alone with Rittenhouse toughened you up.
'Cause if you think that was bad, you should try six months in solitary.
You at least had some people to talk to.
You're right.
My mother and I had some amazing heart to hearts while I was her prisoner.
That has to be the house.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass on the puritan chainsaw massacre.
Maybe I should scope out the jailhouse.
See if there's a way to get Abby out.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.
And meet us out at that tavern, okay? [OMINOUS MUSIC] Boston's 15 miles away.
Must've taken you two all day.
You're welcome to stay for dinner.
- We're having venison.
- Oh, no, we're not hungry.
Venison? You're a hunter? No, I haven't touched a gun in years.
I'm a God-fearing man.
We hope to speak to you and your wife together.
Bathsheba, was it? That's right.
Strong woman.
You journeyed from Boston.
That's right.
Well, Salem has had all sorts of visitors.
These trials have touched us all.
In fact, Joseph told me just today my own sister has been convicted of taking up the dark arts and will soon be punished.
A blessing, I suppose.
If not for Abby, then for our village to be free from such evil.
Cut the crap, Bathsheba.
I know that you've been making up lies.
Accusing women of witchcraft.
Martha Corey was your neighbor, wasn't she? And you got into a dispute over a property line and that's why you accused her.
You may have everyone else in Salem fooled, but you don't fool me.
What makes you think you can know such things? How did they get you to do it? They threaten you? Did they bribe you? You sold out your sister for money, didn't you? - How dare you? - Who wanted you to accuse her? I demand that you leave at once.
We will not be spoken to in such a manner in our own home.
We'll speak how we speak.
No, stop.
- No.
- Stop.
You're right.
I have accused women, but not Abby.
Not my own sister.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Well, it's not gonna be as easy as you think.
Apparently, puritans can really build a jail.
We have to get Abby out of there.
I vote "bloodbath," but I just need to find a damn musket.
- Crap.
- What? Sewall.
Rufus, he's not the agent, okay? - Just forget about him.
- Forget about him? Jiya said she saw me kill him.
And for the past year, everyone kept saying that I was gonna become this horrible person, and you know what I did? I just walked away.
Did you? I mean, you remember what Flynn used to say? One day we'll be fighting side by side, well You're right.
What do I know? Look, I can't pretend to know what you're going through with Wyatt off with Jessica, and your mom doing whatever it is she's doing, but I'm starting to get this whole fate versus free will thing, and, boy, is it a lot.
Stay right there, stranger.
Need a word with you and your friends.
[MUSKETS CLACK] [TENSE MUSIC] - After him! - After him.
Good thing we got Flynn to help us out.
There she is, there's Lucy.
Who just said your name? Right there.
She's a witch.
This is where you work? What is this place? - Just follow me.
- Why are we whispering? I just wanna show you around, explain a few things first.
[TENSE MUSIC] All right, let me know if you hear anything.
You've gotta be kidding me.
I understand things change, but you brought her down here? You don't think I wanna bring my family down here too? But we know the drill and we signed up for it.
Wyatt, we found out Rittenhouse went back to 1980.
San Diego.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Rittenhouse changed history and brought Jessica back? What choice did I have? For all I know she could be in danger.
If Rittenhouse brought her back, she could be the danger.
You can read me the Riot Act till you're blue in the face, but she has seen the bunker.
It's not a secret anymore.
Nothing left for you to do except let her stay.
Wyatt, I You have no idea what I have been through.
Six years ago I buried my wife, and now she's back from the dead.
What? Jess.
Oh, my God, you are Connor Mason.
So you must be Jessica.
You know Connor Mason? [CELL DOOR OPENS] [SOLEMN MUSIC] Sorry we're meeting again under such circumstances.
It's all just so much more awful than I thought.
When the trials first started, I knew that being accused was a possibility, but that didn't make it any less painful.
My own friends, people I trusted, sitting there as they took me away.
I can imagine.
The worst part is that they dragged my good name through the mud with me.
Dying is one thing.
Dying in disgrace? The things they said we did are not true.
Look at Alice Parker.
They say that she stuck pins in a puppet and killed a man.
It was my childhood doll.
I just like dolls.
And Martha Corey, they said she snuck into the woods to sign the devil's book.
It's a lie.
I am a gospel woman.
You don't have to defend your reputation to me.
You're not like the other women, and that makes people uncomfortable.
So they mock you, and they tell you you're stupid.
But you refused to change.
And then that makes people mad, so they attack you, call you evil.
They call you a witch.
I know that none of that is true.
So you talk to birds, so you like dolls, so you refuse to confess to being something that you're not.
That's brave.
And I'm proud to be in your company.
Keep distance from me.
You know black and white necks snap just the same, right? Lucy.
Lucy, are you okay? [OMINOUS MUSIC] Lucy.
- How could you do this? - You left me no choice.
I had orders.
I'm not talking about me.
I'm talking about Benjamin Franklin.
How could you send an agent to wipe him from history? There's no agent here.
This mission is all me.
I accused Abby.
It's a necessary sacrifice for a better future.
And Wyatt? Why did you bring his wife back? Why? No, no, no, there's no time.
If you agree to come back to the present with me, I know we can convince Nicholas.
We can go home together.
I'm begging you.
I'd rather be hanged.
You were always so stubborn.
Listen to me.
Get yourself out of this.
I'll find you.
I'll take you to the Mothership.
This may be your last chance.
Mine too.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] [DOOR CREAKS OPEN] It's time for the gallows.
[CROWS CAW] What're you doing here? What did you do to our home? I could see it in your eyes, you have a rifle here.
- Where is it? - Get out of here.
Where is the rifle? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Stop right there.
I knew it.
Ah, oh! Oh! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Finally.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Burn in hell! Make way for these agents of hell.
Abiah Franklin.
The colony of Massachusetts Bay has found you guilty of witchcraft.
- [SIGHS] - Any luck? Not yet.
- Let me try.
- Okay.
Impure woman! Devil lover! Burn in hell! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] No evil! Go join the devil! Be gone with you! Send her to hell! Hang her now so we could see! Hang her now! [GUNSHOT BLASTS] [FRANTIC CHATTER] Flynn.
Abby, we're right here.
- Go, go help them.
I'm so glad Flynn found a gun.
Lucy, your arm.
I'll be fine.
We can still do it, Rufus.
We can still save them.
- All of them? - We can sure as hell try.
All right.
I like this Lucy.
She may be reckless Sarah Connor, agrees-with-Flynn Lucy, but I dig her.
- Grab his knife.
- Got it.
- We need help.
- Okay, okay.
- Run, run! - You saved me.
[GROANS] Run, run as fast as you can.
Go, go.
Thank you.
Take all the women to New Hampshire.
Stay away from Salem.
Next year come back to Boston.
There will be more people there with open minds.
And you? Where will you go? I'll be fine.
You attacked me in that barn, and now this? Think you can escape? Run.
- You cannot do this.
- Sewall.
Those women have been lawfully convicted.
Yeah, well, your laws are a little bit backwards.
Just because you do not believe in our laws does not mean that you can break them.
Do me a favor.
Walk away, just get out of here.
Listen to me, just go home.
Put down your weapon.
[TENSE MUSIC] Leave me alone, man.
I don't wanna shoot you.
Just go home to your daughter.
Keep breathing.
I didn't shoot you, you're not supposed to die.
- It's okay.
- [GRUNTS] - Ow.
Those women today, they were all supposed to die.
Pretty big change you were willing to make to history, huh? It's not what I'm willing to do.
It's what I'm not willing to do.
I can't sit back and watch innocent people die anymore.
To hell with what's meant to happen and to hell with my mother.
You're nothing like her.
You know? Yeah.
I know.
Let's go home.
I'm starting to miss Wyatt.
[MACHINE CLANKS AND WHIRS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] You hanging in there, Jessica? You don't actually expect me to believe all this, do you? You may want to finish that.
Just keep looking.
- Try not to freak out.
- Okay.
[WHOOSHING] [MACHINE CLANKS AND WHIRS] [DOOR WHIRS OPEN] [TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] Okay, so wait, the Salem Witch Revolt wasn't the history you knew before you left? No, the revolt was us.
It used to be known as the "Salem witch trials," which is where the term "witch hunt" comes from.
"Witch hunt?" It is was an expression that meant going after someone who didn't deserve it.
Like what I did to our pilgrim friend didn't go down exactly as you said it would, but Wait, wait, wait, so did you shoot him? No.
But he ended up dead anyway because of what you told me.
Your visions are why we went after him, why he followed us, why he died.
So you're saying what happened was my fault? How can you hold me responsible for something that was bound to happen? That's the thing, it wasn't bound to happen.
We bound it to happen.
Trying to avoid this whole thing is why I ran head first into it.
It's a loop or a paradox.
Whatever it is, can't you see how much this messes with my mind? I'm not gonna apologize for telling you the truth.
I I don't want you to apologize.
I just think maybe you were right.
Maybe you shouldn't tell me what's in your visions.
It's freezing in here.
Do you know how long I waited for this meal? Three minutes.
I never even left the automobile.
Fast food.
Drive through.
It muddles the mind.
What do people do all day? Everything is so easy.
Nicholas, about today, that terrorist Flynn showed up in Salem.
He's how Lucy got away.
Was that how it happened? I'm taking you off the Lucy assignment.
That's not necessary.
Some of us are willing to do difficult things in order to survive, and some of us aren't.
It's clear you can't do what needs to be done.
It's not your fault.
You're only a mother.
Nicholas, think about our family.
- Our future.
- I am.
And you don't need to worry about Lucy anymore.
She's our problem now.
I'm sorry, this is the only place we can speak privately.
This is not gonna be easy for you to understand.
When you died I'm alive, Wyatt.
I know.
But you weren't.
[SIGHS] Six years ago, in my reality, we were driving, and we got into a fight.
And you got out of the car, and, uh I let you go.
I went back home.
And I waited for you to come back, and, uh, you never came back, because you were dead.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] You had been murdered.
- In your reality.
- I identified your body, Jess.
I watched the coroner put you in the back of a van.
I grieved at your funeral, I cried with your family.
My whole world ended that night.
That's impossible.
Until Connor Mason invented a time machine.
This is real, Jess.
So when I tell you that I've changed, I'm literally not the same guy that you have known for the last six years.
I don't know who that guy was, or what he did, but I'm sure he deserved to lose you.
But I am begging you, please give me one last chance.

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