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205 The Kennedy Curse
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" After Jessica died I stopped caring.
Not anymore.
Jessica? You're actually here.
- Jessica's alive.
- How is that possible? - I'm so sorry.
- Wyatt, I'm thrilled for you.
- But you and me - She's your wife, - and you love her.
- And then you disappeared for two months without saying anything? You're putting me on this pedestal.
I'm not that person.
She's a witch.
Lucy! - Lucy, your arm.
- I'll be fine.
You failed 'cause your daughter, who you should have let me kill in 1818, is still out there.
I'm taking you off the Lucy assignment.
That's not necessary.
She's our problem now.
Quite a ruckus in the dorm last night.
I'm not sure what you're talking about, Lem.
The fire alarm? Oh, come on.
Five bucks says that was you sneaking out with a girl from Miss Porter's.
If it was, and I'm saying it'd be a vicious lie, there's not a soul who can prove it.
Ah, Jack.
A moment, please, in my office.
Yes, sir.
What else did you do, Jack? I honestly don't know, but I'm about to find out.
Muckers Club meeting tonight.
Don't be late.
You wanted to see me, sir.
Come in, Jack, and close the door, will you? Hey.
You're awake.
Fever dropped.
That's a good sign.
Wyatt? He's on a mission.
He went without me? You were stabbed with a knife full of 17th-century germs and running a fever of 105, remember? Ow.
I don't care.
He shouldn't have gone without me.
Flynn's pinch hitting.
I'm sure he and Wyatt have everything under control.
What could go wrong? Would've been weird anyway, right? You and Wyatt on a trip? Rufus told me.
About Hollywood.
You, Wyatt.
Sounded pretty romantic.
I didn't know that he was still married.
I mean I didn't know that Jessica was Alive again.
I know.
Wasn't judging.
I just I just mean it must be hard.
Especially with her here.
I want him to be happy.
I mean, this is what he's always wanted.
- So - What about what you want? We're still friends.
Mm, we have the missions.
I'll be fine.
Hey, whoa, whoa, okay.
- I'll be fine, I'll be fine.
- Take it easy.
- Don't be a hero today.
- No heroics.
I'm just gonna get some tea.
Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- Lucy, right? - How you feeling? - Not that great, actually.
I think I'm gonna go back to bed and rest.
Do you want some tea? Sit down.
I tend bar for a living, so it's like physically impossible for me to let someone else serve their own drink.
So you're a historian, right? - Mm-hmm.
- That must be interesting.
Don't know why I said that.
I have no idea what a historian does.
Yeah, well, um, I teach.
I taught I mean I used to, you know, before all of this.
Well, Wyatt said he wouldn't survive the missions without you.
No, it's really more the other way around.
You, um you said you're a bartender? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
At Gilroy's in the Mission.
Drinks suck, but the management's cool.
Uh, is that where you and Wyatt met? No, Wyatt and I met in high school.
We've been together since senior year if you can believe that.
He didn't tell you this? Yeah, he's not much of a talker.
What about you? Are you married? No.
Me not married.
I mean, I, uh I was engaged once, kind of.
For like a moment.
I don't know.
It's It's complicated.
It always is, isn't it? Wyatt and I have been in counseling for two years.
I mean in my reality.
I guess not in his.
Or yours.
It's, uh This time travel stuff really messes with your head.
- What happened? - Things got messy.
Without Lucy, we were scrambling till we figured out - who they were after.
- We were almost too late.
Sleeper Agent started shooting at us.
Yeah, and we couldn't shoot back 'cause there was kids.
- Kids? - We barely made it out alive.
Wait, where's Flynn? - We had to split up.
- You left him there? We're gonna go back and pick him up.
After we deal with our, uh, situation.
Situation? Who is that? - All right.
- Oh, my God.
Please tell me that's not who I think it is.
It's not who you think it is, unless you think it's young JFK.
Then it's definitely who you think it is.
John F.
Kennedy? You brought President Kennedy? Are you out of your minds? Well, he was knocked out, okay? He doesn't know where or when he is.
They were gonna kill him.
They chased us all the way to the "Lifeboat.
" - This was our best option.
- It was our only option.
Besides, we we have a plan.
Flynn's gonna take care of Rittenhouse in '34.
We're gonna recharge the "Lifeboat" and take JFK back.
- And pick up Flynn.
- Yeah, sure, that too.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
We just need to keep John alive long enough so we can return him so he can become arguably the most beloved president of the 20th century.
No big deal.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
You're all right.
Don't be scared.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Who are you people? P-private security.
Uh, your father hired us to protect you.
My English teacher.
He he tried to kill me.
Why would he do that? You come from a wealthy family, John, and, uh, we think that Mr.
Greer was trying to kidnap you for ransom, and Wyatt and Rufus here saved you.
I need to talk to my father.
I just got off the phone with him.
He's on his way.
Am I in a storage closet? You're safe.
And that's what matters.
So why don't you rest and just make yourself comfortable.
I know that this is a lot to take in, so, um, uh, we'll come back, uh, when it's time for you to go home.
Hey, hey, you feeling any better? I'm fine.
It's hard to imagine that skinny kid grows up to bang Marilyn Monroe, huh? Hmm, Kennedy's intern and mistress Mimi Alfred said that he had a
way of making a woman feel like she was the only one that mattered, even when he was married to someone else.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know this is really weird.
But I didn't have a choice.
I couldn't take the - This is so awkward for me.
- There you are.
Did I interrupt something? - No.
- Hmm.
I was, uh, just gonna get John something to eat.
Our secret bunker's getting kind of crowded.
Thought, uh, JFK might be a little hungry.
It's been a tough week for you.
I'm on the mend.
That's not what I meant.
You've been quiet since you got back from Salem, and I have a feeling I know why.
You do? Your mother tried to have you hanged as a witch.
I imagine that'd be just a little bit upsetting.
Do you want to talk about it? Not really, but thanks for asking.
I hope he enjoys whatever that is.
John? I thought you might be hungry, so I made you a Guys.
Guys! Can't tell how far back it goes.
I spoke with the guards upstairs.
They didn't see him.
Oh, my God, if we don't put JFK back where he belongs, he doesn't become president, no JFK, no Peace Corps, - no Civil Rights Act - No immigration reform.
But there is nuclear war with Cuba.
All right, look.
Nothing is gonna happen to JFK.
We're gonna find him.
Rufus Jiya and I will check traffic and security cams.
Okay, great.
I'm gonna need a car.
No, not a chance.
Rittenhouse could come after you.
Rittenhouse will come after him.
So unless we're okay with finding out what a world looks like after a few dozen mushroom clouds All right.
I'll run point from my office.
I need all of you to stay in touch with me, okay? All right, hey, I think you ought to sit this one out.
- Get some rest.
- Oh, I can come with you.
I don't really think that's probably a good idea.
- Why not? - This is a matter of national security.
These missions are dangerous.
Well, she's a teacher, right? Ooh.
Never mind.
Just trying to help.
You know what? Uh Maybe you're right.
Uh More eyes the better, right? Okay, fine.
Just be careful.
You know what? I'll come too.
Lucy, you are still recovering.
I'm I'm feeling better, and didn't Wyatt say can't hurt to have more eyes? - Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
The closest building is a gas station two miles away.
Hey, baby.
Hey, let's order, uh Download a movie and just chill tonight.
Can I help you? Pardon me.
Where can I find a pay telephone? A pay phone? I don't know, a museum? Please, I-I need to call my father.
I think I've been kidnapped.
Seriously? Okay, here, use mine.
- What is this? - My phone.
This isn't a telephone.
Okay, um, let me.
What's your dad's number? Gramercy 5934.
Is is that international? - What's today's date? - April 5th.
- What year? - 2018.
How can this be? Um, are you in line? No, go ahead.
Hey, is something wrong? I'm having a rather strange day.
Well, I hope your day gets better.
Uh - Can I hitch a ride with you? - Where's your car? - I don't have one.
- Why don't you call an Uber? I don't know who that is.
Uh, we're going to Palo Alto.
Where do you need to go? Anywhere far from here.
Palo Alto.
That's in California, right? He's weird.
But he can come.
7 million people in the Bay Area, and we're supposed to find one horny teenage boy? It's gonna be fine.
We'll find him.
You sound quite sure of that.
Well, think about it.
We all still know who JFK is, right? - Must mean we're gonna find him.
- Come again? What a fascinating loop.
Jiya is suggesting that because we still know JFK becomes president in '61, very fact that we're still aware of him really proves that he eventually makes it back to where he's supposed to be.
Yeah, for now, until he gets hit by a car or shot by Rittenhouse, then history changes in an instant.
- And we don't even know it.
- Yeah, that's true too.
- Okay, what about my visions.
- What about your visions? I had a vision about a man dying and he died.
You tried to stop it, but history doesn't change - as easily as you want it to.
- Okay, that's more like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Or maybe it's just a prophecy.
Sorry, what are we talking about? Never mind.
Forget it.
Hello? Just a sec.
Okay, so here's the deal.
John's my brother, and he's off his meds.
Okay, who am I? You're my friend.
We can be friends, can't we? Okay, dumb question, but why don't you guys just tell the truth? Oh, that we're looking for President Kennedy who time traveled from 1934? Okay, well, not all that.
But Wyatt's military.
They should answer his questions, right? Yeah, well, we normally try to keep a lower profile than that, so - Why? - Because.
Sorry about that.
How can I help you? Yeah, we are, uh, looking for a teenage boy that might have came through here, skinny kid, light blue sport coat, tie.
Sorry, haven't seen him.
All right, look.
Uh - U.
- So? Please.
We've been looking everyone for him.
He's my brother, and he wandered - out of the house today.
- What's wrong with him? He suffers from delusions and paranoia.
I mean, he thinks that people are after him.
He'll be fine as soon as we can get him his meds.
- Mm.
- What meds? - What? What meds? - Um Risperidone.
It's an antipsychotic.
I can call his doctor if you'd like.
H-he came by about 40 minutes ago.
Do you know where he went? He left with some kids.
I think I heard 'em say - they were heading to Palo Alto.
- Palo Alto.
Do you have any idea what they were driving? Hard to forget.
It was a red BMW.
- Red BMW, thanks a lot.
- Great.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
So, uh, how do you all know each other? From school.
You all go to the same school? - Together? - Yeah.
- Why? - My school's pretty boring.
And, uh, white.
Private school? Are you okay? Swell.
What's your deal? My deal? Yeah, what's with the funny suit? And who were you hiding from back there? What's wrong with my suit? It's a nice suit.
You're obviously in some type of trouble.
Just tell us what it is and then maybe we can help you.
There are people after me.
They kidnapped me and kept me in some kind of, uh, underground bunker.
I I don't know who they are or what they want.
It's hard to explain.
Why don't you just go to the police? The police can't help me.
- John, what is it? - My stomach.
Do either of you have any TUMS or something? - I need I need a doctor.
- What's wrong with him? I don't I don't know, but he does not look good.
We need to get him to a hospital.
Yo, he better not puke in my car.
Just go.
Rufus, what do you mean you lost 'em? There aren't cameras on every street.
They drove out of range.
Well, what direction were they heading? South on Willow.
All right.
What's in the area? There's a Chinese restaurant, Starbucks, Bailey's Bar and Grille, a hospital, a park I don't know much about JFK, but a bar sounds right up his alley.
No, no, no, I bet he's going to the hospital.
What makes you say that? Well, John suffered from health issues his entire life.
Spent most of his childhood in and out of hospitals.
I mean, Bobby even joked that if someone ever were to write a book about his brother, it would be titled "John F.
Kennedy: A Medical History.
" Doesn't mean he's sick now.
Stress probably makes his conditions worse.
And I'm imagining he's probably pretty stressed right now.
If we're wrong Hey, I'd go with the historian on this one.
I mean, she's kept you alive this long, right? Hospital it is.
Things didn't go as planned.
They got JFK.
Did Lucy get involved? No, I didn't see her there.
But they took Kennedy in the "Lifeboat.
" I think he's here somewhere.
Then find him.
From everything I've read, Kennedy galvanized this nation in a direction that runs counter to our goals.
We need someone in that Oval Office that we can control.
- Like Nixon.
- I'm working on it.
I know where we can find Kennedy.
I'm listening.
Kennedy's chronic health issues are one of history's best-kept secrets.
Ulcers, colitis, blood infections.
With everything that he's just been through, I wouldn't be surprised if he fell ill.
What do you suggest? We search every hospital in the city.
Sooner or later, Kennedy's bound to show up at one of them, and when he does, we take him out.
All right.
Send out one of our men.
I got this.
- I'll figure it out.
- Thank you, Emma.
And if you run into Lucy and her friends, take them out as well.
With pleasure.
- You get the plate on the BMW? - Uh, no.
Call me when you do.
This is like being stoned to death with popcorn.
We're never gonna find the boy using - such primitive technology.
- At least we have computers.
Try doing this with a Civil War spyglass.
No, I'm calling Agent Christopher.
What we need are drones.
Still think we're gonna find JFK? Found the car, didn't we? Have a little faith.
I don't have any faith, but you already know that.
You don't ever wonder if there's something bigger out there? What, like extraterrestrials? No, there's definitely extraterrestrials.
I mean A higher power.
Okay, where's this coming from? - Is this about your visions? - Okay, look, I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I'm having them for a reason.
Look, they're side effects of of time travel, okay? There's no such thing as a higher power.
Okay, then how do you explain my heart murmur being cured? Or the fact that all my visions have come true? All side effects, okay? If everything happens for a reason, then what's the reason for JFK getting shot by some crazy dude with three names? I don't know.
When I was a kid, my mom used to thank God for every good thing that happened.
And when something bad happened, she'd say, "Everything happens for a reason," or, "God has a plan.
" I watched my mom get on her knees and pray every night, begging God to take us out of our crappy neighborhood.
But you know who did? Me.
God doesn't exist.
Pardon the interruption, but I can't get a hold of Agent Christopher.
Did you try her office? Yeah, of course, but apparently she No one's seen her.
Then where is she? Agent Christopher.
We haven't formally met.
- I'm Carol Preston.
- I know who you are.
I wanted to talk, one mother to another.
You couldn't just text, Carol? Hmm, you know, despite what you must think, I do care about my daughter very much.
I was young when I got pregnant with Lucy.
I naively thought that I could give her up for adoption without my family knowing.
So you didn't want your child to be Rittenhouse.
Unlike Lucy, I've known about my place in Rittenhouse since I was 15 years old.
It was a burden.
So I convinced myself that not keeping my child was the right thing to do.
That must have been tough.
It wasn't.
Not at first.
Then the weeks went by, and I felt her growing inside me.
Then I started to wonder what she might be like.
And by the time she came into this world, I knew there was no way I was gonna let her go.
Why are you telling me this? Because I can't protect my daughter anymore.
Rittenhouse will kill Lucy if she continues to interfere with their plans.
So I need you to keep my daughter off of these missions.
It's the only way to keep her safe.
What do you expect me to do? - Tie Lucy up - Yes.
- Until all this is over? - Yes.
If that's what it takes.
If you think that's gonna work, then you don't know your daughter at all.
Oh, I was hoping that you of all people would understand.
You know, I would think long and hard about this, Agent Christopher.
It'd be a shame if your children grow up without a mother.
God, I hate hospitals.
- Remember Hawaii? - Ugh, don't remind me.
What happened? Uh, we were on a surfing trip.
- You surf? - Yeah.
Eh not as well as he thinks he does.
- No.
- You wiped out.
Hit himself on the head with a board, got a concussion.
Ended up in this awful hospital.
You remember that? I remember that you never left my side.
You slept in that uncomfortable chair for days.
I remember that.
Knock, knock.
- You stayed.
- Yeah.
You look better.
This hospital is incredible.
The medicine worked almost instantly.
Um, I have to go soon.
My brother's having this party tonight that my friends have been looking forward to all week.
I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Is there anybody that I can call for you? Family or Kayla, we've been friends for all of two hours, wouldn't you say? - Just about.
- Yeah, so I can trust you.
What I'm about to tell you is going to sound crazy.
Crazier than you being kidnapped? When I woke up this morning, I was at my boarding school in Connecticut.
The year was 1934.
Then a group of strangers kidnapped me and brought me here to the, uh future.
What kind of meds did they give you? I promise.
It's the truth.
I need to find a time machine.
John, time machines don't exist.
But they must.
How else could I be here? The bunker.
There must be a time machine at the place where I was locked up.
Maybe it's the only one of its kind.
Wait, you're saying you want to go back to the place that you just escaped from? Maybe that's the only way I can get back home to my time.
And I could really use your help.
Hi, I'm looking for my brother, John Kennedy.
I got a message saying that he was here.
Popular kid.
He should be out soon.
I know they're all trying to get to some party.
Oh, can, uh Can we see him? Like I told his aunt, you're gonna have to wait here - until there's an update.
- Aunt? Excuse me.
Room 325.
Let's go.
Whoa! Whoa! Wyatt.
Jessica, over there.
I wouldn't if I were you.
Or maybe her life doesn't matter anymore now that you have your wife back.
Do it.
She's their only pilot.
Do it.
Are you all right? - You okay? Yeah? - Yeah.
Go, go, go.
Drop the gun now! This is a mistake.
Wyatt was the one that was attacked.
Take it up with the police when they get here.
Look, I have a license for the gun.
I'm U.
Army Special Forces.
Call Agent Denise Christopher at Homeland Security.
- She'll clear it all up.
- There must be someone in management that we can talk to who is your supervisor? His name is Lou Ritchey, and he's gone for the day.
Of course he is.
Ma'am, you should wait in the lobby.
The police want to talk to the both of you when they get here.
You slipped him a paper clip.
Don't worry.
We've done this before.
You don't want to get that checked, we're here? I'll live.
We've got much bigger problems.
You okay? The way Wyatt looked at you back there Doesn't take a professor to figure it out.
I get it.
He thought I was dead and it's not like he was faithful to me before.
I don't know why he'd be faithful to me now.
- Jessica, it's - Look, Lucy, this was fun.
And insane.
And I believe Wyatt's changed.
Yesterday I was ready to divorce him, and after seeing him like this I thought maybe he's right.
Maybe he does deserve another chance, but I don't think I'm the one he should be getting that chance with.
Tell him I said bye.
Jessica, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, just Just don't leave yet.
Hear me out, okay? When we went to 1962 Vegas, Wyatt sent you a telegram from Western Union.
- Like in "Back to the Future"? - Yes.
Like in "Back to the Future," but it didn't work.
So then he stole the "Lifeboat" to try and go back and stop your killer from ever being born, but it didn't work either.
And he got court-martialed for it too.
- He did? - Yes.
My point is Even though you weren't there, you were always on Wyatt's mind.
He risked his job, his freedom, everything, because he never stopped loving you, not for a second.
And all he wants, all that he has wanted, is a chance to show you that.
Let's go.
Oh, what? How? Told you we've been doing this a while.
You in? Good? Ready? John Kennedy? Like the President? That's what he said.
Kayla, this guy is obviously unstable.
Maybe we shouldn't have brought him to your house.
My mom will be back tomorrow.
She's a shrink.
She helps troubled kids like him all the time.
Heads up.
Hail to the Chief.
Are you ready to go? Actually, I was thinking it's it's kind of dark outside.
It might be kind of hard to find a secret bunker.
So why don't you just stay here and then we can go first thing tomorrow? I suppose that'll give us time to come up with an actual plan.
Any chance I can sneak a gin rickey? Come on.
- Let's go somewhere quieter.
- Yeah.
I hope you've had sufficient time to reconsider.
I have.
In my line of work, we all have that one case we can't shake.
Mine was a school shooting in 2011.
After it happened, I yanked my kids out of their classrooms and decided they were going to be homeschooled.
There was no discussion.
I needed them to be safe.
You did what was best for your family.
I did what was best for me.
My son he was so angry.
It created such a rift between us that finally I had to give in and let go.
We all have to do that at some point.
What are you talking You're stalling.
She's chipped.
Your tax dollars at work.
Thanks for giving me that time to reconsider.
Someone should be here any minute now.
Do it.
- Did you find JFK? - No, we missed him.
- Any luck finding the car? - None.
What now? Have you guys checked Instagram? That nurse mentioned something about John going to a party.
If he's at a party with a bunch of kids, he's bound to show up in a picture or two.
Hey, Rufus, she's right.
Check social media.
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, all of it.
We're on it.
Make yourself comfortable.
Have you read all these books? Most of them.
I love to read.
Me too.
Ah, "The Poetry of Robert Frost.
" You like poetry? I love it.
All literature, really.
I spend so many days sick in bed.
My mother jokes she can hardly see me behind the books piled around my pillow.
- You really do look like him.
- Like who? How did you get this photo? And what is this thing? It's an iPad.
So so this is you? You're President Kennedy? President of what? Of the United States.
I become president of the United States? I I don't understand.
That was supposed to be my brother, Joe.
Does this, uh, iPad know him too? Yeah.
That's him.
"Joseph P.
Kennedy Jr.
was the oldest of nine children.
"Graduated from Harvard College.
Then went to Harvard Law.
" Hey, good on him! "But he left before graduation to join the U.
Navy during World War II.
" World War II? "A naval pilot, he was killed off the coast of France during a secret mission at age 29.
" It's the Kennedy curse.
The what? Mm, people think that the Kennedy family was cursed because so many of them died so young.
You know what? You really shouldn't John.
My sister Kathleen died in a plane crash.
Bobby was shot, just like Just like his brother, John.
Anything yet? Facebook's facial recognition really thinks Ansel Elgort looks like JFK.
- Wait, I think I found him.
- Really? That's definitely him.
I think he's at someone's house.
Can you pin his location? Tell me you got good news.
490 Kingsley Road.
Okay, I'll map it now.
Thanks, guys.
Denise? Are you hurt? Connor, what are you doing here? Looking for you.
What happened? These agents managed to track your chip.
Carol Preston wanted to have a little chat.
Mom? Who are you talking to? Hi, sweetie pie.
Mom's just talking to a friend from work.
Just go back inside, I'll be in in a minute.
What is it? What did Lucy's mother want? To remind me that we both have families to lose.
Brought you something.
- Is that me? - It's pretty cool, huh? Joe's the one who's destined for greatness.
He's smart and good and disciplined.
Not like me.
I think you had enough.
Come on.
You need to sober up.
- Do you want to go get food - No, leave me alone.
Ah, I see not much has changed since we were in high school.
Hey, someone's mom is here! Mom, my ass.
All right, you two see if you can find him out here.
- I'll check inside.
- Wait, wait, wait.
If we find him, I'll just call you.
Cell phones.
We don't usually get cell phones 'cause we're - traveling to the past.
- Right.
Go away.
- We have to go.
- What-what's going on? I know my father didn't send you.
You're right.
I'm sorry we lied to you about that.
We are trying to protect you.
I want to go home.
Let's get you home.
John! Miss, please help me! Kayla! Kayla! Everybody get down! Oh, my God.
Are you guys okay? I-I think so.
Kayla? So everything that you told me, that was real? Oh, my God.
Thank you for helping me.
Even when you didn't believe me.
Meeting you gives me hope for the future.
Your secret's safe with me.
So this is it.
No one's going to believe this.
Yeah, uh, about that, I wouldn't mention it when you get back home.
To anyone.
The safety of the world kind of depends on it.
I understand.
All right.
You ready to go? John.
You okay? I know about my siblings' deaths.
My own assassination.
Well, maybe you can change your fate.
Don't go to Dallas on November 22nd, 1963.
What about the curse? Everyone I love is going to die a tragic death.
You may not be able to save everybody, John, but you are going to make the world a much better place.
There are worse fates.
Was I a good president? One of the greatest.
You're back.
Oh, my God.
What happened to you? We need to talk.
I'm so sorry that you had to go through this.
You don't ever have to apologize for your mother's actions, Lucy.
You think she was telling the truth? About her love? Or that you have a target on your back? - Both.
- Yeah.
To both.
I won't sugarcoat this, Lucy.
Rittenhouse wants you dead.
I mean, look how close they already came.
Maybe you should consider staying off the missions.
You can still brief the team - on the history before they go.
- No.
Everyone else is risking their lives trying to stop Rittenhouse.
There is no way that I'm hiding in this bunker.
If you were my daughter, I'd be so proud.
The day I've had.
Someone needs to figure out how to put more seats - into this damn "Lifeboat.
" - We're working on it.
Well, work faster, 'cause next time, it won't be me who's left behind.
Did you take care of the Sleeper? Yes, ma'am.
All three of them.
Uh, so what do we know about JFK.
Uh, does he serve a second term? Does he have like ten more kids? What second term? JFK was assassinated two years into office.
That's not right.
I-I told him.
I told him not to go to Dallas.
Dallas? It happened in Austin.
Guess it was just meant to be.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
For what? Uh, Jessica's giving me a second chance, and she said it was 'cause of you.
Well, the history that you two have between you, it's special.
And you deserve to finally be happy, Wyatt.
I have no regrets.
Me neither.
Well, I'll see you around the bunker.
- Baby doll.
- See you around the bunker.
- Want one? - Oh, no.
Why didn't you get me something I could eat? Oh, that's right, I forgot.
The idea of offering a raw carrot to an Andrew.
You don't think I'm going around panhandling for you, do you? Have one of these.
Best thing in the world for you, carrots.
I wish you wouldn't talk so much.
Let another car get away.
S-suppose nobody stops for us.
He'll stop all right.
It's all a matter of knowing how to hail 'em.
Oh, and you're an expert, I suppose.
Expert? I'm gonna write a book about it called "The Hitchhiker's Hail.
" There's no end to your accomplishments, is there? - You think it's simple, huh? - No, no.
Well, it is simple.
It's all in that old thumb, see? Yeah, now, some people do it like this.
Or like this.

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