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206 The King of the Delta Blues
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" I took the blame for the explosion at my headquarters.
I forfeited my fortune.
You were being funded by Rittenhouse.
I allowed myself to become a global joke.
These seizures are more than seizures.
They're premonitions of the future.
And lately, they've been of your future.
I had a vision about a man dying, and he died.
Maybe you shouldn't tell me what's in your visions.
I know everything about you.
You want to know how I know? - I didn't write that.
- But you will.
She and I are gonna be quite the team one day.
You never told me where you got it from.
- You gave it to me.
- Uh, no, I didn't.
- Not yet.
- We have each other.
- Don't we? - Yes.
Jessica's alive.
Lucy, I'm so sorry.
I love you, but I can't be married to a state secret.
No, I'm gonna tell you everything.
Try not to freak out.
[WHOOSHING, RATTLING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You were always on Wyatt's mind, because he never stopped loving you.
Jessica's giving me a second chance, and she said it was 'cause of you.
You deserve to finally be happy, Wyatt.
- [ENGINE RUMBLING] - [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Some people say he made a deal with the devil.
That true, Donny? Betty, these Delta blues singers are full of stories.
But how you know that for sure? It's all just superstitions and hocus-pocus, that's how.
I wouldn't bet money on that.
[CHUCKLES] I might be the best guitar player around, Mr.
Law, but five years ago, I couldn't play a lick.
Now how else but the devil you think that could've happened? Well, I guess we'll just have to see if you're the best around, Robert.
Hello, Mr.
Betty get Mr.
Johnson and me two Orange-Crush sodas from the corner? But I thought you said I could watch him play.
I promise, I'll play everything you missed later on tonight.
[GIGGLES] I have you set up just the way you asked [SWITCHES FLIPPING] Facing the wall.
Is that right? [GUITAR STRUMMING] - [CLEARS THROAT] - What's the matter, Robert? Too shy to be famous? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] - I'm gonna make us both famous.
- [LAUGHS] ["CROSS ROAD BLUES" PLAYING] I went to the crossroad Fell down on my knees I went to the crossroad Fell down on my knees Asked the Lord above have mercy now Save poor Bob if you please Ye standing at the crossroad I tried to flag a ride - [THUMP] - [EXHALES SHARPLY] [SIGHS] [GRIMACES] Hey.
Hey, I'm glad you and Jessica are enjoying the room.
I know, I feel bad about Because that 1950s Kem Weber sofa sleeps like a dream.
It's like staying at the Four Seasons.
- Really? - Yeah, except there's only ever one season, and that season is winter.
[CHUCKLES] Look, I owe you, okay? Yeah, well, you might want to use that towel to stuff under the door to stop the, uh, noise.
This is still, believe it or not, a work environment.
[BOTH LAUGH] Rufus, why don't you and Jiya take our room for a few nights? I'll be fine on the couch, really.
- Morning, Wyatt.
- Hi.
[DOOR CREAKS, SLAMS] But I really have to pee.
[SOFT MUSIC] [OMINOUS MUSIC] [GASPS] [STEAM HISSING] - You okay? - Yeah, I just, um I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
Because of weird vision-related reasons? If so, I told you I'd rather not know.
No, I just, because of Too much red wine last night, okay? Take it easy.
- Um - [COMPUTER CHIRPS] Any luck adding a fourth seat to the "Lifeboat"? Well, unlike the Mothership, this baby was put together with tinfoil and Juicy Fruit.
But the math is good as long as the coding checks out.
[COMPUTER CHIMES] - Muah, muah! - [LAUGHS] And that, my love, is how you upgrade a time machine.
Bravo, bravo, bravo.
Outstanding work See, you and Jiya didn't need me mucking it up.
Are you drunk? "Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.
" So, yes, then? But I have something to add to the merriment.
"Icarus Descending: The Fall & Catastrophe of Connor Mason.
" Yikes.
Why are you even reading this stuff? Because, Rufus, today is the day I finally lose control Of Mason Industries and all of my holdings.
Today, Connor Mason is officially, um nobody.
A toast.
To oblivion.
[WHISPERS] Oblivion! - Wyatt.
- Where've you been? - I need to speak with you.
- What's up? [ALARM BLARING] Damn it, the Mothership jumped.
We got to deal with that first.
First? What are we dealing with second? San Antonio, Texas.
November 23, 1936.
Lucy? The Texas Centennial Exposition? 6 million people attended, including President Roosevelt.
FDR sounds like a Rittenhouse target to me.
Agreed, but the Exposition took place in Dallas, - a few hundred miles away.
- What about you? Ever pick up any Rittenhouse intel about this? - Zilch.
- Well, if you're not here to provide intelligence, what are you good for? It's got to be the Gunter Hotel, it's obvious.
The Gunter Hotel is in San Antonio.
Connor, can you just Why would Rittenhouse care about a hotel? Because in that hotel on November the 23rd, 1936, Robert Johnson and Don Law changed the world.
[SCOFFS] How? By recording a series of albums.
Okay, keep drinking.
Robert Johnson.
King of the Delta blues? Father of rock 'n' roll? You people are philistines! Are you saying Rittenhouse is going after some blues singer? The blues singer.
Look, if it wasn't for Robert Johnson, there'd be no modern blues.
No modern blues, no rock 'n' roll, none of your Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin None of them.
Which is bad no doubt, no one wants to listen to Pat Boone on a radio 24/7, but I think I'm missing the larger geopolitical point.
Actually, Mason makes sense.
It wouldn't just be Rittenhouse killing rock 'n' roll at its source, it would be them killing the cultural revolution of the 1960s, the civil rights movement, the The fall of Nixon, the end of the Vietnam War, the counterculture as we know it.
Wait, wait, wait, you're saying all of this happens because two guys don't record an album? Precisely.
Get the "Lifeboat" prepped.
Gear up.
Get going.
Fourth seat's ready.
I say Connor takes it.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Absolutely not.
Connor, you obviously know more about Robert Johnson and his albums than any of us.
Yeah [SCOFFS] So I'll debrief Lucy as you prepare to launch.
Are you you are afraid of riding in your own invention.
Wait a minute.
All those test trips before we met you? You never once time traveled yourself? - It's bloody dangerous.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, I know.
And perhaps Rufus and Jiya have made the correct calculations to safely - transport a fourth person.
- We did.
Yes, but perhaps you didn't, so no.
You're going.
Get Connor some coffee.
Hey, you hey, wait one damn minute.
Flynn, you're on board this mission.
Wyatt, you're staying here with me.
- What? - But why? - You can't be serious.
- Look, Flynn's already been on a couple of missions.
We either start trusting him, - or we don't.
- We don't.
- We definitely don't.
- Too bad.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Keep them safe.
[GUN CLICKS] I wouldn't have it any other way.
[SIGHS] [WHIRRING] [WHOOSHING] Please, you don't trust Flynn any more than Rufus or me.
What the hell is going on here? Why am I not with the team? How would you like to take out Rittenhouse for good? - Carol Preston held me here.
- How'd you find it? From the GPS chip implanted in my neck.
It was pinging from that location for eight hours.
- Sure, super normal.
- But we need you to raid that facility.
We'll give you a helmet-cam, and Jiya and I will have eyes on you from here.
- How big's my team? - You're going solo.
Against all of Rittenhouse? You're sending in the cavalry? I don't trust the cavalry.
I trust Wyatt.
Now, this is only an intelligence gathering mission, not an assault get in, get what's there, get out.
Modern day, modern weapons.
I'm in.
Let me grab my gear and tell Jess not to expect me for dinner.
Jiya? Jiya? Are you all right? Can I ask you a question? Yeah.
What? Is it okay to keep secrets from someone you love? What kind of secrets? What are you talking about? Nothing.
Uh, Rufus and me Just relationship issues.
Never mind.
All right, set up the link.
He's leaving in ten minutes.
[SOFT MUSIC] Our earliest pilots would report how like the present the past initially seems.
The sound, the air Like nothing's changed except space-time compression.
And look, I can see the hairs stand from the quantum-gravitational bursts.
And I can hear the faintest sparks crackle in the air.
Ah, this is quite ex [GAGS, VOMITS] And boom goes the dynamite! [GROANS] So how long until Johnson records his album? Um, um, one hour and 17 minutes.
- Better hurry.
- Yes, let's get going.
Um, h-how do we begin? BOTH: Get some clothes, steal a car.
[CAR HONKING] [BLUESY MUSIC] You can run, you can run Tell my friend Willie Brown You can run, you can run Tell my friend Willie Brown [DOOR BANGS] Oh! [OMINOUS MUSIC] [GUNSHOT] What the holy hell? I'm Taylor Swift, this is Agent Timberlake.
We're part of the new FBI.
H-Hoover's hiring women? We're reorganizing.
With Negroes? Well, we're [CLEARS THROAT] I'm Lando Calrissian, British Intelligence.
Kenya station.
His Majesty sends his regards.
So we'll just remove the deceased, and you gentlemen can continue doing whatever it is you were doing.
Remove the deceased? Are you mad? That ofay just tried to kill us, and you want us to pretend like it didn't happen? No, no, this is just a big misunderstanding.
He was a bootlegger, a common hood.
He must've come in here by accident.
No, he didn't come in by accident he was aiming - his gun at you, wasn't he? - Now hold on, Mr.
Law, I don't know who in the hell that is - Or was, come on, now.
- They-they warned me.
They said, "Donald, don't record with Johnson, he's cursed," and the proof of that pudding's in the eating.
Man, I got your pudding right here! Gentlemen, gentlemen, please! You know, I don't need this crap, I'm out of here.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us get out! Listen, Law, perhaps you can reconsider.
Take your damn hand off me, sir.
Look, you gentlemen have to resolve this disagreement and record this record.
It's important.
Now, why would British intelligence care about a music recording session, hmm? Well, uh, well, I suppose it's - We're fans.
- Huge fans.
Huge, big fans.
Incredible fans.
Yeah, well, whatever you are, you're wasting your time.
Why is that? The other half of the equation's gone, isn't he? Good luck finding him.
His disappearing acts are legendary.
Lucy, we we obviously have to find Robert before he leaves town.
You and Rufus You go after Johnson.
We'll stay here with Law.
Now, would you kindly remove your dead fugitive from my equipment? [WHISTLE BLOWS] You have to help Robert Johnson make this album.
No, madam, I do not.
My father was right.
I'm a three-time loser.
I don't think you're a loser.
I think what you're doing is amazing.
[LAUGHS] And how would you know? Because Robert Johnson's amazing.
And you could make him a legend.
He could be the next Fats Waller or Billie Holiday.
I tried.
I nearly ended up dead for my trouble.
Do you want to be a bookkeeper - the rest of your life? - How would you know that? I told you, we're the FBI.
We know things.
Look, I get that it's a lot safer at your desk, but your instincts about Johnson are right.
He's [SIGHS] He's a special talent.
He is, isn't he? And this could be your chance to change the world and prove to your father just how wrong he is.
Or you can just keep being a bookkeeper.
[CHUCKLES] I get what you're doing.
It's a shameless manipulation.
I didn't mean any disrespect, Mr.
Law I didn't say it didn't work.
I might have some spare vacuum tubes and repair parts in my truck.
If your lads can find Robert They'll find him.
Johnson, hold up! Look, now, I don't want no trouble from y'all.
- We don't want any either.
- Where you going? Not that it's any of your damn business, mister, but I'm fixing to see my sister.
Well, how about before that you give us a chance to make things right with Mr.
Law? Ain't no going back.
I'm cursed.
I made a deal with the devil and now his note's finally coming due.
That old recording washout was just the devil having himself a laugh.
Johnson, the record you make today could change the world.
Friend-boy, I'm just a Delta blues singer that play for get-backs, Saturday night balls, and street corner pennies Ol' Bob ain't changing a damn thing.
Your sister's name is Carrie Thompson, She says she's the only person you still love, and the only one you've never hurt.
She owns a juke joint, doesn't she? Not too far away.
- You know Carrie? - Oh, yeah.
She's very lively.
Tied a few on at her bar from time to time.
Connor, what are you doing? So why don't we take you there, drive you to her place? I thought you said we had to get him to record at the hotel? If Johnson won't go to Law, we'll get Lucy and Flynn to bring Law to him.
What choice do we have? Come on.
All right, friend-boys.
But I don't want to hear nothing else about making no doggone record.
Oh, your lips to God's ears.
[EERIE MUSIC] You guys getting this? Coming in clear.
Agent Christopher, this look familiar? Believe me, this is it.
Wait, go back.
Your eight! [BOTH GRUNTING] Oh, my God, Wyatt! [BOTH GRUNTING, STRUGGLING] Wyatt? Wyatt? - [GRUNTING] - [GUNSHOTS] - [SCREAMS] - Wyatt? Yeah, I'm here.
- Are you okay? - [PANTING] A lot better than this dick.
Looks like I just risked my neck for an empty room.
Does he have anything on him? Some kind of key fob.
Wyatt, is there a serial number on it? Yeah, TS PROX D02 531279.
Can you hack it? Issued by AICS Securities.
It's a high-frequency access fob to a priority client.
Do we have a name? A company? An individual? - No.
- What about an address? What we need is Rittenhouse's base of operations.
There's a pretty advanced firewall here.
Give me a couple hours to crack it.
[BLUES MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO] Your friend better make that call quick, or we can't get out of here fast enough.
- Yeah.
- Operator? I need you to connect me to the Gunter Hotel.
It's important.
So, um, are we gonna get to hear you play at your sister's juke joint? Won't be there long enough.
Just dropping in to say good-bye.
- Good-bye? - Yeah.
I'm gonna ramble on and get myself gone, where no one'll ever find me.
Rollin' stones gather no moss.
Are you sure that's a good idea? - What do you give a damn? - Mr.
Johnson, you can make a guitar sound like two.
- [SOFT LAUGH] - You're a poet.
You could be great Truly great.
You some kind of expert on me? - Look, Mr.
Law - [BOOTH DOOR CREAKS] Believes in your talent, and so do I.
No, Mr.
Law believes I'm cursed, and I agree.
I left a message for Lucy.
I just hope she gets it.
Yeah, I know the story, Robert.
How you tried to play at the Saturday night balls and the other bluesmen would just laugh at you because well, you weren't any good.
So you went down to the crossroads one midnight and let the devil tune your guitar in exchange for your soul, and the next time you played, those bluesmen were shining your shoes.
Yeah, well, the devil tricked me.
I'm sorry, are we talking about this like it really happened? The devil made me a widower at 18 and did it to me again when I was 21.
And I'll tell you something else, mister.
People around me don't make out so good neither.
They've been shot, stabbed, poisoned.
Death and heartbreak follow me everywhere I turn.
I can't do it no more.
I can't keep hurting and disappointing the people I love.
If you ever struck a deal with the devil, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Maybe not quite as literally.
But I've made my own deal with the devil.
It cost me everything I had.
Then you understand the tune I'm playing.
When I say good-bye to my sister I'm walking away from that guitar for good.
[ENGINE TURNING OVER] [SWITCHES CLICKING] What did you with the body? [CHUCKLES] You really want to know? Where's the bookkeeper? Law went to go get the equipment to fix the recorder.
Lucy [SIGHS] I think it's time we, uh, leveled with each other.
I'm way more fun on these missions than Wyatt, right? [LAUGHS] You're delusional.
Must be, uh, awkward between you two.
It's not awkward between us.
Wyatt and Rufus giggling like schoolboys about Wyatt's late-night activities with Jessica? That wasn't awkward? - Nope.
- So that's not why you secretly keep a bottle of vodka under your bed? - Are you spying on me? - No.
I do remember reading about it in your journal.
Lucy, when you gave me that book Which may or may not be true.
No, you gave it to me, you wanted me to read it, and I did.
Look, at first, all I cared about was that it was a tool to take down Rittenhouse, but the more I read it, the longer I stayed with it, the more I felt like I knew you, understood you.
Lucy, damn it, sometimes, I feel like I know you better than you know yourself.
What do you want from me, Flynn? You don't know me.
Well, I guess we're having our own awkward moment right now.
I've got a message here from a Rufus Carlin? Girl, you full of fire tonight.
Come on! [LAUGHTER, EXCITED CHATTER] [UPBEAT JAZZ MUSIC] Now this the one place I don't have to worry about the devil playing tricks on me.
- [GRUNTS] - Man, you lucky you ain't step on my shoes.
Yes, sir, I am.
He meant no harm.
I've got this.
I've studied this world of sharecroppers and juke joints my entire life.
Bob? Is that you? - [LAUGHTER] - You ol' dog, get over here.
Yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am.
[LAUGHS] Listen, you all seen Carrie? She stepped out not too long ago.
She'll be back.
So who these two rag tags you got with you here now? Thought they might just be giving me a ride from San Antonio, but I guess they be staying for a drink.
Muddy Waters! And you're Eddie "Son" House, Jr.
But this This is the nonpareil Ms.
Bessie Smith.
Say that again.
I thought you said you had this.
What did I do wrong? Uh, the nonpareil, Ms.
Bessie Smith? Mm-mm.
You damn right I am.
[LAUGHTER] Hey, hey, get a load of the King of England over here.
[LAUGHS] Honey, I love the way you talk.
Well then, the drinks are on me! [CHEERING] May I sit with you? Please, have a seat.
[EXCITED CHATTER] Yes, yes, yes Oh, Don? Don't bother coming up, we're gonna go over to Johnson's sister's place and record him there.
We'll get the stuff.
Carrie's juke joint, yeah, we was looking - for him there last week.
Don? It was another sleeper agent.
And we just sent her straight to Rufus and Mason.
[METAL CREAKING] [TRUCK WHIRRING] [BING CROSBY'S "I WISHED ON THE MOON" PLAYING] The sleeper should only be a few minutes ahead of us.
Yeah, but she knows these roads much better than we do.
[HUMMING ALONG] Wished on the moon For something I never knew I wished on the moon For more than I ever knew My wife used to sing this song.
A sweeter rose, a softer sky You were right, Lucy.
I don't know you.
I guess what I was trying to say back there is that I'd like to get to know you.
But I understand if you don't want that.
I begged of the stars My mother used to sing this song too.
A beam or two Lorena would lie on the couch humming it.
Actually used to bother me.
[CHUCKLES] Now it's the little details like that which I miss the most The pranks she pulled, her icy feet at night, the smell of her hair.
I wished on the moon My sister, she had this strawberry-scented shampoo.
When we were little, she would get scared at night, so she'd crawl into my bed and snuggle into me, her hair right up against my nose.
[CHUCKLES] I'd dream all night about milkshakes.
I never intended that to happen Your sister disappearing, I I never wanted to hurt you, Lucy.
We'll never get the people back that we love, will we? Only if we give up hope.
I know somehow, someway, we'll save the people we love.
You knew from my journal that my mother sang that song, didn't you? You should know the Lucy in that journal.
She's very, very impressive.
The roof is rocking The neighbors knocking We're all bums when the wagon comes I mean this joint is jumpin' Let it be! [EXCITED CHATTER] - Thanks.
- He's up there playing, with his back turned to the dancers, facing the wall like he do.
Oh, that's only 'cause he got a case of stage fright.
- Stage fright? - No, no, no, Bob don't want nobody to learn how he frets.
[LAUGHTER] Two things, no one seems to know when Robert Johnson's sister is arriving, and I'm also a little bit worried that Lucy and Flynn didn't got our message.
Bob's corner loading, bouncing the sound off the walls for the acoustics.
Son, you can't even spell acoustics.
- [LAUGHS] - Connor? Hey, Earth to Connor.
Oh, good news, Rufus.
I've figured out what I'm gonna do when we get back to the present.
Really? You want to do this now? Yeah, I'm leaving.
Yeah, I'm taking a cue from Robert and [SIGHS DEEPLY] As soon as we get back, I'll pack up my things from the bunker and just ramble on.
Okay, I know you're new to this, but that's not how these missions work.
They're not your life counseling sessions.
What exactly have I contributed? We only figured out Robert was Rittenhouse's target because I was a pimply-faced blues geek as a teen.
And it worked.
We're here.
Look, we don't have time for your midlife crisis.
We need to find a phone, try again, or somehow get Robert Johnson to change his mind.
Now, who said my baby brother's in here? - Bob, where you at? - Carrie? Oh! [LAUGHS] Come here! Listen, I I got something I've got to tell you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[TENSE MUSIC] I'm in the new location.
Yeah, you're right This looks like a Rittenhouse headquarters.
- Should I proceed? - [KEYBOARD CLACKS] Rittenhouse headquarters? Maybe this is the right time for backup? I mean, Wyatt's tough, but he's not Chuck Norris.
- He'll be fine.
- How do you know that? He could get hurt, he's by himself, he could Jiya, if I bring in more agents and one of them's a Rittenhouse mole, it could ruin everything.
You know what else ruins everything? Wyatt dying.
He can handle it.
Open the comms.
[KEYBOARD CLACKS] Hello? What are we doing? Wyatt, you're a go.
[GUNSHOTS] [SCREAMS, GRUNTS] [GASPS, GRUNTING] [ALARM BLARING] [BLARING CONTINUES] - [EXPLOSION] - What the [GUNSHOTS] They're burning the place down, destroying the evidence.
Hey! [BLARING CONTINUES] Take the shot.
- You can't do it, can you? - Take the shot.
Take the shot! [GUNSHOTS] Emma, fire up the Mothership! Wyatt, are you all right? [GUNSHOTS] Wyatt? Are you okay, Wyatt? [RUMBLING, WHOOSHING] [PANTING] They're gone.
[RAGTIME PIANO MUSIC] What's the plan now? Knock him over the head, lock him in a closet? Tell him no pudding till he records those songs? I'm not sure we're gonna get groundbreaking music from blunt force trauma.
Well, what, then? We can't just stand here and watch.
If he leaves now, he's gonna give up the guitar for good.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Hey, don't I know you? [GUNSHOT] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] - [GUNSHOT] - Rufus! Thank you.
Thank you.
It wasn't us.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Johnson's still holed up in the storage room.
The sleeper killed Law.
But we got your message and brought the equipment.
Yeah, well, who's supposed to work it? We were thinking maybe Mason could.
Did he convince Johnson to do the recording? No, and after what he's just been through, I'm not sure he's gonna be able to.
Rufus, you have to talk to him.
He has to.
We're gonna go get the equipment.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, Lucy and Flynn got the equipment.
- Okay.
- We just need you to get Robert Johnson to play.
All right, um, where's Don Law? He's dead.
- Then it's over.
- No, you said you could - record it here.
- No, no, that was a Hail Mary.
That was before Don Law was killed, before I killed someone, before I saw this place It's it's all wrong.
- Not if you record it.
- Yeah, me? Inferior space, inferior acoustics, inferior producer.
It won't be the same, which means it won't have the same impact.
Okay, well, it's going to have to.
No, you do it.
I don't you were obsessed with his music.
You know how it's all supposed to sound.
I don't.
Fan boys don't save the world, Rufus.
I was your fan boy.
Oh, what are you talking about? Do you remember my senior year at MIT? I was the prodigy.
Then two weeks before finals, I cracked.
Days, I cried, I didn't eat, I locked myself in a room in the dark, I was gone.
You flew 16 hours from Seoul, knocked on my door with a double cheeseburger and a milkshake to tell me you believed in me.
Hey, hey.
This is me returning the favor.
Devil fell on me here too.
Why did you pick up the guitar in the first place, Robert? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] I wanted to be the greatest bluesman in the world.
And you are, except no one knows it yet, and no one ever will, unless you show a little backbone.
- You calling me a coward? - No, I'm not calling you anything worse than I've called myself.
I I've done things that most people wouldn't even consider possible.
I was rich, I was famous, I was powerful, and I lost it all.
So I'm at the same crossroads as you, Robert.
But what do I do? Do I walk away or fight back? And yes, maybe you made a deal with the devil, and maybe you didn't, but this bad luck That's gonna keep chasing you until you decide to stop, stand your ground, and fight.
To hell with oblivion.
[SWITCHES CLICKING] Right, um, just sing, clearly, into the microphone.
["STOP BREAKING DOWN BLUES" PLAYING] Every time I'm walking Down the street Some pretty mama starts breaking down with me Stop breaking down Yeah, stop breaking down Yeah! The stuff I got'll burst your brains out Baby hoo hoo It'll make you lose your mind I can't walk the streets now Can't consolate my mind Some no good woman, she starts Breaking down, stop breaking down Please stop breaking down Okay.
Mm, mm The stuff I got gonna burst your brains out Hoo hoo, it'll make you lose your mind It's gonna take a while to comb through the place, but if we can salvage some of these computers, there's got to be intel here [SIGHS] You could've taken out Carol Preston.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] My gun jammed.
You hesitated because it was Lucy's mother.
- Ma'am - Carol Preston is the enemy.
Look, whatever's going on between you and Lucy, you need to figure it out, Wyatt, and deal with it.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll take it from here.
Go home.
[LOUD RUMBLING] [WHOOSHING] [LAUGHTER] Oh, my gosh, Jiya, you should've seen it.
It was amazing.
Mason was something truly to behold.
Sounds like you guys had fun, huh? Oh, well, yeah, that all depends, though.
Were there hippies in the '60s? And a band called Led Zeppelin? Duh.
- You did it.
- Nice.
- [LAUGHS] You did.
- Thank you.
Good job.
- Thank you.
- For what? For everything.
- Hey, Connor? - Yeah? Before we left, did Robert Johnson ever tell you what really happened at the crossroad? Lucy.
Could I talk to you a minute? What did Agent Christopher have you do? We found Rittenhouse's headquarters.
We hit them hard, They're on the run.
I just got back.
And my mother? She got away.
What about Flynn? You keep him on a short leash? He was actually great.
He really came through.
What happened? I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
I'm I'm sure Jessica's worried sick.
Lucy, come on, I want to know.
Go, be with Jessica.
[ROBERT JOHNSON'S "STOP BREAKIN' DOWN BLUES"] Every time I'm walking Down the street Some pretty mama starts breaking down with me Stop breaking down Yeah, stop breaking down Yeah! That was my "yeah.
" The stuff I got'll burst your brains out, baby Hoo hoo, it'll make you lose your mind [LAUGHS] Can't consolate my mind Some no good woman, she starts Breaking down, stop breaking down Please stop breaking down The stuff I got gonna burst your brains out Hoo hoo, it'll make you lose your mind Now, you Saturday night women You love to ape and clown You won't do nothing but tear A good man reputation down Stop breaking down Please stop breaking down The stuff I got'll burst your brains out, baby Hoo hoo, it'll make you lose your mind [CHUCKLES] Now, I give my baby now The 99 degree she jumped up What? Nothing, nothing.
You're gonna tell me you had one of those creepy visions again, aren't you? Premonitions.
You said you didn't want to know.
Yeah well, now you have to say it.
You built it up too much.
[SIGHS, SNIFFS] It's okay.
Say it.
I saw you near the ocean, surrounded by cowboys, I think Yellow teeth, spurs on their boots.
They have you trapped.

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