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207 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
Transcript previously provided by: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/ which is no longer online. This transcripts was copy/pasted from the original source "as is." It has not been reformatted, rewritten, or edited in any way.

Previously on "Timeless" Maybe her life doesn't matter anymore now that you have your wife back.
You were always on Wyatt's mind.
He risked his job, his freedom, everything, because he never stopped loving you.
Jessica's giving me a second chance.
You deserve to finally be happy, Wyatt.
Lucy, sometimes I feel like I know you better than you know yourself.
What do you want from me, Flynn? You don't know me.
I guess what I was trying to say is that I'd like to get to know you.
[KNOCKING AT DOOR] I saw you near the ocean, surrounded by cowboys, I think.
You died.
I'm in the new location.
This looks like a Rittenhouse headquarters.
[GUNSHOTS] [GRUNTS] [RUMBLING, WHOOSHING] [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! Get out of here! Go take care of your kids! Get off the street! Go back to the kitchen! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! Lock 'em up! Go get a husband! Your vote won't matter! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! All this nonsense! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! Go back and clean your house! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! Go back to your homes! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! Women belong at home! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! You're just a bunch of dumb girls! [WOMEN CHANTING] Votes for women! Go home! Return to your homes.
Disperse! Yeah, you come home with me, I'll show you your place! Back up! Back up! You'd better back up.
Back up! - Back up, I tell you! - Stop! No! [WOMEN EXCLAIMING] Break it up, now! Hey! Hey! [GRUNTS] [COMMOTION, SCREAMING] Stop! Go home! - Return to your homes! - Unhand me! Mr.
President! Mr.
President! I want [GRUNTS] Mr.
President, we should get you inside.
One moment, Senator Wadsworth.
[OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] I want to address those of you who think that women will not, cannot, and should not succeed.
We will not be silenced, and we will not be ignored! [CROWD SHOUTING] It was we the people, not we the white male citizens, but we the whole people who formed this Union.
The time has come to give women the right to vote! [SCREAMS] So I'm just supposed to die somewhere in the 1800s? - I guess.
- You guess? My visions don't exactly come with a time stamp, Rufus.
So no time, no date.
Just stabbed by some guy with bad teeth and spurs on his boots.
For all you know, it's just a rough night in Reno.
Can you please take this seriously? I do.
From now on, no more cowboys or Kenny Chesney concerts.
I saw the burn on your arm.
That happened.
I saw the pilgrim die.
That happened.
My visions are real, Rufus, and And underneath all the jokes, you know that.
- You know it.
- None of this has to happen.
- None of this is set in stone.
- I wish that were true.
You have no idea, okay, but no matter what, JFK still died.
No matter what, some things, they just they are.
Then what am I supposed to do? I mean, if there is absolutely nothing I can do to change what's happening, then why even tell me? - You made me tell you! - You listened to me? Look, I'm scared too, but we just we have to deal with this, okay? Together.
How? Buy a funeral plot? Make sure my Go-Bot collection goes to the next generation? - That's not funny.
- I agree.
Look, when my dad died, there was no warning.
Thanks for the warning, but I am not your dad! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Okay [SIGHS] Jiya.
I am going to remove myself from your personal space.
Thanks for yep.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, I'll see you.
Any hot water left? Stay the hell away from her.
Oh, you mean Lucy? You know she's not your wife, right? That's the, uh, blonde lady just down the hall.
Unless history's changed again.
I'm warning you.
What is it you want from her, Wyatt? Because if you have a problem, I suggest you talk to Lucy about it.
She's perfectly capable of making her own choices, don't you think? You know, you could just call for me.
With your voice.
When one can send a text message on a miracle like this, why? [CHUCKLES] I got the water up and running.
I know this place is rustic, to say the least, but we'll fix it up.
I fought in the Great War.
I'm used to doing without the finer things.
Though I must confess, there are certain modern comforts I find myself growing attached to.
I've made a decision.
On this next mission, I just want you to pilot the Mothership.
Wait for Andre to activate our sleeper and then come back to me safely.
Let someone else do the dirty work.
But the dirty work is what I'm good at.
You're too important.
I'm flattered.
You're not just my pilot, Emma.
You're the only one I trust.
Andre will handle it.
Of course.
Whatever you think best.
[ALARM BLARING] They went to March 4, 1919, New York.
New York, 1919, what happened? March 4th? That was Woodrow Wilson's last day in the United States before traveling to Paris to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles.
You think they're gonna kill Woodrow Wilson to stop this treaty? That treaty basically reorganized the world.
Borders redrawn, colonies gained freedom.
Rittenhouse wants to make Germany great again.
Wilson is staying at the York Hotel.
- It's a place to start.
- All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where do you think you're going? - 1919? - Yeah, we're good, thanks.
Uh, yeah, we're a team already.
We're the Beatles.
We don't need Yoko.
You do realize there were four members of the Beatles, don't you? We've got four seats now, and you can use the backup.
- We're not leaving one empty.
- Well, bring Mason.
- Uh, how do I put this? - Hell no? - Yeah.
- Flynn's going.
End of discussion.
She's the boss.
Oh, don't forget to say good-bye to your wife.
[RUMBLING, WHIRRING] [WHOOSHING] He's staying in the Presidential Suite.
- [GUNSHOT] - [COMMOTION] Was that already a gunshot? That was definitely a gunshot.
We're too late.
I'm gonna find out what's going on.
- Yeah, I got it.
- No, I don't mind.
I said I got it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Officer, was President Wilson shot? Sir, please control your wife.
Excuse me, Officer, what happened with President Wilson? The President is safe.
There's no more information at this time.
Excuse me, do you work for the "Times"? - The "Post.
" - Oh.
Who'd they shoot? Senator Wadsworth.
Bullet to the head.
They already arrested some militant suffragette.
Alice Paul.
Who's Alice Paul? Alice Paul was only one of the most influential women in American history.
More than Beyoncé? She led the Suffragette movement, ultimately getting women the right to vote.
I mean, every step forward can be traced back to her.
So Alice Paul killed Senator Wadsworth? No, no, Alice does Didn't kill anyone.
She led the National Women's Party for the next 50 years.
So the sleeper must have killed Wadsworth.
- Is he important? - Well, to his family, yes.
But to history, not really.
But Alice is.
When President Wilson arrives at the hotel today, Alice gives a speech, changing his mind to support the 19th Amendment.
If Alice doesn't give that speech today, there's no telling when women will get the right to vote.
So we got to get Alice out of jail.
I'm gonna head out and find the sleeper.
Easy, tiger.
You're here for backup, that's it.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize, since you were so busy taking off your personal days.
Guys, hello? Alice, the speech.
All right, Lucy and I will get Alice out of jail.
Rufus, you and Flynn find the sleepers.
- Everybody happy? - Uh, not particularly.
Let's meet this afternoon.
At the march.
We're on the same team now.
Okay, look, I promise not to kill you this trip.
Feeling better? Actually, I do.
'Cause you're not gonna kill me this trip.
See? Nothing to worry about.
That's right.
I ain't worried about a damn thing.
[CLEARS THROAT] - Can I help you? - Yes.
We need to see Alice Paul.
Sorry, no visitors.
Chief's orders.
We're her attorneys.
I'm Ally McBeal, and this is Johnnie Cochran.
She didn't ask for an attorney.
Because she's innocent.
They found the gun in her room.
You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to solve this one, lady.
Sherlock Holmes Is Grace Humiston in the building today? I don't know.
She uses the visitor's room down the hall sometimes.
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
Who the hell is Grace Humiston? She would have been a cop if it weren't 1919.
She was a brilliant lawyer and investigator the NYPD used to solve crimes they couldn't crack or cast aside.
Missing women, mostly.
They actually called her Mrs.
Sherlock Holmes.
Humiston? Sorry, I don't take romantic disputes.
If you want my advice, you have better things to do than waste your time and your keen intellect on a married man, even if he is a soldier and a war hero.
How'd you know I was a soldier? You carry yourself like a soldier, always checking behind you.
And you're clearly not a cop, but you're carrying a concealed weapon into a police station.
The other stuff? You're wearing a wedding ring, she's not.
She's trying to keep her distance from you.
You're trying to get closer.
And I'm betting he didn't tell you about the wife, either, but that one's just a guess.
Okay, you know, it's a little more complicated than that.
Your keen intellect I deduced from the fact that you came here looking for me.
- You must read the papers.
- I do.
[SMALL LAUGH] And you are just incredible.
Um, a role model.
Ahead of your time.
- Why are you here? - Oh, uh, of course.
Uh, we're here because there was a woman who was arrested for a crime she did not commit.
Alice Paul? I'm well-acquainted with Alice Paul and her antics.
- What did she do now? - Well, she didn't do anything.
But she was arrested for murdering Senator Wadsworth just this morning.
A murder, huh? Got herself into a pickle this time.
Alice is a Quaker.
Not exactly the violent type, much less the type to leave a murder weapon where it could be easily found.
How did you know they found the weapon? You said Wadsworth was killed this morning.
How else could she have been arrested so quickly? So you'll help us? I'll talk to Alice.
We'll see.
Oh, thank you, Mrs.
This is just This is so I don't mean to rush you, Mrs.
Humiston, but this really is urgent.
Alice has to make a speech this afternoon by 4:00.
What she has to do is stop making speeches.
Sure, Grace.
Can I get you a coffee or anything to eat before we go? Ten minutes.
I'm asking nicely.
Sorry, no can do.
Chief's orders.
Cops Real cops only.
[TYPEWRITER CLACKING] Well, if memory serves, another one of the chief's orders is no drinking on the job, right, Lou? Do you want me to check your top right drawer and see what I find? You have five minutes.
Alice Paul.
We're here to get you out.
And this is Grace Humiston.
We've met.
- You gonna ask her questions? - No.
Guess we're supposed to be Watson? [SIGHS] Where were you earlier this morning? I was in my room, preparing my speech for the march.
Next thing you know, my door is kicked in, and I have handcuffs on.
They found the gun in your room, and we all know about your run-ins with Senator Wadsworth.
And we all know what you and your cop cronies think of the Movement, but I'm innocent, Grace.
Well, that's not how it looks to the cops, Alice.
You mean the cops that lock us up? That beat us? That call us militants? They have ample reason to want me in prison, don't you think? I'd like you to leave.
[MURMURS] Alice, we both know what they're gonna do to you in here The starvation, the forced feedings.
I've done it all before.
You want to help? Get the press in here.
When they see how we've been treated, it'll change more hearts and minds than anything I could say.
Yes, I I believe that, and and it will, but if you really want to change hearts and minds, give that speech this afternoon.
Trust me.
Uh [MUMBLES] [RUNNING FOOTSTEPS] You treated her like a criminal.
She's fighting on our behalf.
- Whose behalf? - Yours.
- What, women in general? - Yeah.
Alice has no job, no husband, and does nothing but create hysteria.
You think she's actually helping your cause? I don't know about you, but I'd rather earn my respect - than grovel for it.
- No, I Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to talk to Detective Riley.
Alice said her door was kicked in.
That's his trademark.
You two wait here.
Cops don't like people they don't know.
- Not how you pictured her? - Not exactly.
She's entitled to her point of view, Lucy.
Yeah, well, her point of view is wrong.
[CHUCKLES] What? - Nothing.
- No, something.
Tell me.
You want to talk? Fine, let's talk.
I saw you this morning.
- Saw me what? - Coming out of Flynn's room.
Flynn, for God's sakes? The terrorist who spent all last year trying to kill us? Look, I know the Jessica thing was a little unexpected, and and maybe you're on the rebound or something Rebound? I'm sorry, from what? Our one-night relationship? That is not what I meant.
I just meant that you are making a big mistake.
What I do and who I do it with is none of your damn business.
What on earth happened between you two? Wow.
So people could just walk into crime scenes in 1919? Well, better to ask forgiveness than permission.
So what exactly are we looking for? Well, the sleeper agent killed Wadsworth and framed Alice Paul, so maybe he left a clue.
So maybe we can find him so I can kill him.
You know, sometimes I think you're normal.
Then you say stuff like that, and I remember, oh, wait, no, he's frickin' nuts.
What are you two doing in here? We are Pinkertons.
You two are dicks? That's right.
We are detectives.
I'm John McClane.
This is my partner, - Hans Gruber.
- You two don't like - like Pinkertons.
- Officer Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, don't reach.
Hands up.
You too.
Turn around.
Turn around! Keep those hands up.
- You know what, Flynn? - What? - Take him down.
- Hey, you crazy, boy? Look, I'm not dying here man.
Go ahead and do it.
- Rufus, stop talking.
- Take him down right now.
You've been killing guys all week.
- Stop talking! - Hey Flynn, Flynn it up, - Flynn.
- Don't stop talking.
- Take him down! - Stop talking! [SILENCED GUNSHOT] [CHOKING GASPS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, look.
A couple of dicks.
I missed you, Flynn.
It's Emma.
This gets you kind of hot and bothered, doesn't it? Just give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right here, right now.
I know who your sleeper is.
You need my help.
Help? You're gonna help us? That's right.
This time, this mission, one night only, I actually want to stop Rittenhouse.
I won't hurt you.
You have my word.
Oh, I should just take your word for it, you piece of Aww, did I hurt your little psycho feelings when I double-crossed you? Poor little baby.
I didn't have to kill that cop.
I could have killed the two of you instead.
Okay, okay.
Cards up.
Nicholas wants to squash the 19th Amendment, okay? To put women in their place.
Let's just say I disagree.
After all the crap you pulled, that's where you draw the line? Constitutional law? I have my reasons.
We can find the sleeper agent without you.
There's also some other orders.
There's orders to kill Lucy.
Like it or not I'm your best shot.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] What's all this? Oh, this is the mess Agent Christopher and Wyatt managed to retrieve from Rittenhouse headquarters.
- Any of it salvageable? - Don't know yet.
Won't know till we find two very small needles in this very large haystack.
Want some help? I'm here.
May as well make myself useful.
Why not? So You okay? Yeah, sorry, just, uh stuff with Rufus.
Love issues.
Been there.
They can feel like life and death, can't they? - You have no idea.
- Why don't you join us? Guess I could move from one hopeless situation to another.
Right, so You want to tell me what happened back there with that cop? I mean, what, you don't care - if he blows your brains out? - Maybe I'm just super brave.
Yeah, and maybe I'm Jean-Claude Van Damme.
[LAUGHS] Okay, okay.
I know I'm not gonna die here.
- What's that mean? - Jiya told me.
Apparently I die in cowboy times.
- What? - It's okay.
It's a good thing.
For now.
No cowboys means no dead Rufus.
I'm safe.
Until someone blows your kneecaps off, you idiot.
Never thought I'd see the two of you working together, whispering like schoolgirls.
How 'bout you just tell us where the sleeper agent is and we all go our separate ways? I'm not stupid.
If I tell you, you'll kill me.
I lead.
You follow.
I just want to know, was any of it true? Any of what you told me when we first met? About what Rittenhouse did to you? She is a pretty good liar.
There are certain things they do to test your loyalty.
Leaving me alone in the 1880s for ten years was one of them.
Guess I passed.
Why would you be loyal to people like that? Hell of a dental plan.
[GUN CLICKS] If you're leading us into a trap, you'd better hope your loyalty is worth dying for.
We're headed to the march.
- The march? - Why? The sleeper? She's a suffragette.
Detective Riley says his whole case hinges on you.
He says you saw Alice go into the senator's room.
Yep, just like I told the police.
And you just happened to know who she was? Everyone knows her.
I've seen her in the papers, rabble-rousing.
Now, why don't you tell us what really happened? You know what? I don't have to waste my break talking to you.
Blow off, lady.
Do you want me to go after him, 'cause I I guess she's got this.
Guess she does.
Either you tell us the truth, or I tell the manager that you've been dealing dope to the guests.
- Did you see that coming? - I did not.
You have burns on your fingers from making the dope, you're wearing a watch no bellhop could afford, and you have a bulge in your pocket.
Shall we look? I get notes from guests who want something.
Last night, I got a note offering me 50 bucks to tell Detective Riley that I saw Alice.
- She was never here, all right? - The note.
I assume you kept it, and I should like to see it.
It was left in my box.
Maybe Alice could identify the handwriting? Yes.
Maybe she can.
Alice? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Sweet Mary and Joseph.
Wyatt said they're They're calling it a suicide? I don't buy it either.
Whoever killed Wadsworth took care of Alice to shut her up.
Catch the guy, solve two cases.
She's not just a case, and she wasn't supposed to die.
Not like this, not now.
Every murder is tragic.
Alice Paul is not every murder.
Find someone else to give the speech.
We won't find another Alice Paul.
Speeches and marches don't change the world.
Never have, never will.
You're wrong.
Some do.
Some speeches inspire a movement.
- This one will.
- That's not my job.
My job is to solve this case.
You can help, or you can get out of my way.
[DOOR OPENS] Make sure that these are in a pile together.
Humiston! What are you doing here? - I have news about Alice.
- Is Alice okay? Does she still want us to march? - I'll tell them.
- Alice Paul is dead.
They did this to her, didn't they? And you're practically one of them.
No, no, no, Grace is with us.
She's helping us find out who did this to Alice.
And who are you two? We are Uh, we were Alice's lawyers.
And we believe that she would want us to keep fighting.
We have the notes for her speech for this afternoon.
Who will stand up and help us fight to keep Alice's legacy alive? I appreciate that you came, but Alice was special.
- I think we all need some time.
- No, there's no time.
The President is leaving the country tomorrow.
- It has to be today.
- It seems disrespectful.
It would be disrespectful not to honor Alice's memory.
It would be disrespectful to ignore everything that she stood for, everything that she sacrificed for us.
[SOFT MURMURING] Ma'am, uh, I'm actually a soldier, and I've lost good people.
Doesn't mean you should quit.
What would Alice want? A vigil.
We march, but silently.
Show our resolve and our respect for Alice at the same time.
With respect, a silent march is not going to get the job done today, not this time.
I suggest a vote.
I'd like to see a show of hands.
Everyone in favor of a silent march, raise your hand.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] It's settled, then.
Vigil it is.
Just like old times, huh, Rufus? Yeah.
[CLEARS THROAT] Well, except for the fact that since that time, you've been trying to kill me and my friends, but yeah, totally some crazy nostalgic vibes.
I guess we both got fooled.
Look, when the march starts, I'm gonna need to get out there to find the sleeper and to neutralize her, so if you want my help, you're gonna have to trust me.
Trust? Back when you, me, and Anthony used to work together, we'd pull some all-nighters sometimes, but we didn't mind because we loved the work.
That, and we were friends.
Or so I thought.
Turns out, Anthony was working with Flynn, and you were working for Rittenhouse.
Oh, my God, I suck at picking friends.
What's in this for you? - I like voting.
- Oh, please.
You only ever cared about one person: you.
So uh, why are you really doing this? If I tell you, will you let me do what I came here to do? We'll see.
Last-second field goal.
His team didn't cover the spread.
Dinner was cold.
But most of the time, it was just because Dad was angry.
Still don't know how my mom found the courage.
But we got in the car, we headed west, and we started a new life.
She put me in a science magnet school, and I graduated at the top of my damn class.
I was one of three women to make it through the program at Caltech.
Rittenhouse found me.
They were begging me to come work for them.
But if women can't vote if if we're property we would have been trapped with that drunk bastard forever.
So damn straight I'm doing this for me.
And for my mom.
So trust me or not, I don't care.
One way or another, I'm killing that sleeper.
Now both my enemies have guns.
A silent vigil.
Thanks for that.
Funny that you called for a vote.
Last time they'll get to do that for a while.
You have a difficult relationship with your mother, don't you? - What? - I can tell because I don't care.
Don't change the subject.
I'm trying to solve a murder.
Two, actually.
If the speech is so important, why don't you give it? If you think that Alice can be reduced to one day and one speech, then you really have no idea what all of this is about, - do you? - Excuse me? You think because you are smart enough or tough enough to make it into the boys' club that everybody else should be able to do that too, is that it? - Something like that.
- So you're under no obligation - to to help other women.
- I find the missing.
I catch their murderers.
I put them away.
- That's how I help women.
- Dead women, you mean.
You help dead women.
What about everyone else? Everyone else isn't my problem.
You think that Alice wanted to be beaten by police, - sent to prison, force-fed? - I didn't say that.
She would have spent the next 50 years living the same hell over and over again so women like you could ride on her coattails.
Every day that you get to do your job, another woman out there is making sacrifices so that you can keep doing it.
If you're not gonna help, Grace, then just get the hell out of the way! - Maybe - What? Maybe you could give the speech.
You know what? Maybe I will.
[EXCITING MUSIC] Lucy, the sleeper wants to stop the speech.
They will shoot whoever goes up there.
Would it be better if it was someone else? Rittenhouse already has a target on your back.
You said it yourself.
They need a leader, but they need a leader here, not someone who's gonna jump in a time machine.
But someone has to do something now.
I'm not gonna let you get hurt.
Little late for that.
What's that supposed to mean? Okay, look, Wyatt, I have tried really hard to separate whatever's going on between us from the work that we have to do, but you are not making it easy.
You think this has been easy for me? You got the love of your life back, Wyatt, and I got the rug pulled out from under me again, so I would really appreciate it if you would stop acting like you were the one that got screwed.
- I'm - I have a speech to deliver.
Go get a husband! Get out of here! You don't deserve the vote! Why don't you go home and take care of your kids? [MEN JEERING] Ah, stop this nonsense! You'll mess up your dresses! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Old maid! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey! It's just us.
Any luck with Alice Paul? Alice is dead.
The sleeper got to her.
Of course she did.
The sleeper's a suffragette.
What? What do you know? - Emma.
- Emma? You saw her? Did you kill her? - She's helping us.
- You actually bought that? I know it's hard to believe, but long story short, we are on a one-mission truce, and she's taking out the sleeper.
She's the only one who knows what she looks like, and she's trying to find her right now.
I'm keeping an eye on her, okay? [MEN JEERING] - [GUN CLICKS] - [GASPS] You? Any last words I can pass along to your mother? Tell her she can go to hell.
[GUN CLICKS] [GUN CLICKS AGAIN] Looking for these? What? How? Hello, Emma.
Plan's changed.
[GUNSHOT] - What are you doing? - Yeah! What are you doing? You're welcome.
What are you waiting for, princess? Someone's got to make that speech.
I'd do it myself, but motivational speaking isn't really my thing.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Okay, what information do you even think is gonna be on here? Well, it could be anything.
List of names, financial statements, dates Rittenhouse grocery list? Pizza rolls with a side of evil? [LAUGHS] Ah Holy crap.
This might work.
You know, honestly, I didn't think we'd get anything.
But you spent all day working on something you thought was a waste of time? [CHUCKLES] My dear, the grandest, most honorable battle is the losing one.
But you've got to keep fighting.
Grace! What happened? Emma shot the sleeper.
She saved my life.
- Where'd she go? - She's gone.
Must have crawled back to the hole she came from.
Disperse! Go back! - Back it up.
- Go home! - It's gonna get ugly.
- Yeah.
Rufus, stay back! I'm not dying today.
Back up! Back up! Disperse! Votes for women! - Votes for women! - Step back, I tell ya! Votes for women! [SCREAMS] [CROWD CHANTING] Votes for women! - [WOMAN SCREAMING] - Stop! Please! Get out of here! Unhand me! [GRUNTING, BLOWS FALLING] Calm down! [WOMAN SCREAMS] - [SCREAMS] - [GASPS] Coming through, coming through! [SCREAMING] Hey, hey! Hey, hands off! [CROWD CHANTING] Votes for women! Votes for women! Votes for women! [GRUNTS] - I totally had that.
- Yeah, sure you did.
- He's almost inside.
- Let's go.
President! Mr.
President! Mr.
President! Mr.
President! Mr.
President! Stop! This all has to stop! Someone else was supposed to be up here today, someone whose voice needed to be heard.
Someone who deserved justice.
So now it falls to me to speak up.
When we stay silent, we're just as much to blame as those we fight against.
And fight is what we must do! For how long can men expect their sisters, their mothers, their wives, their daughters to expect To accept less than what justice demands? Women's suffrage is inevitable.
The time has come to allow women, all women, to have the voice we so greatly deserve.
Lucy! The time is now! Now! Now! [CROWD CHEERING] She did it! She did it.
I think you did it.
We got to go.
[SOFT MUSIC] - They just let you go? - Had to.
They knew if they arrested me for speaking, they'd never be able to ask for my help again.
Well, for someone who doesn't believe in speeches, you gave a pretty damn good one.
Thank you, Grace.
- I don't do hugs.
- Oh.
I got to know.
How'd you figure out who the killer was? The note the bellhop had was written by a woman and a leftie.
A suffragette could've easily planted the gun in Alice's room.
Then I suggested they take a vote, and I watched how they voted.
Only one woman raised her left hand to vote: Charlotte.
So I found her things and the gun.
The rest was elementary.
[LAUGHS] There's something very strange about both of you.
Where you're from.
- Well - It's, uh - We're - Canadians.
I'll figure it out eventually.
I'm sure you will.
You're an idiot, you know that? Well, I'm alive, aren't I? And in a ridiculous amount of pain.
A little help here, please? Oh, my God, Rufus, what happened to you? Can we just get out of here? Apparently, "invincible" doesn't mean what he thinks it means.
- What happened to you? - Cops.
Come on.
Who did you vote for in the last election? Hillary Clinton.
Hey, who's President? Donald Trump.
Was that not supposed to happen? I don't know, but it wasn't us.
So we've failed again, and Andre's dead.
Flynn shot him.
Honestly, it's a miracle I was able to get away and save the Mothership.
I would have done more, but you wanted me to come back to you safe.
Of course.
That's all that matters.
I've been working on some ideas for our next mission.
Tell me later.
Are you still working on this? [DEVICE BEEPS] Oh, yes.
I got it.
We definitely have something.
Oh, there's nearly a gig of data here.
Let's see what Rittenhouse has been hiding.
[STAMMERS] That's Jessica.
What does this mean? I don't know yet.
But until I do, this stays between us.
- Ow! - Sorry, sorry.
I Hey, you know what? Don't be.
I kind of deserve it.
I'm sorry about the way I acted when you told me.
I thought I could handle things myself, and look how I ended up.
I get it.
It can't be easy to hear.
I know your visions are real.
I just don't know what I'm supposed to feel.
What I'm supposed to do.
I don't know either.
But whatever it is, can we do it together? We can try.
- Ow! Ow, ow, ow! - Sorry.
Don't touch.
[SOFTLY] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Grace went on to become an icon in the feminist movement.
There's even a society named after her, huh? Fighting for women's rights to this very day.
That's a good thing, right? Alice isn't even a footnote.
She's gone, disappeared.
Everything that she sacrificed, all of her accomplishments.
Like she never even existed, and I'm the only one that's going to remember her.
You're not the only one.
Wyatt, don't.
Lucy, I still care about you.
I I can't make that disappear.
Wyatt, you are married to a woman that you love.
You are happily married.
I have to accept that, and you have to accept that.
We can't keep living in the past.
Okay, but Flynn, though? I mean, seriously.
Wyatt, nothing happened.
We talked.
That's all.
I mean, thank God.
- [LAUGHS] - What? I think it's safe to say that literally no one has experienced what I'm going through What we're going through right now.
I know that.
But you getting a second chance with Jessica That is the closest thing to a miracle I have ever seen, and there is no way that I'm getting in the middle of that.
That is not who I am.
For what it's worth, I'm glad you are who you are.
Well, I'm no Alice Paul, so No, you're Lucy Preston.
That's pretty damn good.
[SOFT MUSIC] So where does that leave us? Same place as always.
Kicking ass and saving the world.

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