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Garcy // Smitten Kitten // Titanic // Garcia's Lettre

The Garcy relationship took its first major step towards its destiny when Garcia joined Lucy to watch It Happened One Night in silence one night, as they drank beer together. If Timeless had been able to properly finish its story, Garcy would have led to a romantic relationship. Their friendship, trust, and love for each other was going to grow and eventually bring them together romantically with a kiss as they sat in a lifeboat after surviving the sinking of the Titanic on 15 April 1912. They kissed again and again, and he took her in his arms, making her feel safe, protected and loved.

... the sleeper below decks and soon we have all the information we need. The crack of the ship's hull hitting the iceberg is ear-splitting. The next few hours are a blur, as Flynn and I race to save as many passengers as we can. The men lowering the lifeboats are getting ready to shove them off when we stop them. They can fit more people into those boats and... It took hours for the massive ship to sink into the freezing water. It was here that I knew everything had changed. The ship, the lifeboat, our rescue. It's a miracle all four of us survived. Was it pre-ordained to bring Flynn and I together, I'll never know. I sat wrapped in a blanket lost in thought, and then Flynn kissed me. And finally the pain I've felt for so long dissipated. So I kissed him back... again. And again. It wasn't just the right time and place. And it wasn't because of the cold. Whether we admit it or not -- we needed each other that night. I could see it in the way Flynn looked at me. I felt it in the way he took me in his arms, the same arms I used to run from -- but not anymore. That night, I felt safe, and protected and loved...

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Titanic Fanvideo

Fan-made Timeless Season 4 Titanic Episode

Timeless 408 "Unsinkable"
Written by: @qqueenofhades
Air date: 19 April 2020

As Iris must decide where her loyalties truly lie, and the team chooses to follow her to April 11, 1912, aboard the world-famous RMS Titanic, one of their most tense, harrowing, and emotional missions ever forces them to finally confront their deepest feelings. Lucy formulates a desperate plan to save the doomed ship, Rufus’s dangerous plight risks the entire team’s lives, Flynn searches for Iris at all costs, and Wyatt must carry out a terrible promise, as it will be a night to remember.

[ download PDF to read episode ]

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